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10 Best Onesies for Newborns: Safe and Comfortable Picks!

10 Best Onesies for Newborns_ Safe and Comfortable Picks!

Regarding baby clothing, there’s something about adorable onesies that makes the little angels look even cuter.

To dress a baby can be a pain, though, and a onesie is a real lifesaver! Easy access and an instantly complete outfit? Sign me up!

Read more for my recommendations!



Burt’s Bees A-Bee-C Organic Baby Onesie

Hanes Ultimate Baby Flexy Five Pack Long Sleeve Bodysuits

Gerber Grow-With-Me White Short Sleeve Onesies Set


Burt’s Bees A-Bee-C Organic Baby Onesie


Hanes Ultimate Baby Flexy Five Pack Long Sleeve Bodysuits


Gerber Grow-With-Me White Short Sleeve Onesies Set

Table of Contents
Table of Contents

Top 10 Baby Onesies for Newborns

1. Burt’s Bees A-Bee-C Organic Baby Onesie


Burt's Bees A-Bee-C Organic Baby Onesie

Burt’s Bees offers this set of 3 baby onesies made of incredibly soft cotton. It feels like a dream for your baby’s sensitive skin.

It also features great durability!

Washing off poop accidents and spit bombs can take a toll on other onesies, and the purchase does not feel worth it when they (predictably) fall apart.

These long sleeve onesies, while super soft, are good and sturdy.

Your newborn can even pass it down to their future siblings, family members, or friends’ babies!

For its price and performance, this set is unbeatable! In my opinion, they are the best baby onesies you can find on the market today.


  • Made of certified organic cotton
  • Durable fabric thanks to being combed, ring-spun, and rib-knitted
  • No pilling of the fibers
  • Nickel-free snaps
  • Expandable shoulders


  • Some customers report sizing issues.

2. Hanes Ultimate Baby Flexy Five Pack Long Sleeve Bodysuits


Hanes Ultimate Baby Flexy Five Pack Long Sleeve Bodysuits

This set from Hanes is perfect for parents on a budget (like myself) as it comes at a very attractive price point, especially considering you are paying for five long-sleeved onesies.

The ribbed fabric has a four-way stretch, giving the onesie a VERY COMFORTABLE fit for babies who use this clothing.

These baby onesies come in many designs that are perfect for unisex, baby boys, and baby girls that are adorable and practical!

Three snaps secure the bottom closure so you can remove the onesie upwards or downwards, depending on the emergency you are trying to address.

My favorite way of using this onesie is for emergencies outside the home. These are great to keep in your diaper bag or car, so my baby has clothing to change into, just in case.


  • Affordable 5-pack
  • Has multiple designs to choose from
  • Great for emergencies


  • Not 100% cotton (spandex blend)

3. Gerber Grow-With-Me White Short Sleeve Onesies Set


Gerber Grow-With-Me White Short Sleeve Onesies Set

Experienced parents will tell you that babies grow in what feels like a blink of an eye, which is to say, they will grow out of their onesies very quickly!

If you are the type of parent who does not want to think too much about what your newborn will wear for a considerable time, don’t overlook this Gerber set.

It has a very simple all-white and short sleeves design that is great if you want a unisex baby onesie. Baby boys and baby girls can all look alike in this onesie.

The fabric of these baby bodysuits is SUPER SOFT because they are made of 100% cotton fibers.

Such features make it a good investment, and I especially recommend it to first-time parents because its simplicity and functionality can save time and brain power.


  • Made of 100% cotton
  • Simple design
  • Reduced shopping time
  • Higher snap closure for easier diaper changes


  • Cotton is not organic (or it was not specifically mentioned)
  • It might look too minimalist for some parents

4. Touched by Nature Organic Cotton Bodysuits

Touched by Nature Organic Cotton Bodysuits

If you’re looking for onesies with short sleeves made of pure organic cotton that have the most adorable prints, look no further than these by Touched by Nature.

From prints to embroideries, stripes to solid colors, parents who want their kids to look as stylish as them will have fun pairing this baby onesie up as a base layer for other clothes.

Designs aside, these onesies do not just provide an aesthetic to a baby’s wardrobe as they are made from soft organic cotton that plays well with baby-sensitive skin.

This fabric gives kids a nice and gentle touch that they will enjoy even though they can’t see just how cute the design makes them look.

For those who want their kids to look exceptionally adorable while wrapped in comfort, I think this is the best baby onesie set for you!


  • Made of organic, pure cotton
  • Cutest prints (in my opinion)
  • Very wide selection of designs


  • Not the cheapest option

5. Luvable Friends Baby Cotton Bodysuits

Luvable Friends Baby Cotton Bodysuits

Luvable Friends offers this set of five onesies at a great value that can be a staple in your baby’s wardrobe and the next ones to come (should there be any).

