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8 Best Childproof Fireplace Screens: Babyproof, Affordable

8 Best Childproof Fireplace Screens

A wood or gas fireplace is a wonderful home appliance that comes in handy during the cooler times of the year. It’s perfect for snowy days, family gatherings, and cold Christmas mornings.

However, a fireplace can be a safety hazard to any home if the necessary precautions aren’t taken. For any parent, you should make sure to create a safe environment around the fireplace for your little one!

Picking up a reliable fireplace screen is the perfect solution for the safety of your toddler.

We narrowed down a bunch of the best childproof fireplace screens on the market today for child safety. Most fireplace screens look good in your home, but more importantly, will protect your little one from harm!

Best Baby Gate
Our Pick
Best Affordable Option
Toddleroo 3 in 1 Metal Superyard
Amagabeli Fireplace Screen
Amagabeli Wrought Iron Fireplace Screen
Our Pick
Amagabeli Fireplace Screen
Best Baby Gate
Toddleroo 3 in 1 Metal Superyard
Best Affordable Option
Amagabeli Iron Fireplace Screen
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

Our Top Picks

1. Amagabeli Fireplace Screen with Doors and Tools


Our Pick - Amagabeli

If you want to have everything you need in one purchase, this screen is one of the BEST fireplace screens we recommend.

Amagabeli is also one of the best brands that make fireplace essentials!

It comes with magnetic fireplace doors for easy access to the fireplace, tools, and is 31 inches tall. The magnetic fireplace doors are difficult to open for your little one, making them childproof.

The tools are also useful for maintaining and operating your fireplace properly! Its height is perfect for most fireplaces, and it should be able to cover them up fully without blocking the mantel.

It would still be best to measure your fireplace and hearth beforehand and plan if this product will fit nicely.

Its 3-panel structure will fit most fireplaces snuggly, but it might not be wide enough for bigger fireplaces.

It also has a free-standing structure, which may not be the best for kids and pets. This would’ve been the perfect fire screen if it had support legs to prevent it from falling.

Even so, it should still be sturdy enough to not fall from accidental bumps and hits!

What’s great about Amagabeli is that they offer a bunch of other fireplace tools and essentials in their shop. You can buy fireplace tools like a fire grate log, firewood log rack, fire pit air blower, and a fire log canvas tote bag!


  • Comes with easy-access fireplace doors and tools
  • 3-panel structure works well for most fireplace designs
  • Solid wrought iron material is durable and sturdy
  • Screen design can blend well in any house


  • Can’t mount on walls
  • Doesn’t have support legs
  • The 3-panel structure might not be wide enough for large fireplaces
  • Leaving the tools hanging on the screen could be dangerous for kids

2. Toddleroo by North States 3 in 1 Metal Superyard



Toddleroo makes a ton of baby play yards, and some of them are tall and wide enough to work perfectly for the fireplace.

This 3-in-1 Metal Superyard is one example of the best fireplace screens, and it’s a great child-proof pickup for any parent!

This superyard is wide, sturdy, and flexible enough to be a play yard, gate, and match well with a childproof fireplace screen!

You can choose between the 6-panel or 8-panel variants, but you can add and remove panels as needed.

You can also attach them to your wall, making them stable, sturdy, and can prevent your pets and kids from knocking them over.

This also has a gate opening, which acts as a fireplace door or convenient baby gate. It’s difficult enough for a kid to open but easy for adults to operate.

This product can cover a total area of 10 square feet when closed, but you’ll probably only need half of that if you’ll be using it like a fireplace fence.

For other specifications, each panel is roughly 24 inches wide and 33 inches tall. Make sure to plan and measure the dimensions of your fireplace and hearth before buying.

Toddleroo also offers a wooden variant, which may suit your house structure and theme better, but this might not be the best to use as a fireplace safety screen.


  • Can be free-standing and mounted on walls
  • Removable panels make it versatile for any fireplace size
  • Covers a large area, which is perfect as a fireplace guard
  • Has a fireplace door for easy access
  • Can be used as a play yard and baby gate


  • The play yard style might not blend well with all fireplaces
  • White color might not be what you’re looking for
  • You’ll still need a screen to block out fire and sparks

3. Amagabeli 3-Panel Pewter Wrought Iron Fireplace Screen



If you’re looking to buy something on a BUDGET and want a simple screen that can get the job done, this other 3-panel product by Amagabeli is a reliable pickup!

