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7 Best Baby-Safe Dryer Sheets: A Full Guide for Baby Clothes

Baby Safe Dryer Sheets

Believe it or not, dryer sheets have come a LONG way from traditional dryer sheets to the different variants available on the market today.

Now, there are dryer sheets for babies that are organically made and non-toxic to ensure the safety of our little ones!

Time to wrap them with the freshest clothes and the comfort they deserve with these top 7 picks.

Best Value
Best Overall
Safe & Scented
All Free Clear Fabric Dryer Sheets
Grab Green Stage Dryer Sheets
Love Home and Planet Dryer Sheets
Best Overall
Grab Green Stage Dryer Sheets
Best Value
All Free Clear Fabric Dryer Sheets
Safe & Scented
Love Home and Planet Dryer Sheets
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

The 7 Best Baby-Safe Dryer Sheets for Baby Clothes

Finding the safest and best dryer sheets for your baby’s clothes is no easy feat.

Most dryer sheets have features that make them stand out, but parents are getting wiser and more meticulous about the labels on the back of dryer sheet packages.

I am glad to tell you that the brand options I listed below have carefully designed their chemical-free dryer sheets for baby clothes according to parents’ expectations and babies’ needs!

1. Grab Green Stage Dryer Sheets


Grab Green Stage Dryer Sheets

Natural Ingredients & Fragrance-Free

If you’re looking for non-toxic dryer sheets for your laundry after washing, then Grab Green can go beyond your expectations.

How do I know it’s safe for your baby? It has a B Rating from the Environmental Working Group (EWG)!

These baby dryer sheets are made up of 94% plant-derived mineral-based ingredients for effective cleaning with no harmful chemicals.

You will find ZERO phosphates, phthalates, chlorine, toxins, dyes, wax, or masking agents here!

This brand ensures that these hypoallergenic dryer sheets won’t irritate sensitive skin.

After using this, you’ll notice how incredibly soft your clothing is, and these dryer sheets have anti-static features for that final touch on your clothes.

A good piece of advice I would give to reduce static electricity is to separate synthetic fabrics (nylon or polyester) and use some wool dryer balls to decrease the dry time.


  • Cruelty-free (not tested on animals)
  • Sustainable and reusable up to 2x laundry cycle
  • Does not leave residue in the dryer


  • Need to re-wet the dryer sheets to be reusable

2. All Free Clear Fabric Dryer Sheets


All Free Clear Fabric Dryer Sheets

#1 Recommended by Dermatologist

If you’re looking for one of the top dryer sheets that are hypoallergenic, gentle, and won’t induce allergic reactions to the skin, then this one is up for grabs!

You don’t have to worry about this dryer sheet irritating your baby’s sensitive skin because it’s 100% dye-free and unscented — perfect for your baby’s clothes.

This sheet also serves as a fabric softener, which is great for your little one’s clothes to be soft and static-free.

After washing, ONE sheet is all it takes to soften your baby clothes.

This dryer sheet paired with dryer balls also saves you dry time when using a low setting on the dryer.


  • No scent and less likely to cause skin irritation
  • Washing machine and dryer safe


  • Contains Quaternary Ammonium Compound Polyester Nonwoven that may trigger irritation for very delicate skin types

3. Love Home and Planet Dryer Sheets


Love Home and Planet Dryer Sheets

Calming Fragrance That Won’t Irritate Baby’s Skin

If you want to make your baby clothes smell good, this Lavender-scented product is your best go-to.

91% of the ingredients of these dryer sheets are plant-derived and rated B by the Environment Working Group.

This product is also dermatologist-tested, vegan, cruelty-free, and without parabens, dyes, and gluten.

I’ll be surprised if it does irritate your little one’s skin! These are definitely one of the best dryer sheets I can recommend.

When combined with a detergent, this fabric softener eliminates static in your baby’s garments and cuddles your baby in softness.

The scent of French Lavender mixed with Moroccan Argan Oil in these sheets for baby clothes will also give a calming effect, which is a PLUS!

A perfect finish for your laundry is with a combination of dryer balls to save time in washing and more quality time for your baby!


  • No animal by-products were used
  • Lovely scent
  • Certified and tested to be safe and chemical-free


  • Reduces fire resistance of baby clothes that are flame resistant
  • Pricier than other dryer sheets
  • Not compostable, flushable, and biodegradable

4. Purecosheet Reusable Dryer Sheets

Purecosheet Reusable Dryer Sheets

A Fabric Softener for Delicate Clothes & Sensitive Skin

What could be more fragile than a newborn baby?

A true gem to find, these newborn dryer sheets are 100% hypoallergenic and free from chemicals, perfume, and dyes.

