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13 Best Hybrid Cloth Diapers: Leak-Proof, Eco-Friendly

13 Best Hybrid Cloth Diapers Leak-Proof, Eco-Friendly

I can’t begin to imagine how many diapers are thrown out each year. It ends up in landfills and creates harmful effects on the environment. 

Once and for all, I’ve decided to take a stand and use hybrid diapers instead. This is my pledge to become more sustainable and environmentally conscious. 

Today, I’ll talk you through some of the best hybrid cloth diapers and be part of this movement. Keep reading, and let’s get started!

Best Overall

Best Value

Budget Option

ALVA Pocket Cloth Diaper

GroVia Reusable Hybrid Diaper

OsoCozy Prefold Diapers

Best Overall

ALVA Pocket Cloth Diaper

Best Value

GroVia Reusable Hybrid Diaper

Budget Option

OsoCozy Prefold Diapers

Table of Contents
Table of Contents

Top 13 Hybrid/All-In-Two Cloth Diaper Brands

Are you ready to make the green switch? No problem! I’ve listed some of the best cloth diapers I recommend.

1. ALVA Pocket Cloth Diaper


ALVA Pocket Cloth Diaper


  • Price: $39.99 for a six-pack
  • Material: Waterproof and breathable polyester outer layer; suede cloth inner layer.
  • Size: 13.7 x 5.5 inches
  • Weight Capacity: 3 to 15 kg

With over 10,000 great reviews on Amazon, I had to check out why parents love this cloth diaper. 

This diaper immediately caught my attention because of its fun colors and design. Matching it with my baby’s clothes makes it a fun morning routine for me.

Thanks to the reliable hip and crossover snaps, this cloth diaper fits snugly on my baby’s hips. I didn’t have to worry about the diaper getting loose or drooping.

The elastic on the leg does a great job of keeping the diaper LEAKPROOF. Despite a snug fit, my baby felt relaxed and didn’t experience any diaper rash. 

It’s stylish, reliable, and useful. What more can you ask from the best cloth diaper out there? 


  • Does not contain harmful substances like BPA, latex, phthalate, and lead
  • Made of high-quality and durable materials
  • Fast and easy to clean
  • Comes with a 1-year guarantee


  • Tendency to leak care instructions are not followed

2. GroVia Reusable Hybrid Diaper


GroVia Reusable Hybrid Diaper


  • Price: $19.95 for one 
  • Material: Water-resistant polyester TPU outer layer; polyester mesh inner layer. 
  • Size: 6.26 x 4 x 0.98 inches
  • Weight Capacity: 3 to 15 kg and above

GroVia hybrid cloth diapers are popular for being one of the most flexible and versatile products. 

This hybrid cloth diaper was designed with versatility in mind.

True enough, this diaper was perfect for my baby to wear all day, at home, or even when we go out!

You can choose from a wide range of soakers and inner pads to match your baby’s needs: snap-in inserts, prefold cloth diapers, or disposable inserts!

All the soaker pads are HIGHLY absorbent! You don’t have to worry about leaks, which is perfect for on-the-go parents like me!

Despite having highly absorbent inserts, the diaper isn’t too thick. My baby can still move around with ease and without the bulk. 


  • They can also be used as burp cloths
  • Wide range of highly absorbent inserts
  • Reliable waterproof cover
  • Does not cause a baby rash


  • Poor customer service 

3. OsoCozy Prefold Diapers


OsoCozy Prefold Diapers


  • Price: $14 for a six-pack
  • Material: Organic cotton
  • Size: 12 x 1 x 16 inches
  • Weight Capacity: 2 to 7kg 

The OsoCozy prefold diapers are one of the most AFFORDABLE cloth diaper options, retailing for less than $3 apiece.

I consider this a good bargain, especially since it’s washable and reusable.  You can use the cloth as a diaper or as an insert for your outer shell. 

The material is absorbent enough for everyday use. It can match the performance of any disposable diaper out there. 

Despite being made of organic cotton, I also enjoyed how DURABLE this diaper feels on the hand. Even after several washes, this diaper still stands! 

