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Best Diaper Pail for Cloth Diapers – Top 8 Storage Picks

Best Diaper Pail for Cloth Diapers - Top 8 Storage Picks

As any parent knows, cloth diapering is an ECO-FRIENDLY and COST-EFFECTIVE alternative to disposable diapering.

But with the added benefits of cloth diapers also comes the added challenge of proper storage and disposal.

That’s where a handy diaper pail specifically designed for cloth diapers comes in!

In this article, I’ve rounded up my top 8 picks for the best diaper pail for cloth diapers based on factors like odor control, capacity, ease of use, and overall value.

Best Overall

Best Value

Best Budget

Ubbi Steel Diaper Pail

Munchkin Step Diaper Pail

Dekor Plus Hands-Free Diaper Pail

Best Overall

Ubbi Steel Diaper Pail

Best Value

Munchkin Step Diaper Pail

Best Budget

Dekor Plus Hands-Free Diaper Pail

Table of Contents
Table of Contents

8 Best Diaper Pails for Cloth Diapers

It’s crucial to make the appropriate investment, so I’m here to assist you in comparing the best diaper pails available.

1. Ubbi Steel Diaper Pail


Ubbi Steel Diaper Pail

First, I’ve got the Ubbi Steel Diaper Pail. It’s designed to be sleek and stylish while also providing excellent odor control and convenience.

This appealing pail even has a marble print option, which adds a nice touch of luxury to my house!

Additionally, since it’s composed of steel, there is less chance that scents may seep into the material, as with plastic pails.

This diaper pail has one of the BEST odor control I’ve ever seen. I smelled virtually nothing.

I can count on the unique steel body, rubber seals, and sliding lid to lock odors in.

One thing I love about this pail is it is compatible with any standard trash bag or reusable pail liner, so I don’t have to purchase special trash bags or refills.

However, a few issues I had were the smaller capacity compared to other pails. It’s also a higher-end pail, so expect it to come at a higher price.


  • Effective odor control
  • Compatible with other bags


  • Limited capacity
  • Expensive

2. Munchkin Step Diaper Pail


Munchkin Step Diaper Pail

The Munchkin Step Diaper Pail is popular for parents as it comes with a baking soda puck to combat that strong dirty diaper odor.

I am a true fan of this baking soda puck as it absorbs and neutralizes odors, which is especially useful for cloth diapers.

It uses a unique HANDS-FREE trash can design that combines the convenience of a foot pedal with a built-in odor control mechanism to store soiled cloth diapers.

It really makes things more convenient and time-saving!

It also has a child safety lock to prevent children from touching soiled diapers. The only bad news is that you have to make a specialized purchase for this product.

The step pedal makes it easy to dispose of diapers without touching the pail while holding my baby. The lid also has a child lock, which keeps little hands out of the pail.

I am also grateful for the child lock, which keeps my kid safe from touching the dirty contents. However, it’s no surprise this pail is more pricey than most diaper pails.

The cloth diaper liner is custom-made, meaning this diaper pail only accepts the company’s specific kind of diaper pail liner. You cannot use regular trash bags for this dry pail.


  • Effective odor control
  • Easy to use
  • Hands-free design


  • Cannot use regular trash bags or any diaper liner
  • Expensive

3. Dekor Plus Hands-Free Diaper Pail


Dekor Plus Hands-Free Diaper Pail

The Dekor Plus Hands-Free Diaper Pail is a BUDGET-FRIENDLY option that offers many of the features found in more expensive pails.

I appreciate this pail because of the bigger entryway; God knows how many diapers I use up in just a day!

And it’s not just diapers!

I can also store baby clothes and disposable diapers! All that space for an AFFORDABLE price is worth it in my book.

Everything inside is safe and odor-free thanks to its child lock, odor-repelling trap door and silent lid closure.

I can rest easy knowing that there will be no foul smells permeating through, and my kid won’t get his hands all dirty.

I am also grateful that this pail serves has dual-use; once my baby outgrows diapers, this pail can also be used as a trash can in your laundry room.

The HANDS-FREE pail also keeps hands safe from the dirty diapers inside, useful when I have a wiggly baby in my hands.

However, I noticed the odor control is not as strong as other options. I have to rely on the trap door instead.

Although the large size is a plus, it may not be as efficient for those who live in smaller areas or have limited space.


  • Hands-free design
  • Affordable
  • Larger capacity


  • Odor control is not as effective
  • Quite bulky

4. iTouchless Soft Step Stainless Steel Trash Can


iTouchless Soft Step Stainless Steel Trash Can

At first, I thought this just looked like a fancy garbage can, but it obviously offers more functionality than looks!

The iTouchless Soft Step Stainless Steel Trash Can is a versatile, durable diaper pail that does its job at keeping smelly diapers away!

You can use a large cloth diaper pail liner instead of trash bags for cloth diapering needs.

One of its huge selling points is its size; it’s large enough to fit a 13-gallon trash bag!