This screen is around 29 inches tall, which is enough for most fireplace designs. When fully expanded, this screen is 50 inches wide.

Since it has 3 panels, you can easily fold the two hinges to make it fit your fireplace perfectly.

We also love the ornate structure at the top of the screen! This screen will look great in most contemporary homes, and this is a great plus for its affordable price tag.

It’s made of sturdy pewter wrought iron, which should be stable enough and not easily tip over.

However, it still has a lightweight body, which is not the best if you have rowdy kids and pets inside the house.

On top of that, it also can’t mount on walls, doesn’t have support legs, and doesn’t come with fireplace doors.

This isn’t one of the best fireplace screens, but it’s a product some might still want to consider because of its affordability!


  • Affordable
  • The 3-panel structure fits most fireplace designs well
  • The ornate style looks great in contemporary homes


  • Doesn’t have doors
  • Its lightweight body isn’t the best for rowdy pets and kids
  • Can’t mount on walls
  • Doesn’t have support legs

4. MyFirePlaceDirect Single Panel Wrought Iron Fireplace Screen

Single-Panel Option


If you want a simple screen that you could position in front of the fireplace without making any adjustments, this single-panel screen is the most convenient of the bunch.

Since it doesn’t have multiple panels, you just have to put it on top of the hearth, and you’ll be good to go!

This is really convenient, but the downside is that it might not fit well with some fireplace sizes and designs.

Before buying this screen, make sure that its dimensions will fit well with your fireplace and hearth at home. It’s 39 inches wide and around 31 inches tall.

This screen has magnetic doors for easy access and support legs to prevent it from tumbling over. These are great for the safety of kids and pets!

This screen also has a cute tree and bear designs at the top, which is a lovely touch that perfectly matches Christmas decorations!


  • Simple and straightforward structure
  • Doors and supporting legs are great for convenience and safety
  • The tree and bear design is perfect for the holidays


  • Single-panel style might not fit well with some fireplace and hearth designs
  • Sits out and leaves gaps that can still be dangerous

5. Pleasant Hearth Curved Screen

Curved Option

Pleasant Hearth

If you’re looking for something with a unique style, this curved screen might be what you’re looking for.

It comes with 4 tools, has doors with magnets, and has supporting legs too! The tools might be dangerous to leave around hanging for pets and kids, so it would be best to store them elsewhere.

However, the magnets on the doors and supporting legs are great for safety purposes, so that’s a plus!

This screen is 32 inches tall and 50 inches wide. These dimensions are big enough to cover big fireplace designs.

While the curved structure adds a classy touch that’s different from the norm, it does have a noticeable downside.

Since it’s curved, you’ll have trouble folding and storing it when you’re not using it. It won’t lie flat compared to traditional, flat-panel screens.

If you’re planning on not using this screen during the hotter seasons, this won’t be much of a concern.


  • Comes with a tool set and doors for quick access
  • Supporting legs add to its stability and safety
  • The curved structure looks classy and will look great in most homes


  • Tools can be dangerous for kids if left to hang
  • Can be difficult to store
  • Can mount to walls

6. Minuteman International Child Guard

Minuteman 6

The Minuteman International Child Guard was designed specifically for kids, but it’s great for pets too!

From the name itself, this baby guard is made to be childproof because of the unique stabilizing rod that prevents it from accidentally folding or collapsing.

Although the child guard feature is great, it still doesn’t prevent it from falling over if a toddler or pet pulls it from the top with a bit of effort.

Even so, the stabilizing rod is a feature that’s hard not to appreciate!

It has a simple, no-nonsense structure with three panels that are entirely covered with screens. Just put it on top of your hearth, adjust the panels with the hinges, and it should be good to go!

Some downsides of this baby guard solution are that it doesn’t have doors, tools, and the plain style can be an eyesore for most home designs.

It’s also fairly lightweight, so it could still easily move around even if it has a stabilizing rod.


  • Stabilizing rod prevents it from accidentally collapsing and folding
  • Full-screen designs on panels work great to block out sparks
  • Easy to fold and store because of its thin and lightweight style


  • The design might be too plain for some
  • Doesn’t have supporting legs
  • Can’t mount on a wall
  • Can be easily bumped around with its lightweight frame 

7. Amagabeli 4-Panel Large Gold Fireplace Screen

Amagabeli 7

If you’re a fan of gold trims or have furniture with gold trim designs, this screen is the PERFECT pick to match your home’s design!