Not to mention, I saved a ton of dollars with this prefold diaper!

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly and environmentally-conscious cloth diapering solution, this one’s for you. 


  • Made of certified organic cotton 
  • It can fit most diaper covers
  • Does not contain harmful substances
  • Thick and absorbent layers


  • The material is not flexible as most cloth diapers

4. Wegreeco Pocket Diaper


Wegreeco Pocket Diaper


  • Price: $29.98 for a six-pack
  • Material: Polyester outer shell
  • Size: 12 x 7.8 x 3.5 inches
  • Weight Capacity: 3 to 15kg 

If you’re looking for a pocket diaper that can grow with your baby, the Wegreeco reusable and washable diaper is for you!

Thanks to its adjustable snaps, this pocket diaper easily fits babies up to 2 years old.

Regardless of how often I’ve washed this, it stays snug and leakproof, regardless of how big my baby is!

I particularly love this pocket diaper because it keeps my baby rash free. I don’t have to worry about waking up to a wailing baby because of an impending rash. 

All this wouldn’t be possible if it weren’t for the super absorbent and lightweight inserts. My baby stays comfortable and happy all day!


  • Come with bamboo inserts and a wet bag
  • Helps wick moisture away from the skin
  • Lightweight material adjustable straps
  • Reliable and effective pocket diaper


  • Tends to leak if not fitted properly

5. Mama Koala Baby Cloth Diaper


Mama Koala Baby Cloth Diaper


  • Price: $53.99 for a six-pack
  • Material: Polyester outer layer; suede cloth inner layer
  • Size: 5.9 x 5.9 x 8.7 inches
  • Weight Capacity: 4 to 16 kg 

A common problem I often experience with pocket diapers is their tendency to get loose. If you don’t snap the diaper covers properly, they can fall from your baby’s hips.

Thankfully, I didn’t have this problem anymore, thanks to this diaper’s 3×4 adjustable snap system!

Rest assured that it fits your baby perfectly, regardless of size.

Furthermore, I don’t have to worry about rashes, as the cloth lining keeps liquid and moisture from reaching my baby’s bottom.

If you’re looking for pocket diapers for your baby or a friend, this cloth diapering solution should be first on your list. 

It’s one of the best cloth diapers to give your baby a tight but snug fit. 


  • Slim fit and anti-leak design
  • Highly absorbent polyester cloth/hemp inserts
  • Breathable outer shell
  • Waterproof tummy panel


  • Tricky to put on

6. Nora’s Nursery Cloth Pocket Diapers


Nora's Nursery Cloth Pocket Diapers


  • Price: $69.95 for a seven-pack
  • Material: Polyester outer layer; microfleece inner layer
  • Size: ‎14.76 x 10.83 x 2.99 inches
  • Weight Capacity: 4 to 15 kg 

If you’re at wit’s end trying to find a soft and absorbent diaper system, the Nora’s Nursery pocket diaper should be first on your list. 

This cloth diapering solution doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals. It’s both CPSIA-compliant and SGS tested, true to its name of being an eco-friendly diaper.

Pocket diapers such as this one are practically an investment.

At the outset, this diaper is expensive, especially at $70 a pack. But for its price, you get up to 3 years of use with this one!

That said, choose cloth diapers that can last long, even for the price. It’s sustainable, cost-effective, and eco-friendly!

I’m glad I chose this brand, as it can last until my baby is potty-trained!


  • Comes with bamboo inserts and a wet bag
  • Fits newborns and toddlers
  • Washing machine friendly
  • Easy to stuff pocket opening


  • Tendency to leak at night

7. Simple Being Reusable Cloth Diapers


Simple Being Reusable Cloth Diapers


  • Price: $29.99 for an eight-pack
  • Material: Polyester outer cover
  • Size: ‎8.5 x 6 x 4.5 inches
  • Weight Capacity: 4 to 10 kg

Finding the right diaper size for newborns is a challenge, considering their size. The clasp tends to get loose on the hips, leaving many soiled bed sheets daily. 