Let your baby be snuggled in freshness and softness without the fear of suffering from allergy and eczema!

One of the few dryer sheets made from 99% Polyester/1% Nylon and woven with conductive fiber, these will make your baby clothes static-free and reusable.

You’ll find that you can save a lot more time on other things!

These dryer sheets for baby provide evident softness, and as a plus, it has NO added perfumes, dyes, soaps, or chemicals, making them extra safe for your baby.

If you want to reduce the dry time of your clothes, then throw some dryer balls with the sheets.


  • Does not spot or stain nor reduce the absorbency of cloth diapers and towels
  • No reduction in the fire resistance of baby sleepwear
  • Does not stretch other clothes
  • Does not leave chemical residue in baby clothes and dryer
  • No animal by-products
  • Chemical-free


  • Not as effective as other disposable dryer sheets in removing static cling

5. Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day

Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day

Aromatherapy With a Hint of a Garden Fresh Scent

My kid never has to wear smelly clothes again.

If you want your baby’s clothes enveloped in a garden-fresh scent, then Mrs. Myer’s dryer sheets and fabric softener are just right for you!

After a wash and once it’s out of the dryer, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the fresh scent this plant-derived dryer sheet has for your everyday clothes.

This brand is proven SAFE for babies and is rated B by the EWG.

Unlike your regular dryer sheets, these sheets use a vegetable-derived softening agent blended with natural ingredients like Lavender and Essential Oils.

Not only does it give your baby clothes an extended freshness, but it also reduces static on your baby’s clothes.

NOTE: These dryer sheets work best with dryer balls to reduce drying time.

As a bonus, you can even save these used sheets for other stuff like dusting, and it will do a great job leaving a trail of pleasant smells around your home!


  • Biodegradable and compostable
  • Contains plant-derived softening agents without parabens and phthalates
  • Cruelty-free formula


  • For dryer climates, this might be less effective in reducing static
  • It contains ingredients that may irritate sensitive skin for some skin types

6. Seventh Generation

Seventh Generation

Almost 100% Plant-Based Dryer Sheets

How about organic dryer sheets for baby clothes?

Something you should know about Seventh Generation is that it is a Certified B Corporation, meaning its employees and the product’s primary goal is to guarantee 100% health safety.

If your baby has sensitive skin, you won’t have any problem since it is hypoallergenic, dermatologist-tested, and has no gluten and phosphate.

These dryer sheets and a fabric softener for babies are rated B by the EWG and made with 97% plant-derived ingredients!

These dryer sheets also work wonders in reducing static in your baby’s garments, and you’ll also love the gentle smell it gives.

Get ready to pamper your baby with the extraordinary softness of their clothes that this dryer sheet brings!


  • Chemical-free, fragrance-free and does not irritate the skin
  • Contains 0% dyes
  • From a certified, safe, and trustworthy brand


  • These sheets get stretched quickly in dryers with the danger of getting stuck

7. Bounce Free and Gentle

Bounce Free and Gentle

The Mild & Eco-Friendly Choice

Washing clothes with the right products isn’t as simple as some parents think.

You might find yourself looking at labels of dryer sheets for certain harmful chemicals, reading between the lines of the product description, and taking a lot of time figuring out the smell.

How about getting dryer sheets for baby that are as gentle as they can get?

If your child has skin issues, the Bounce Free and Gentle are dermatologist-tested, hypoallergenic, and perfume and dye-free. No irritation here!

If you have pets as part of your family, these Bounce dryer sheets also make it easy to repel lint and pet hair from your baby’s clothes.

These Bounce dryer sheets control static, reduce wrinkles, and soften clothes, all while being super gentle!


  • Contains biodegradable cationic softeners for clothes
  • Thicker sheets than other brands


  • Reduces flame resistance in flame-resistant baby clothes
  • Rated C+ by EWG for potential health hazards

What Are Dryer Sheets Used For?

Dryer sheets are little strips coated in fabric softener that you throw in the dryer while doing laundry.

As the drying cycle continues, these sheets reduce static and increase softness in baby clothes or any clothes for that matter!

They’re very easy to use too! All you have to do is throw one sheet in the dryer on top of your pile of clothes, start the dryer, and let it to all the work.

All of the sheets mentioned in this list are safe to use for babies as they contain NO harsh chemicals and are skin-friendly.

NOTE: Do not use too many dryer sheets at once! One or two at a time is enough!

The Importance of Safety Certifications for Dryer Sheets

Buying dryer sheets for your clothes is nothing new for a lot of parents, so what makes these specific ones any different?


Regulatory groups help you avoid mistakenly interpreting the labels on products and dampen your worries for your baby’s safety.