I had a considerable amount of cloth diapers one day, and I was able to store them here with NO problem (so long as it has a cloth diaper pail liner, of course.)

This trash can is equipped with a foot pedal that opens the lid, so I don’t have to touch it with my bare hands for diaper disposal of solid poop.

Of course, with all that space comes quite a bulky design. It is also more expensive than some other garbage cans on the market, which may not be suitable for those on a budget.


  • Large capacity
  • Hands-free design


  • Bulky design
  • More expensive

5. Safety 1st Easy Saver Diaper Pail


Safety 1st Easy Saver Diaper Pail

Depending on your preference, this diaper pail for cloth diapers can be used for either the wet pail method or the dry pail method.

Either way, this versatile pail can accommodate whichever cloth diapering method you prefer.

I love that I don’t have to shell out extra for separate plastic liners for different methods. Talk about convenience!

This pail has a compact design, which makes cloth diapering easy to store in small spaces like the bathroom. It can hold up to 60 diapers, depending on their size.

However, I noticed the odor control isn’t as strong as I would’ve liked, so it kind of defeats the purpose.

I also would’ve preferred a foot pedal or a hands-free design; my hands are already busy enough as it is.


  • Versatile for wet or dry pail method
  • Won’t have to spend on plastic liners
  • Large capacity


  • Odor control is not that effective
  • Not hands-free

6. Playtex Diaper Genie


Playtex Diaper Genie

The Playtex Diaper Genie is a popular option for parents looking for a small, compact sealed pail.

It offers a convenient and hygienic way to dispose of a used diaper, and its compact size makes it a great option for small spaces.

However, its size is also a drawback, as it cannot store as many diapers as the other options. You may need to empty it more frequently.

I can easily place this pail in the nursery or bathroom, sparing everyone else in the house from the stinky diapers!

Although it was made for disposable diapers, cloth diapers can also be used with them. You can get a hanging wet bag and combine methods to utilize the Diaper Genie.

Like the previous option, this diaper pail for cloth diapers is suitable for the dry or wet pail method.

Once again, this pail does not have a foot pedal; instead, it has a push-button sliding lid. Not sure if that’s better, as I would still rather have a completely hands-free design.


  • Suitable for small spaces
  • Versatility; you can easily slot a wet bag liner inside the pail.


  • Limited capacity
  • No foot pedal

7. Busch Systems Odorless Cloth Diaper Pail


Busch Systems Odorless Cloth Diaper Pail

Busch System provides the best diaper pail for cloth diapers.

This diaper pail has a double-handle clamp cover that was created for cloth diapers, which keeps the lid nice and tight.

They are also useful if I want to transfer this pail from one area to another!

It’s designed specifically for cloth diapers, with a washable and reusable liner and a unique carbon filter system that controls odors.

With these odor-free carbon filters, any odors from dirty diapers are neutralized and out of mind!

However, I wasn’t sure how effective it was because I could still smell the odors.

This pail was created with an awareness of the environmental concern that encourages many people to consider using cloth diapers. It is constructed from recycled plastic.

I must also note that this pail and the diaper pail liner can be quite heavy when full of soiled cloth diapers, making it difficult to move or empty.


  • Comes with a washable liner
  • Made from recycled plastics
  • Carbon filters for neutralizing scent


  • Dirty diaper smell retention
  • Heavy when full
  • Expensive

8. Skip Hop Nursery Style Cloth Diaper Pail


Skip Hop Nursery Style Cloth Diaper Pail

How about a dry diaper pail with a dedicated area for storing disposable diaper inserts and supplies to maximize space in your nursery?

Count me in!

The Skip Hop Nursery Style Diaper Pail doubles as a cloth diaper storage unit. It can store new diaper pail liners, modern cloth diapers, and disposable diapers.

It has a removable lid that reveals a storage compartment!

This additional storage is such a LIFESAVER as all my baby’s cloth diaper laundry needs are all in one spot!

In addition to having storage capacity, this dry pail is made to stand flat against a wall or changing table for easy dry pail storage.

I also like how this pail is compatible with trash bags instead of pail liners; I like having the choice!

This cloth diaper pail also has a convenient foot pedal for hands-free operation.

However, the opening is quite small, making it hard sometimes to put diapers in the bin. It is also on the pricey end.


  • Dual function as a storage unit for other diaper needs
  • Compatible with other bags


  • Small opening
  • Expensive

What Is a Cloth Diaper Pail?

What Is a Cloth Diaper Pail?

Cloth diaper pails are specialized trash cans that store and contain used cloth diapers.

Unlike disposable diapers, which can be thrown away in any regular trash can, cloth diapers must be stored separately until they are ready to be washed.

Cloth diaper pails are typically made of durable, waterproof materials that are easy to clean and sanitize.

They often feature tightly sealed lids to help contain odors and prevent leaks.