Thankfully, I didn’t experience any of those problems with the Simple Being cloth diapers.

It’s MADE for newborns and features five snaps for a snug fit. 

All you have to do is place the newborn insert on the reusable cover and put it in place! 

This cloth diapering is also perfect for your GROWING baby. The snaps are highly adjustable so that they can fit even XL babies. 

The double gusset helps the diaper leakproof and keeps moisture inside, ensuring no liquid comes out, and your baby doesn’t experience nasty rashes.


  • Comes in fun designs and colors
  • Made of a soft and lightproof material
  • Very easy to use and wash
  • Durable snaps for longer use


  • Tends to be a little tight on the legs

8. Thirsties Duo Wrap Reusable Cloth Diaper Covers


Thirsties Duo Wrap Reusable Cloth Diaper Covers


  • Price: $15.30 for one
  • Material: Polyester outer cover, microfiber terry inner 
  • Size: ‎‎9 x 9 x 0.5 inches
  • Weight Capacity: 4 to 27 kg

Any parent with a larger baby knows the struggle of diapers being too tight.

Furthermore, parents have to deal with their baby crying endlessly. Their bottom has become soaked, and rashes are starting to form. Yikes! 

Luckily, Thirsties offers some of the best cloth diapers in different sizes. Their largest diaper size is great for large babies and gives them a comfortable fit. It’s a WIN-WIN!

Use it with a reusable or disposable liner, and you’re all set. You can say goodbye to that dirty diaper on your hand. 


  • Comes in different sizes for your baby to grow on
  • Reliable leg gussets
  • Washing machine safe
  • Provides a good fit for babies


  • Snaps tend to get loose

9. Bambino Mio Miosolo


Bambino Mio Miosolo


  • Price: $39 for one
  • Material: Polyester outer and inner layer
  • Size: ‎‎‎1.2 x 6.9 x 9.4 inches
  • Weight Capacity: 4 to 15 kg

All-in-two cloth diapers are great and effective.

But they are hard to figure out, especially for first-time users. A good alternative to it is all-in-one cloth diapers. 

They’re just as effective and useful as all-in-two’s, but without the hassle of working with two separate components.

Plus, I don’t have to worry about fitting the inserts properly to the shell. 

The Miosolo is one of my go-tos for on-the-go convenience! I can easily pack it in my bag and wash it right after use.

You can even use it as a swim diaper when you and your baby are out for a water activity. This diaper stays soft and comfortable even after many washes and water exposure. 


  • Can be used as swim diapers
  • Comes in a variety of fun colors and designs
  • Has inside pockets to add extra inserts
  • Very absorbent layers


  • Velcro tends to come off

10. Kanga Care Rumparooz Pocket Style Diapers


Kanga Care Rumparooz Pocket Style Diapers


  • Price: $25.95 for one
  • Material: Polyester inner layer
  • Size: ‎‎‎‎8 x 6 x 2.25 inches
  • Weight Capacity: 2 to 16 kg

Sometimes, most toddlers can’t seem to master potty training yet. As a good measure, it’s best to still have your toddler wear a cloth diapering system. 

The Kanga Care Rumparooz is perfect for the job because it comes in different sizes. It fits newborn babies and toddlers up to 3 years old. 

I was able to use this diaper for the WHOLE duration of your baby’s potty training journey. 

This pocket diaper is made of waterproof and hypoallergenic polyester material. My baby wore it all day long without feeling uncomfortable!

Remember to fasten the diaper properly to prevent it from falling off your baby’s hips. 


  • Easy-to-wash diapers
  • Adjustable absorbent fabric
  • Different styles to match your baby’s outfit
  • Patented dual inner gusset


  • A little too bulky to be worn under shorts

11. Ecoable Fitted Cloth Diaper


Ecoable Fitted Cloth Diaper


  • Price: $74.99 for a four-pack
  • Material: Polyester inner layer
  • Size: 8 x 7 x 1 inches
  • Weight Capacity: 4 to 14 kg

Do you have a heavy wetter baby? Worry no more because the Ecoable fitted cloth diaper is the PERFECT solution. 