They are made of 100% cotton, which is excellent for daily use as it is comfortable and cozy for the baby.

I find that these onesies have a nice stretch to them as well!

In addition to its comfortable fabric and considerable size range, they also have designs perfect for baby boys, girls, or little angels that parents dress more neutrally.

Like the Touched by Nature onesies, they also make great layering pieces for other clothing items so your baby can look stylish in their short sleeve outfits.

Though this Luvable Friends set isn’t made of organic cotton, I believe your baby will have a nice time in these onesies!


  • Made of 100% cotton
  • Baby onesie sets for 2-year-olds available
  • Adorable designs
  • Price is on the affordable side


  • Cotton is not organic (or it was not specifically mentioned)

6. Hanna Andersson Baby 2 Pack Romper

Hanna Andersson Baby 2 Pack Romper

If you find that your baby is not a fan of tight-fitting onesies and acts fussy in them, try out these rompers from Hanna Anderson.

These are not super snug but are still very cozy rompers made of organic cotton for extra comfort whenever in contact with the baby’s skin.

In addition, the fabric is pre-washed for more softness. This also ensures minimal shrinking as it is used repeatedly while your baby grows.

The short sleeves plus pajama combo is also great for days with fair weather and afternoon strolls while giving quick access to changes.

It features a kimono-like design that will not be a hassle to put on or take off and is kept together by snaps with flat-lock seams.


  • Great for infants who want a looser fit
  • Made of 100% cotton
  • Romper sets for 2-year-olds available


  • It might be a little expensive for some

7. Simple Joys by Carter’s 6-Pack Short-Sleeve Bodysuits

Simple Joys by Carter's 6-Pack Short-Sleeve Bodysuits

This pack of six bodysuits from Carter’s Simple Joys line earns a spot in my list of the best baby onesies on the market today because of its great value.

You can get several onesies made of 100% cotton at an affordable price!

Carter’s certainly did not skimp on their offering with a cotton-blend fabric for their line of baby clothes.

I really enjoy the many functionality aspects that are offered by these onesies. The variation in their designs per pack is a welcome and wonderful bonus!

If you want no fuss and frills in your baby onesies but have options for their looks in one pack, I think you will get your money’s worth with this option!


  • Made of 100% cotton
  • Good value
  • Strong snaps on reinforced panels for secure diaper changes
  • Versatile mixed design (with buttons and without)


  • Cotton is not organic (or it was not specifically mentioned)

8. ZippyJamz – Zipper Organic Sleeper Footed Pajamas

ZippyJamz – Zipper Organic Sleeper Footed Pajamas

If you live in a chilly area, you definitely need a handful of long-sleeved onesies with built-in baby socks so your baby stays cozy.

Each onesie has two of these zipper closures: one across the body and one in the crotch and leg area.

With the latter, you can make diaper changes without taking off the whole thing!

It is a super convenient element, especially for the colder months. Zipper closures also remove the hassle of finding and closing snap buttons in the dark for late-night changes.

The fabric ZippyJams used for this ultra-soft onesie is 100% organic cotton that is GOTS certified.

Note that it will take a couple of washes for it to shrink to its correct size.

This onesie may not be the most affordable option (and it does not come in a pack of multiples), but the quality and durability are TOP-NOTCH in my experience.


  • Made of pure cotton
  • Intuitive design
  • Zipper closure easy to navigate in the dark
  • Grippy socks built-in for more active babies


  • Expensive
  • Not good for warm weather

9. O2Baby Organic Cotton Onesie

O2Baby Organic Cotton Onesie

If you do not want to spend too much on baby clothes but need something comparable to the ZippyJams option above, check out this onesie from O2Baby.

This one-pack number has long sleeves and built-in socks, so the baby stays warm in colder weather. It also has a zip closure that runs from top to bottom.

The 100% organic cotton fabric is comfy and breathable for your baby’s delicate skin. The zipper also has a garage and guard to keep the hardware out of the baby’s reach.

I personally love the minimalist designs offered by this onesie. They can easily make any baby look chic and comfortable at the same time.

This sleeper is also available in a pack of twos. You’ll surely get a bang for your buck with this baby onesie!


  • Made of 100% pure cotton
  • An affordable option compared to ZippyJams
  • Stylish color selection


  • Some customers report sizing issues

10. L’ovedbaby Unisex Baby Organic Cotton Kimono Bodysuit 

L'ovedbaby Unisex Baby Organic Cotton Kimono Bodysuit 

This onesie’s kimono is as useful a feature as it is stylish. Because of its wrap-around design, you would not have to pull anything over your baby’s delicate head.