This Amagabeli screen has four panels and stretches up to 51 inches when expanded. It’s also around 31 inches tall. This screen can accommodate big fireplace and hearth designs.

Since it has four panels, it can be very versatile too! You can easily adjust this screen to fit whatever space you have around your fireplace.

What really makes this screen stand out is its design. Each screen has golden arches on the top with small golden pillars in between each screen.

This is perfect for those who want a fancy-looking screen or want to maintain a fancy look with the home furniture!

Despite its elegant-looking design, this screen is the most affordable one on this list. This is mainly because of its very lightweight frame of 7.7 pounds.

This makes it easy to fold and store, but it’s not a great childproof feature. Pets or crawling babies could accidentally hit this screen and it could fall over, so be careful!

We don’t actually recommend this screen as a childproof solution. It’s too lightweight, doesn’t have support legs, and can’t mount on walls.

If you’re really on a budget or want a screen with golden trims, we suggest buying this screen alongside fireplace safety gates.


  • Elegant design
  • Very lightweight and easy to fold and store
  • Height, width, and 4-panel design makes it versatile
  • Affordable


  • Has no additional safety features
  • Can easily be knocked around

8. Best Choice Products Baby Safety Fence Hearth Gate

Best Choice Products 8

This product is more of a baby gate than a screen, but it’s a great product to have especially when you want to BABYPROOF your house!

You can position this gate well around the fireplace or a wood stove, but it’s too small to use as a play yard.

Using a baby gate is the best solution to ensure your little one won’t come too close to the fireplace!

Whether you have a baby that’s crawling with their hands and knees or a toddler who can stand up, a baby gate is a sure-fire way to keep your little one away from any heat and fire at all times.

This baby gate also has a door in the middle, making it convenient for any adult to get inside and operate the fireplace.

You also don’t have to worry about your little one getting inside because it also has a fireplace door lock!

This product has an overall width of 122 inches, making it more than suitable for large hearths. Using this product alongside a screen would be a great combination to consider.


  • Perfect size to use as a fire fence
  • Can mount to walls
  • Has a convenient door with a baby lock
  • Sturdy enough to guard itself against rowdy babies and pets


  • Older children could probably learn how to unlock the door
  • You’ll still need a screen to block out fire and sparks

What Do You Call the Screen in Front of a Fireplace?

What do you call

Fireplace Screen

For those unfamiliar with fireplace terms, the screen in front of a fireplace is called a fire screen or fireplace screen.

A fireplace screen is a metal screen that stays in front of the fireplace. Its purpose is to prevent sparks, ashes, hot glass, and embers from flying out onto your rug or carpet.

These fireplace screens are also protective barriers that help prevent any accidents. If you have pets or children, a fireplace screen is something you should have if you actively use a fireplace at home.

This is a must for parents planning on baby-proofing their home!


Another term you should be familiar with is the hearth. The hearth is the area in front of the fireplace and is usually made of bricks or stone.

Some, if not most, fireplace screens are meant to sit on top of the hearth. However, wider and bigger fireplace screens are usually placed in front of the hearth, not on top.

This will also depend on the design.

Some hearth designs are flat and are at the same level as the floor, while other hearth designs are elevated and take up more space.

Make sure to measure the dimensions of your fireplace and hearth before making a purchase.

Also, check the dimensions of the fireplace screen you’re planning to buy and make sure that it will fit your setup at home well!

How Do You Childproof a Fireplace?

How Do

Baby proofing or child-proofing a fireplace is essential for parents who want to keep their home safe from accidents!

When it comes to your fire-place, the common dangers you could encounter are sparks, burning ash, and embers flying out and hurting your little ones.

Carbon monoxide produced from burning wood or charcoal can also be a dangerous factor!

A chemical like carbon monoxide is harmful not just to little ones, but to adults as well, especially if the fireplace vents aren’t cleaned.

Children are usually curious too, so they might approach the fire-place and try to touch the wood or flames when you’re not looking.

Using a Fireplace Screen

Using fireplace screens is the best way to baby proof a fire-place. They’re basically fences that prevent your little one from getting too close to your fire-place.