The material is made of hemp cotton, which is absorbent and hypoallergenic, perfect for babies who tend to get rashes all the time. 

You and your baby can have a good night’s sleep in no time. 

Unfortunately, it would be best if you bought the waterproof shell separately. Although the material is absorbent enough, it will still tend to leak when it gets too wet. 


  • Provides a comfortable fit
  • Hypoallergenic material
  • Customizable absorbency
  • Comes in an easy-to-match neutral color


  • The waterproof shell is sold separately

12. Coqui Baby Hero Pocket Diaper


Coqui Baby Hero Pocket Diaper


  • Price: $14.99 for one
  • Material: Polyester inner layer
  • Size: 8 x 6.5 x 1 inches
  • Weight Capacity: 4 to 18 kg

Many parents have been through the hard situation of figuring out how to fix their baby’s rash. Cream after cream and a round of antibiotics later, the rash never seems to end. 

Imagine my delight when I chanced upon the Coqui Baby Hero pocket cloth diaper. It sure is true to its name because this diaper is a HERO for every baby with sensitive skin. 

The inner layer is made of soft fleece and wick lining. Together, this prevents liquid and moisture from sticking to your baby’s bottom.

Say goodbye to painful rashes and sleepless nights! And say goodbye to endless rash creams. 

To make this diaper ultra-absorbent, I recommend using two cloth inserts. 


  • Soft fleece lining
  • Comes with a 12-month product replacement
  • Uses an anti-wick microfiber material
  • Can fit two inserts


  • Tends to leak on the legs

13. Charlie Banana Baby Cloth Diapering System


Charlie Banana Baby Cloth Diapering System


  • Price: $119.99 for a five-pack
  • Material: Polyester inner layer
  • Size: ‎ 7 x 7 x 7 inches
  • Weight Capacity: 4 to 14 kg

Other cloth diapers are much more affordable than the Charlie Banana diaper, but that doesn’t stop me from checking this product out.

After what I’ve discovered, choosing cloth diapers such as this one is an easy choice. 

I do not know where to begin when I say how incredibly soft this diaper is. Starting from the lining and up to the outer and inner layers. 

Each piece has a well-thought design that gives other diapers a run for their money.

What I love about this diaper is how the care instructions were so easy to follow.

All I had to do was remove the washable inserts and load them on my washing machine in either cold or warm water. 

Drying the shell and inserts is so easy that it hardly takes a full day. 


  • Adjustable snaps for better fit
  • Made of sustainable and high-quality materials
  • Perfect for growing babies
  • Easy to use and wash


  • Tendency to leak when not fixed properly

What Is a Hybrid Diaper?

What Is a Hybrid Diaper?

Hybrids work just like disposable diapers, but BETTER. It’s a cross between disposable and cloth diapers because of its innovative design.

In essence, a hybrid diaper uses a reusable cover and inserts. It’s completely washable; you must pop it straight into your washing machine to clean it.

Alternatively, you can use disposable inserts instead of a snap-in cloth insert. You can throw out the inserts once it gets dirty.

How Are Hybrids Different from All-In-Two Diapers?

First-time parents confuse hybrids and all-in-two’s with one another. I’m not going to lie; I, too, found it hard to tell the difference. 

The two are very similar to each other, and there are only a few minor differences that I noticed. 

Ease of Use

On average, both diaper types are complicated and hard to perfect on your first try. Making the diaper more absorbent and comfortable for your baby requires a learning curve. 

But I found all-in-two diapers to be slightly more complicated. It took me a while to determine the optimum number of inserts for better absorbency. 


In general, hybrids are slightly MORE EXPENSIVE than all-in-two diapers mostly because you can choose between disposable or reusable inserts.

Advantages of Using Hybrid Cloth Diapers

There are many reasons why parents, myself included, turn to hybrids. Perhaps these reasons will convince you to make the switch too!


