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35 Dairy-Free Freezer Meals: Gluten-Free, Lactose-Free

35 Dairy-Free Freezer Meals

Did you say, “35 dairy-free freezer meals?!” Where do we even begin!

If you’ve never meal prepped for a week, you’re in for a treat. It saves money, time, and energy and gives you delicious meals in no time.

The glorious news is that if you/your loved one has food sensitivities or allergies, you can still meal prep and do meal planning! Check out these dairy-free freezer meals you should try now!

Table of Contents
Table of Contents

Dairy-Free and Gluten-Free Freezer Meals to Try

Breakfast Freezer Meals


Lunch Dairy-Free Freezer Meals


Dinner Freezer Recipes


Sides, Snacks, and Desserts


Why Dairy-Free Freezer Meals?


Benefits of Freezer Meals

Fast-food and takeout isn’t a great option, because they are unhealthy, pricey, and not dairy-free or gluten-free recipes. However, not everyone has the time to cook 3 meals a day.

You certainly can’t expect your wife to cook for you every day, especially if there’s a baby to consider and if the food has to be gluten-free. And ladies, you shouldn’t have to!

The solution? Naturally gluten-free and dairy-free meals!

You only need an afternoon’s worth to prepare everything you want for the rest of the week and cook them in one go. Plus, you save time preparing ingredients and cleaning up!

You can even prepare enough gluten-free food to feed the entire family! This is great if you and your partner work in different offices and like bringing lunch that you can just heat.

Once you’ve prepped, cooked, and stored everything, all you need to do every time you’re hungry is microwave your gluten-free meal. Voila! You get a fresh, healthy, and affordable meal in minutes.

Just pop your baby onto his favorite high chair and serve him with a quick but healthy, gluten-free meal!

Why Dairy-Free?

Food allergies can be a pain, especially if you all love cookies like us since not all of them are gluten-free or dairy-free.

If you are going through pregnancy or just gave birth, your baby boy may react to cow’s milk. If you are breastfeeding, anything you consume will pass on to your baby, so dairy may be something you want to limit.

Plus, as a mother to a newborn, we know you’re certainly going to be too tired of cooking 3x a day. It’s also difficult to find gluten-free and dairy-free options in restaurants.

And while this means you need to find recipes for gluten-free or dairy-free freezer meals, we’ve already done the work and compiled a list of the most delicious dairy-free freezer meals so you don’t have to scour the internet.

This list has plenty of options and free recipes for all kinds of tastes!

Who says you have to stick to a bland, miserable diet or break your back just to have delicious and healthy meals ready every day?

You can refer to this helpful guide on reheating breastmilk!

Step-by-Step Guide

Step-by-Step Guide

Look for recipes you want to try out. – Search for a recipe you want. Compile a list/menu based on your preferences, budget, and equipment (e.g. casseroles may require a crockpot or oven), skill level.

Moms, make sure to search for recipes that your baby/ kids will like and need, too. Try to make a comprehensive and diverse menu based on the foods that provide a balanced diet. Consider the quantity, too, as the freezer may not be big enough.

Prepare a grocery list. – Based on the recipe you want to follow, put together all the ingredients the weeknight meals will need. Consider all things you can get in bulk if you want to take advantage of deals.

We also recommend arranging them in groups (soy sauce, flavorings, etc. under the condiments section, proteins in another) so you can shop more efficiently.

Shop – This is where mama will need help from the kids. Make your way to the grocery store and shop for everything you need for your freezer meal recipes. Your cart may get quite full if you’re freezer-cooking a week’s worth of dinner.

Prepare the ingredients – Make a game plan and try to do everything as efficiently as possible. For example, note how much garlic or onions you need and chop them up in one go.

It would be great for mama to get help to prep the recipes from the kids here. Plus, it can be a fun experience for mama and the whole fam!

Cook – Prioritize meals that take longer so you can cook others while those are simmering away in the oven or stove. We suggest using coconut oil when you can, as it’s a healthy addition!

Store – Portion everything out and transfer them in freezer-safe containers. Label the covers and store them in the freezer so that the last meal for the week goes in the back/bottom and the first meal is in the top/front.



This can overwhelm you at first, but we promise the experience will be fun and worth it in the end, especially if you get help from the family.

Definitely include these in your birth plan!

Happy meal prepping!

Now, all that’s left to do is to hand over your quick and easy meal to your baby on a comfortable high chair.


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