To give you an idea of how to find ACTUAL safe dryer sheets, here are 2 regulatory groups you should know about:

Environmental Working Group (EWG)

EWG logo

What is the role of the Environmental Working Group?

Their ratings tell us the level of concern of exposure from the ingredients of products.

They warn of potential health risks and assess the level of exposure or factors for individual vulnerability.

To give you a better picture of what to look for, here are their rating descriptions:

  • EWG VERIFIED™ – Meets EWG’s strictest standards for health and transparency.
  • Grade A: LOWEST CONCERN – Few/no known or suspected hazards to health or the environment. Good ingredient disclosure.
  • Grade B: LOW CONCERN – Limited potential for hazards to health or the environment. At least some ingredient disclosure.
  • Grade C: MODERATE CONCERN – Some potential for hazards to health or the environment. At least some ingredient disclosure.
  • Grade D: HIGH CONCERN – Likely hazards to health or the environment. May also have poor ingredient disclosure.
  • Grade F: HIGHEST CONCERN – Potentially significant hazards to health or the environment or poor ingredient disclosure.

As you can see, the higher the rating, the better!

I recommend only going for products with a rating of Grade B or above for you and your baby’s safety.

Food and Drug Administration (FDA)

FDA logo

You might be surprised that some dryer sheets for babies claim to be naturally derived, but still contain certain ingredients that might make you cringe and say “NO.”

That is where the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) comes to the rescue.

They test the concentration content of dryer sheets and help you decide if they are safe for use, especially for newborn clothes.

You are free to doubt, but the FDA makes sure all products are accounted for and carefully tested for approval for release on the market!

Are Dryer Sheets Safe for Babies?

Yes, I know moms and dads — there have been controversies about the safe use of dryer sheets, mainly regarding the fragrance additives and other harsh ingredients.

But to put your mind at ease, ALL the chemical ingredients added in dryer sheets for baby are FDA-approved.

But to be on the safer side, you can always settle for 100% unscented alternatives just in case.

These can still give you and your baby the feeling of cleanliness and freshness that scented sheets often do.

Is It Safe to Use Dryer Sheets On Baby Clothes?

While some parents have complaints about dryer sheets posing health risks to babies, not all of them can actually have negative effects.

It might just depend on the skin type of your baby.

When planning to buy and use dryer sheets, I recommend you observe for allergic reactions and note down what specific dryer sheet is suitable to use in their current growth stage.

You want to provide comfort for your babies, reduce static cling, and make your baby’s clothes smell good WITHOUT any toxic chemical ingredients.

As a bonus, also look for certifications for health standards and use naturally-derived dryer sheets (mostly fragrant-free ones) to avoid any health complications.

Choosing the Safest & Best Dryer Sheets for Babies

To make it easier for you to choose the safest and best dryer sheets, I compiled specific criteria you can follow before making a purchase:

1. Natural Ingredients

Organic icon

The safest ingredients you should look for in dryer sheet labels are plant-derived ingredients.

It means you won’t be on a constant lookout for allergic reactions from harmful chemicals added to your dryer sheets that coat your clothes.

Effectiveness in providing soft and static-free clothes can always vary from each brand.

The clothes’ dry time will be cut down in no time using wool dryer balls when used with dryer sheets.

2. Fragrance vs. Fragrance-Free

Flowers icon

Washing baby clothes could be challenging — all parents know this. But it’s something you have to go through to take care of those cute and smelly clothes!

You want their clothes to smell fresh and fragrant while keeping your babies SAFE from chemical ingredients.

As you might already know, artificial fragrances can be too potent or harsh for a baby’s skin. But many parents still prefer to achieve that fresh and clean smell as much as possible.

This is why many brands have shifted to all-natural ingredients with scents to fulfill parents’ demand for their baby’s clothes to smell good but STILL remain safe!

Unscented dryer sheet brands are at the 1st on the list for parents looking for safe alternatives, while naturally-derived scents come as a close 2nd.

3. Chemical Additives

Chemical icon

Hidden or not, chemical additives in dryer sheets for baby clothes are something all parents should be aware of. You should also be wary of this for baby clothes stain removers!

In fact, some chemicals may even lead to negative effects, such as stunting a baby’s growth during early development!

That is why regulatory groups are here to ensure that the products are tested for harmful concentrations and amounts of chemicals for the safe exposure of babies!

But for peace of mind, you could always just go for dryer sheets mostly made of naturally-derived ingredients.

Skip the chemicals, skip the worry on your clothes!

Frequently Asked Questions

Woman folding baby clothes

Parents only have one thing in their mind:

How to provide the best and safest ways to enhance their baby’s comfort.