The beauty of hybrids is you can customize the absorbent layer according to your baby’s needs.

If your baby wets the bed often, you can add as many absorbent liners as you want. You can even explore different types of inner and outer shells that will work for you. 

Quick Drying

Because you can separate the outer and inner layers from each other, the two components dry quickly. 

You can load the two in the washer, hang or spin them to dry, and viola! You’re done. 

No more waiting around until your baby’s nappy becomes dry. 

Don’t worry! Most hybrids are made of tough and durable material. It can withstand the daily wear and tear and your washing machine! 

Just make sure to follow the washing and care instructions. 


Buying the outer shell might be expensive for some, but you’ll actually be saving money in the long run.

Not to mention hybrids come in different price points. You can find one that fits your budget that’s still effective and reliable. 

Disadvantages of Using Hybrid Cloth Diapers

Now that you know of the advantages, it’s time that we also talk about the disadvantages. 

I’m not here to convince you against using hybrids. I just want to make sure that you know what you’re getting into.

Inserts Tend to Move

Unfortunately, inserts tend to move often, especially if they’re not fixed properly. 

Parents with wriggly babies might have difficulty putting the inners in place. When this happens, there is a tendency for the liquids to leak. 

Overall, I recommend finding a hybrid diaper with a reliable closing mechanism. You can keep the diaper snug on your baby’s hips!

Absorbency Issues

Hybrids are less absorbent than other cloth diapering systems. Nonetheless, that doesn’t mean it’s not effective. 

You might need to put more inners to ensure a fully absorbent issue. Sometimes the diapers look too bulky, which can be uncomfortable for some babies. 

Thankfully, there are super absorbent inserts out there that aren’t too bulky. Watch out for those!

Complicated to Figure Out

Finally, my bane at the beginning was figuring out how this cloth diapering mechanism works.

How do you layer all the inserts? And how do you keep them in place?

At first, it might be a challenge. But after a few tries, you’ll be able to master how to make your diaper effective.

Luckily, most hybrids today are easy to put together and come with an intuitive design. 

How to Choose the Best Hybrid Cloth Diapers

How to Choose the Best Hybrid Cloth Diapers

With many hybrid cloth diapers out there, how do you know which one is perfect for you?

You must remember some important considerations when choosing the best hybrid diaper for your baby. 

Diaper Absorbency 

One of the most important features you should look for in all diapers is their absorbency, meaning looking for the best absorbent inserts for hybrids.

Generally, the MORE absorbent the inserts are, the BETTER. You won’t have to worry about the diaper leaking too much.

A good absorbent insert must absorb liquid without adding too much bulk to the diaper. You shouldn’t sacrifice your baby’s comfort just because of an ineffective insert.

Ease of Use

The beauty of disposable diapers is that they’re easy to use. There’s hardly any learning curve to it, unlike hybrid diapers. 

Hybrids are complicated, and mastering how to use them can take some time. Trust the process, and don’t give up! 

Once you’ve prepared your baby’s hybrid diaper, you’ll be acting like a pro in no time. 

Diaper Cover and Inserts

There are two parts to a hybrid diaper: the cover and inserts. 

A good hybrid diaper cover must be reusable, waterproof, and washable. It should also be durable enough to withstand daily wear and tear. 

What I love about hybrid covers is that it comes in different colors and designs. I can mix and match it depending on my baby’s outfit.

Regarding diaper inserts, you need to be particular about what you select. There’s a wide range of options, such as flat lays, cloth, pre-fold, and more! 

Fit On Your Baby

No matter how absorbent and stylish your hybrid diaper is, it will all be for nothing if it doesn’t fit your baby.

Before anything else, find the RIGHT SIZE for your toddler. 

In general, I always make sure that it stays cozy and secure on your baby’s legs and waist. This prevents the diaper from falling off and the liquid from dripping. 

There are various sizes out there that can fit newborns and even toddlers! 

Closure Mechanism

Most disposable diapers use tape or velcro material to keep the diaper secure on your baby’s waist. 