The snaps go all the way down the bodysuit, on the thigh lining, and there are crotch snaps so you can remove the onesie up and out.

Possible self-scratching is addressed by folded-over mitts in the long sleeves, which can also help give baby warmth, adding to the coziness factor of this bodysuit.

Though prints, stripes, and other elements are absent, I love the subtle, understated look of the solid colors in this kimono onesie line.


  • Made of pure cotton
  • Kimono-style is easy to navigate
  • Minimalist design is easy to pair with other items
  • Snaps are nickel and lead-free


  • Some customers report sizing issues

How to Choose the Best Baby Onesies

Baby on mother's lap

Onesies are great because they provide access for easy diaper changes in case your baby has a poop explosion, for example.

However, since babies grow incredibly fast, you need to be able to make practical decisions so that you get the most bang for your buck.

Keep these in mind when you are choosing which onesie to buy for your little one:

  • Closures: Some parents prefer snap closures over zippers, while others find zippers more convenient. Try out both and decide which one works best for you.
  • Sleeves: Long sleeve onesies give baby warmth, so if you are in a hot area, you may want to consider short sleeves instead.
  • Sizes: I suggest getting enough onesies for preemie babies though they will grow out of them quickly. For normal kids, getting a bigger onesie can be more economical.
  • Fabric: Since babies’ skin is delicate, you need something soft but can withstand multiple washes. If you ask me, 100% cotton is the best type of fabric.

EXTRA TIP: You can choose between the best organic baby clothes brands that are PERFECT for your growing baby!

What’s the Best Material for Baby Clothes/Onesies?

Baby lying down

Comfortable onesies are a must because babies have very sensitive skin. Hence, your little one needs something gentle and cozy.

The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) is the body that certifies organic cotton as free of harmful dyes and chemicals, flame retardants, etc.

This certified organic fabric is an excellent choice, in my opinion, because of how gentle yet durable it is.

If the onesie you are looking at has 100% GOTS-certified organic cotton, I suggest you go for that over a cotton blend fabric.

EXTRA TIP: Get your baby some protective knee pads to prevent bruises and discomfort when crawling!

How Many Onesies Do I Need?

In my experience, having five to seven at home is a good number, plus a few more to bring for emergencies.

Babies spit, vomit, poop, and spring up all kinds of sticky situations for both themselves and their parents.

Hence, it would be best if you had several onesies to get through one week.

Also, remember that a newborn baby grows quickly, so you will probably need to replenish your onesie supply every once in a while.

FAQs About Baby Onesies

Mother touching baby's nose

Do you need some more information about cute baby outfits? Read on!

Should a Onesie Fit Tight or Loose?

Some babies prefer a snug fit, while others like something looser and airier. I suggest choosing what your baby likes to remain cozy in their clothes.

Ultimately, a onesie should have a super comfy fit on the baby so that their clothes do not bother their sleep.

In any case, you can find onesies in sizes ranging from those for preemies to 2 years old, so there are many options for you.

Can You Put a Onesie on a Newborn With Umbilical Cord?

This topic is something debated by many parents, and there is no black-and-white answer, and since the baby’s body is very sensitive and delicate, you need to take caution.

The umbilical cord stump is believed by some to be irritated from constant contact with onesies.

You can choose not to use onesies until it falls off or use them and keep checking to see if an adverse reaction occurs.

Do Baby Tights Go Over or Under a Onesie?

Generally, tights are supposed to go over the diaper and under the onesie.

They can go over a onesie if you use thicker pants or leggings.

My Favorite Picks

Baby onesies

Let’s have a quick roundup of excellent baby’s clothes I discussed:

Best Budget: Hanes Ultimate Baby Flexy Five Pack Long Sleeve Bodysuits

This bodysuit set will give you a good bang for your buck as it comes in a pack of five nicely designed onesies.

The fabric is a spandex blend but isn’t harsh on the skin.

Best Value: Gerber Grow-With-Me White Short Sleeve Onesies Set

Great for layering for either colder or warmer weather, this minimalist set is meant to help your journey as your baby continues to grow.

If you want a hassle-free shopping experience for baby garments, this set is the one for you.

Best Overall: Burt’s Bees A-Bee-C Organic Baby Onesie

These Burt’s Bees long-sleeved bodysuits are made of certified organic fabric that offers style and durability even with multiple washes.

Expandable shoulders and the snap closure make it easy to put on or off. The price is right, and its performance is better.


Now that you know the best baby onesies available in the market, you can help give your baby a more comfortable time as they grow.

Feel free to return to this article if you need further references for tips and excellent options!

FINAL TIP: To ensure a comfortable sleep, you can buy your baby an organic sleep sack! These will work as well as any pair of pajamas or onesies!


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