You’ll probably spend a lot of time in the living room with your child, especially during playtime.

It would be best to baby proof your fireplace during the cooler times of the year when you’ll actually be using it!

When getting a fireplace screen, make sure they’re sturdy and stable enough not to fall over.

Flimsy fireplace screens aren’t baby proof because toddlers who can already stand up can knock them over. Sturdiness is essential for a free-standing screen!

However, a more baby-proof solution is to get a screen that can attach to the walls on the sides of the fire-place or has support legs to prevent it from falling.

These are the best for parents with rowdy babies!

Additionally, if you buy a screen with slides or doors for easy access to the fireplace, make sure they’re also baby-proof and difficult to open for children.

Using Foam Edge Protectors

If you have an elevated hearth, you should also baby proof it by placing foam protectors on the edges.

For any edge around your house, you should make sure to baby proof it to prevent any major accidents.

An elevated hearth can be especially dangerous not only because your child might want to sit on it but also because of its solid material and sharp edges.

The living room could also be the common play area for your children, so you have to ensure that the edges have foam protectors on them.

Using a Carbon Monoxide Detector

The third and final thing you need to get to have a completely childproof fire-place is to use a carbon monoxide detector.

Carbon monoxide is a gas that’s colorless, tasteless, and odorless, making them difficult to detect, especially for those who don’t know much about it.

Carbon monoxide is a by-product that’s produced whenever something burns. This can be from gas, fuel, charcoal, and wood.

It’s one of the most silent yet deadly gasses that a lot of people can easily miss!

It’s crucial that your fire-place has a working venting system that will lead all carbon monoxide to the outside.

Low-level exposure for extended periods can lead to permanent organ and brain damage. More vulnerable people like the elderly, pregnant women, and children are also at greater risk!

This is why having a carbon monoxide detector is essential for any home that uses a fireplace!

These handy carbon monoxide devices will detect the levels of carbon dioxide in the living room and beep if they’re already at a critical level. They can also measure carbon monoxide levels.

Make sure to buy a carbon monoxide detector alongside a fireplace screen and foam edge protectors to have the most childproof fireplace possible!

How Do You Child Proof a Brick Fireplace?


A brick fire-place isn’t any different from my other type of fire-place. To baby proof a brick fireplace, you just have to use a fireplace screen like you would with any other type of fireplace.

Some brick fireplace designs are big and bulky!

Make sure to measure your hearth and fireplace dimensions and see which fireplace screen will be tall and wide enough to fit your fireplace well.

If your brick fireplace has an elevated brick hearth, make sure to cover the edges with foam edge protectors too.

Brick is solid and has hard surfaces, so childproofing them is essential!

How Do You Hide an Unused Fireplace?

A fireplace often becomes the center of attention in your living room when you’re using it. However, you won’t be using a fireplace often all-year-round.

An unused fireplace can be an eyesore, especially if you use your fireplace as the room’s focal point. There are a couple of things you can do to hide your unused fireplace or make it stand out less.

One thing you can do is to use a fireplace screen to block it. The best choice would be to use a tall screen to cover the entire fireplace opening but not too tall to cover the mantel.

It’s also great if the fireplace screen has a nice design that can match your home well. It won’t stand out as much and will just hide your fireplace right behind it.

You can also make your fireplace less obvious by putting items in front of it and display them as home decorations.

These can be flowers, a large family portrait, clocks, and even candles!

It would be best to decorate it to match what you have on your mantel. Everything will look uniform, and it’ll grab the center of attention away from your fireplace.



That wraps up our guide on the best fireplaece screens for your child’s protection!

For the best overall screen, our pick would be the Amagabeli Fireplace Screen with Doors and Tools.

It’s sturdy, heavy, and built well to sustain bumps and hits. It also comes with doors for quick access, and it has tools too!

Just make sure to put the tools away, and this screen will be a reliable childproof pick. 

If you’re looking to block your little one from going anywhere near the fire, the Toddleroo by North States 3 in 1 Metal Superyard is the best baby barrier to consider.

You can attach this to walls, add and remove panels, and it can cover the biggest area from all the products on this list!

Another reliable product we recommend is the Amagabeli 3-Panel Pewter Wrought Iron Fireplace Screen. This is a great pickup for parents on a budget!

However, this screen might not be the best product for childproofing. We recommend pairing this up with a baby barrier if you can.


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