One of the most annoying things I’ve experienced is when the tape keeps getting loose. Worse, it doesn’t stick at all!

I’m sure a lot of parents share this frustration. 

Luckily, hybrid diapers come in different closure mechanisms. Some use buttons or snap closures to keep the diaper cover secure. 

Value for Money

It’s no secret that hybrid diapers cost more than the average baby diaper. Consider it an investment that you can use while your baby grows. 

Like any investment, you want to ensure you get your money’s worth. Make sure to choose a diaper that delivers more value for you. 

Why Choose Hybrid Cloth Diapers

Why Choose Hybrid Cloth Diapers

Hybrid cloth diapers are just as effective as disposable diapers. It gets the job done without causing detrimental impacts on the environment.

But besides that, there are other reasons why choosing a hybrid cloth diaper is best. I’ve listed some reasons to convince you to make the switch.

Material Safety

For starters, hybrid diapers are made of gentle materials that don’t cause rashes. You don’t have to worry about chafing or rubbing your baby’s skin.

Disposable diapers are notorious for causing a problems on your baby’s skin. This might not be a cause for concern for some parents, but it will be when things worsen.

A simple diaper rash can turn into an infection, which could have been prevented in the first place.

A diaper rash can feel very painful and uncomfortable on a baby. 

PRO TIP: Don’t leave wet or soiled disposable diapers on your baby for too long. This helps prevent rashes.


You would think that baby diapers don’t contain harmful chemicals, but they do.

Believe it or not, disposable diapers use harmful and toxic ingredients. Starting from the plastic and down to the fragrance used to make it.

Some of the ingredients you need to watch out for include the following:

  • Chlorine
  • Dioxins
  • Pesticides
  • Polychlorinated biphenyls
  • Pyrene
  • Volatile organic compounds

Long exposure to these elements poses a health hazard for both the parents and babies. You can eliminate this risk when you use a hybrid cloth diaper.

The materials used are usually plain and free from toxic dyes and fragrances.

Reusable and Sustainable

By now, one thing is clear about hybrid cloth diapers: they’re reusable and sustainable.

Reusable cloth diapers are one of the best things to happen in the diaper industry and for the environment. They’re also very easy to wash, and it hardly takes effort!

To eliminate stains and dirt, use warm water to soak the cloth diaper and your favorite detergent. 

Always check the care instructions on the packaging to get better results.

Health Benefits

Did you know that there are health benefits to using cloth diapers? They aren’t just myths; they can do wonders, especially for your baby’s skin.

One of the biggest problems with disposable diapers is diaper rash. It leaves our baby with a nasty itch that doesn’t seem to disappear.

This is the last thing you’ll have to worry about on your baby’s skin when you use organic cloth diapers! You don’t have to worry about unnecessary chafing.

More importantly, your baby is LESS LIKELY to experience any adverse reaction from the chemicals used on disposable diapers.


It’s no secret that disposable diapers cost A LOT.

Using hybrid diapers can help you cut down costs. You don’t have to replace them whenever your baby soils the pad!

This is one of the best diaper styles that can help you save money.

Convenient and Easy to Use

There’s a learning curve involved in mastering hybrid cloth diapers. I’m not going to lie; using a hybrid cloth diaper might initially be challenging and frustrating.

But once you get the hang of it, you’d be surprised at how fast and easy the whole process takes. 

You can prepare your cloth diapers in advance and even pack them inside your to-go bags!

Washing cloth diapers hardly takes time and effort, so you don’t have to worry about using extra time.


The moment your baby is born, and up until they’re potty trained, you’ll have to go through stacks of disposable diapers each day.

At the end of the day, these diapers go to a landfill and take years to decompose.

If you want to contribute to saving the environment, consider transitioning to hybrid diapers. You can wash and reuse them for as long as you need them.

Consider this your pledge to help save the environment.

All-In-One vs. All-In-Two Cloth Diapers

All-In-One vs. All-In-Two Cloth Diapers

There’s a lot of confusion about all-in-one diapers and all-in-two diapers. Are they the same? Or are there actual differences you need to remember?