These are some questions you might have in mind that might help you break your woes:

What are the Benefits of Dryer Sheets?

Dryer sheets do A LOT for your baby clothes that most parents tend to overlook.

For starters, you get cleaner and better-smelling clothes, making it more comfortable and enjoyable for your baby to wear!

You also get reduced static cling, so you won’t have to worry about little shocks.

Dryer sheets also keep clothes wrinkle-free and soft thanks to the small amount of moisturizer present.

Lastly, they are made from organic materials, making them environmentally-friendly!

Do Dryer Sheets Contain Toxic Chemicals?

SOME dryers sheets contain toxic chemicals, but not all.

It is evident in the ingredients used, whether naturally derived or chemically outsourced.

You can determine the toxicity level of products and brands by looking for the product in the Environmental Working Group Database.

How Do You Get Static Out of Baby Clothes?

Removing static in clothes requires hard work.

You can throw in one sheet or two dryer sheets to balance the electric charges of different fabrics to prevent static cling to the baby’s clothes.

PRO TIP: Pair it with the right dry time of clothes and segregation according to the type of fabric to bring out the best results.

Wool dryer balls work too, in combination with dryer sheets, to help you save time.

Can Baby Safe Dryer Sheets Be Used for Other Household Items?

Dryer sheets can be used for other items other than baby clothes, such as towels and bedding.

You can also use them for other purposes like dusting, wiping up spills, removing smells, and loosening up those tough scraps on kitchenware.

However, dryer sheets are NO SUBSTITUTE for other cleaning agents that are actually designed for these messes.

Summary of Best Picks

A parent’s concern for their baby goes a long way, especially in choosing the best dryer sheet.

When it comes to clothes or other stuff that will touch their baby’s skin, a parent’s cautiousness is at its peak, and nothing matters other than what’s good for their baby!

Remember, dryer sheets may come at different packages, features, and prices, but you can always choose the BEST for your babies’ health and safety.

That’s why I chose these 3 products as my top recommendations:

Best dryer sheets

Best Overall – Grab Green Stage Dryer Sheets

If you want an eco-friendly dryer sheet, Grab Green is 2x reusable. Not only do you save money, but you also reduce waste!

Since the EWG gave this product a B Rating, it passes the toxicity test and will NOT be a safety issue for your baby.

Its ingredients are 94% plant-based, hypoallergenic, and dermatologist-tested. What more can you ask for?

If you’re the type to have second thoughts about choosing a softener that has a scent, then you have nothing to fear with this product — it’s 100% unscented!

These sheets for washing baby clothes work like no other in providing your baby with the softness of the clothes without the static.

Although, it’s never a bad idea to use it alongside wool dryer balls for a small boost

Best Value – All Free Clear Fabric Dryer Sheets

For the best BANG for your BUCK, I’m going with the All Free Clear Fabric Dryer Sheets.

With these, your laundry will look soft and clean WITHOUT irritating your baby’s skin.

It’s a #1 recommended product by dermatologists!

Being the top choice of dermatologists means it’s trusted by professionals to provide the much-needed assurance that your baby will be safe.

Another thing I love about this product is it does not leave residue on clothes, and it’s perfectly safe to use for all washing machines and dryers.

You’ll be assured that irritants and dust from your laundry won’t trigger any allergic reactions.

It works like a charm when used with a fabric softener and wool dryer balls for faster dry time.

Safe & Scented Option – Love Home and Planet Dryer Sheets

If you’re looking for safe dryer sheets that still give your clothes a lovely scent, you can’t go wrong with this brand.

These Love Home and Planet dryer sheets are reviewed and tested to be safe for sensitive skin, and the Lavender scent is so hard not to love!

With 91% of its ingredients being plant-derived and having a B rating by EWG, expect your baby clothes to feel fresh while STILL being a certified-safe option for your little one.

Final Thoughts

When choosing products like dryer sheets for your babies, your decision should always boil down to what is the SAFEST.

That’s why it’s VITAL to find dryer sheets for baby clothes that pass health standards and certifications from regulatory groups.

Since product labels and ingredients are a few things that can be confusing, the regulatory board is there to ensure no harmful chemicals will affect your baby’s health.

For the cautious parents, you can always ask a professional or doctor about what products they recommend are safe, but you can also refer to this list as I made it easier for you.

Good luck, and I hope you found suitable dryer sheets for your baby’s clothes in this buying guide!

About the author

Angelica Graham

A few years ago, Angelica found out about all the plastic and toxic ingredients that got into most children’s products. And this worried her to no end. Because of this, she began to research what the best ingredients and materials were for children and made it her mission to share this information with other mothers.