These pails come in various sizes and styles, including dry or wet pail options, and some models offer additional features such as hands-free, easy disposal, and a cloth liner.

In my experience, using a cloth diaper pail has made managing and washing cloth a a whole lot easier. It really helps make my life easier!

Do You Need a Diaper Pail for Dirty Cloth Diapers?

Diaper pails aren’t requirements, but I can vouch for them! They make handling cloth diapers both easier and more hygienic.

A diaper pail designed specifically for diapers can help contain odors and prevent leaks, making it a convenient and practical addition to your cloth diapering routine.

Additionally, many cloth diaper pails offer hands-free operation and specialized odor control systems, which can help with dirty diapers until you’re ready to wash them.

Different Diaper Pails and Diaper Pail Methods

Different Diaper Pails and Diaper Pail Methods

There are two main diaper pail methods: the dry and wet pail method.

You can buy a variety of cloth diaper pails and liners, but you must decide which diaper pail method is best for you.

Wet Pail Methods

You must pre-soak the diapers for the wet pail method before putting them in the wet bag in the wet pail.

The pre-soaking and the presence of water reduce stains and odor.

Be warned that young children could potentially drown in the pail’s contents. Purchase a pail with a lock to prevent this, or use the dry method.

REMEMBER: To prevent odors with this diaper pail method, changing the water in the wet bags in the wet pails is crucial.

Dry Pail Methods

The most popular approach is the dry pail method.

Put a reusable, waterproof liner inside your diaper, and keep your dry diapers inside.

When using this technique, it’s crucial to remove any solid feces from the diapers before putting them in the pail.

How to Choose the Best Cloth Diaper Pail

How to Choose the Best Cloth Diaper Pail

When choosing between the best cloth diaper pail options, there are a few factors I consider:

  1. Odor Control – Look for a pail with a tightly sealed lid and a specialized odor control system to help contain and neutralize odors.
  2. Capacity – Consider the size of your family and how often you plan to wash your diapers. Choose a pail with a capacity that can accommodate your needs.
  3. Material – Look for a pail made of durable, waterproof materials that are easy to clean and sanitize.
  4. Wet vs. Dry – Decide whether you prefer a wet or a dry pail based on your preference and the type of cloth diapers you use.
  5. Additional Features – Consider additional features such as hands-free operation, easy disposal, and storage space for diapering essentials.

By considering these factors, you can choose a pail for cloth diapers that is practical, convenient, and fits your individual needs and preferences.

How Many Diaper Pails Do You Need?

The number of diaper pails you need will depend on your needs and preferences.

If you use cloth diapers exclusively, you may consider having two pails – one for wet diapers and one for dry diapers – to help keep them separate and for your wash day.

On the other hand, if you use disposable diapers, one diaper pail may be sufficient for your needs.

Either way, I recommend having at least one is always a good idea to make the diapering process more convenient and hygienic.

EXTRA TIP: If you’re looking to save money on diapers, there are plenty of cheap cloth diaper brands you can choose from!

Do Diaper Pails Need Liners?

Diaper pail liners aren’t required, but liners can make cleaning cloth diaper laundry on wash day much more convenient and hygienic.

They can help contain the mess and prevent odors from escaping, making it easier for me to dispose of the diapers without touching them directly.

When choosing diaper pail liners, choosing ones COMPATIBLE with your specific pail model is important.

Some diaper pails require specially designed liners made from a waterproof material to ensure a snug fit and prevent leaks and odors; others may be compatible with standard trash bags.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have you got more questions about the best pail for cloth diapers? Here are some frequently asked questions.

Can I Use a Diaper Genie for Cloth Diapers?

Technically, you can use a Diaper Genie for cloth diapers, but it may not be the most effective or practical option.

Diaper Genies are designed for DISPOSABLE diapers and may not have the necessary features to effectively contain and store cloth diapers, such as a wet pail.

I advise you to use cloth diaper pail designed specifically for cloth diapers for best results.

Do You Rinse Cloth Diapers Before Putting Them in a Pail?

It is generally recommended to rinse cloth diapers before putting them in a pail, especially if they are heavy.

Rinsing helps remove solid waste and urine, which can cause odors and lead to stains and buildup over time.

How Necessary Is a Diaper Pail?

A diaper pail is not strictly necessary, but it can make disposing of dirty diapers more convenient, hygienic, and odor-free.

Diaper pails are designed to contain and mask unpleasant odors and make it easier to dispose of diapers without touching them directly.


I don’t regret buying a diaper pail!

It’s been a huge convenience when handling my baby’s dirty diapers without having to touch them directly, so I invite all parents to get one!

Your pail is an investment that will endure for years because you will use it often. Additionally, some pails can be utilized for regular trash after the diaper days!

When choosing a pail, it’s important to consider factors such as size, odor control, ease of use, and compatibility with your specific needs.

FINAL TIP: If you need recommendations for the best prefold diapers, you can refer to this buying guide where I cover the best choices!

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