All-In-One Diapers

As its name suggests, an all-in-one diaper is just one piece. The cloth diaper and waterproof outer shell are sewn together.

An all-in-one diaper is a lot easier and more convenient to use. You don’t have to worry about matching your waterproof cover with the size of your inserts. 

This is a common problem many parents worry about with all-in-two diapers.

And once you’re done using the entire diaper, you can pop it in your washing machine and hang it dry right after!

All-In-Two Diapers

On the other hand, all-in-two cloth diapers come in the same two parts (the waterproof shell and cloth inserts) except they are SEPARATE.

You can attach them using snaps or other mechanisms you prefer. 

The trick with all-in-two diapers is using an absorbent material that’s effective and comfortable!

This being the case, perfecting all-in-two diapers can get tricky. You’ll have to undergo several diaper changes to create a perfect system.

Washing this diaper is also very easy. But if you want to avoid going through frequent washes, you can use a disposable liner instead.

Frequently Asked Questions

I often get a ton of questions about hybrid diapers from many parents. I’m always looking forward to giving my insights about this best cloth diapering system.

How Many Hybrid Cloth Diapers Do I Need?

How many cloth diapers you need depends on how much your baby needs. But generally, you’ll use 10 diaper covers and 20 inserts during the day.

This might mean more dirty diapers to wash. But at least it’s not going to a landfill!

How Do You Change a Hybrid Cloth Diaper?

Believe it or not, changing a hybrid diaper is as EASY as using a disposable diaper.

Start by preparing your waterproof shell and cloth insert beforehand.

Put the snap in a cloth insert to keep it secure for your baby. You can wash the insert right after use!

Alternatively, you can use a disposable insert if you want to avoid going through frequent washings. Just make sure to dispose of them properly!

Can You Use Hybrid Diapers Overnight?


A hybrid diaper is also perfect for overnight use. Make sure to use super absorbent fabric inserts to prevent unnecessary leakage overnight.

You can also combine two cloth inserts, although it might be a bit bulky and uncomfortable for your baby.

In the alternative, using disposable inserts is also a good option. 

Finally, it would greatly help you if you also use a waterproof cover to keep the inserts snug.

My Winner Picks

My Winner Picks

I’ve named a lot of awesome hybrid cloth diapers in this list.

But of all those I’ve mentioned, three deserve one final round of applause: the OsoCozy Prefold Diapers, GroVia Reusable Hybrid Cloth Diaper, and ALVA Pocket Cloth Diaper.

Budget Pick – OsoCozy Prefold Diapers

It’s soft, absorbent, and highly affordable. What more can you ask for one of the best budget-friendly cloth diapers?

You don’t have to store dirty diapers anymore because all you have to do is pop this in your washing machine right after use! You’ll have a fresh diaper in no time.

Best Value for Money – GroVia Reusable Hybrid Cloth Diaper

The GroVia hybrid diaper is everything you need for a cloth diaper. This one-size-fits-all diaper is perfect as your baby grows!

With various inner pads, you’ve got a hybrid diaper to suit all your daily needs.

Best Overall – ALVA Pocket Cloth Diaper

The clear winner for me is no other than the ALVA pocket diaper. Clearly, it’s a crowd favorite by many parents because of its impressive design and features.

This one is an easy pick if you’re looking for easy-to-wash cloth diapers! It comes at an impressive price point, with reliability that’s hard to beat.


Make the switch from disposable diapers to hybrid cloth diapers! It’s the future for creating a sustainable and green environment.

Given how many diapers are disposed of yearly, it’s a great way to reduce waste! Plus, you can save a ton if you’ve got multiple children.

I hope you enjoyed my review of the best hybrid cloth diapers. Feel free to share this article with your fellow parents who want to make an impact.

About the author

Angelica Graham

A few years ago, Angelica found out about all the plastic and toxic ingredients that got into most children’s products. And this worried her to no end. Because of this, she began to research what the best ingredients and materials were for children and made it her mission to share this information with other mothers.