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Esembly Diaper Reviews: Is It the Best Brand for Babies?

1_Esembly Diaper Reviews Is It the Best Brand for Babies

One of the greatest dilemmas new parents have to grapple with is whether to use disposable or cloth diapers.

I used to lean toward disposables, but I’ve changed my mind thanks to Esembly diapers, and I’m now fully on board the cloth diapering train!

I’ve written this Esembly Diaper review to help you decide whether it is right for you and your baby, and I’ve also added a brief rundown of Esembly’s diapering system. Let’s get started!

About Esembly Baby

About Esembly Baby

Esembly Baby is a fairly new diaper brand with a respectable mission: to help the world shift from disposable diapers to cloth alternatives.

I’d heard about them but only gave them a shot after I learned they were trying to help new parents become less dependent on disposables.

Of course, this cloth diapering system didn’t spring fully formed!

Founder Liz Turrigiano devised this diaper system after her young daughter had a bad blowout in the subway.

She took this as a learning experience and designed a diaper that wouldn’t be so prone to leaks.

Starting with a laundry service for cloth diapers, she and her co-founders eventually launched Esembly in 2019 to help reduce waste and make the idea of cloth diapering easier for modern families.

They also eventually moved toward non-diaper (but still parenting-focused) products like wipes and agitator balls to make cleaning your baby’s messes easier.

I recommend visiting the Esembly website to learn more about their diapers. You can check out their website here.

Overview of Esembly Cloth Diapers

Overview of Esembly Cloth Diapers

Esembly’s diapering system has 2 main parts: the inner and outer diaper. The inner is absorbent and will handle the leaks, but drying takes a while.

Meanwhile, the diaper’s outers (or covers) part is water-proof and will last longer before needing a wash.

Both combine to create a fitted diaper that’s reusable and secure.

In my experience, the inner diapers got completely soaked when soiled, so they needed a full wash constantly.

These are alright as newborn diapers, but I recommend being careful around your baby’s umbilical stump.

Esembly doesn’t offer a fold-down option so this bulky diaper may irritate your child’s stump.

Apart from the diaper, you can get agitator balls, detergent, and cotton wipes for any surprise messes. These wipes are also reusable since they’re made from pure cotton.

The Diapering System, Explained

Esembly aimed to make a fitted diaper system that young families could use practically forever instead of being stuck with single-use diapers.

To put this diaper on your baby, fasten the inner tightly with the rise snaps, then add and fasten the outer with more snaps.

Once your little one gets to the age where they need a larger diaper, you can move from size 1 to size 2 Esembly diapers.

Size 1 is rated for infants who weigh 7-17 lbs, while Size 2 is for infants who weigh 18-35lbs.

If your baby becomes fussier during the diaper-changing time, Esembly’s diapers may give you a tough time!

Apart from the diapers themselves, I recommend getting a wet bag to hold your soiled cloth diaper stash, especially if you’re planning a short vacation.

Things I Liked About Them

Things I Liked About Them

Here are some of my favorite things about Esembly Baby diapers and their diapering system.

1) They’re Blowout-Proof

Thanks to founder Liz’s harrowing experience, Esembly’s diapers are secure and leak-proof! A single diaper has lasted my baby an entire night without issue.

If you or your spouse recently gave birth, you’ll understand why this is such a big deal. Newborn babies can go through diapers like nobody’s business, whether disposable or not.

The last thing you need is for your baby’s diaper to experience a blowout, especially during a family vacation.

2) You Can Get Different Sizes

New families don’t have to stick with one-size diapers with Esembly since these diapers come in two different sizes. This diaper brand is equipped to last you from your children’s birth until they become toddlers.

3) You Can Get a Trial Package

One of the main things that drew me to Esembly Baby was their Try-It Kit, a great introduction to their diapering system.

These kits can help tip you over if you’re not completely sold on their diapering system.

You’ll still have to spend a fair amount for them, but the trial kits are a more practical option for new parents.

If you’ve heard the fuss but aren’t a fan after getting the trial kit, you can always pass them on to your other friends who may be expecting.

4) They’re Relatively Inexpensive

I can’t talk about cloth diapers without mentioning the COST! One inner is $12.00, while an outer is $18.50.

Purchasing all those diapers isn’t cheap, but Esembly diapers are more affordable than other cloth diaper brands.

Plus, the reusability of each diaper offsets the initial cost.

If you have a second child, you’ll notice the difference between Esembly and disposables since the expenses will move from diapering to laundry.

5) The System Is Easy to Learn

Esembly’s diapering system may initially seem complex, but the main challenge for parents is the added effort due to the constant laundry.

But once you have purchased the initial diaper and learned how to get your baby to wear it, it comes naturally!

The inner inserts are great at handling messes despite not wicking, so you’ll quickly get used to changing your baby’s diaper.

Just remember to purchase enough detergent!

6) They Come In Different Styles

Esembly’s founder is a mom and a sharp designer, so she has an excellent eye for style—every cloth diaper they offer has cute kiddie designs and can be coordinated with your baby’s outfit.

It’s a small touch that helps Esembly’s system stand out.

Things I Didn’t Like About Them

Things I Didn't Like About Them

While Esembly baby makes amazing diapers, they’re not perfect. My baby and I had some issues with Esembly’s cloth diapers.

1) The Washing Can Be a Pain

Parents who’ve tried cloth and disposable diapers for their babies will understand this issue. If you don’t have the time to launder, a cloth diaper may not be for you.

An Esembly cloth diaper has a fairly long drying time. I’m pretty sure it has something to do with how each diaper is sewn shut.

While your baby’s cloth diaper won’t spring a leak, it’ll also retain water after you’ve washed it!

Any excess moisture can leave to mold growth or irritation on your baby’s skin, which is a big no-no.

I’d recommend giving Esembly a pass if you hate doing laundry since you’ll be working through tons of detergent, especially as your baby grows up.

2) I Needed One Stash Per Size

If you’re a first-time mom trying to save cash, Esembly Baby drives a hard choice: “Stick to one-size diapers for your babies or purchase another bundle of cloth diapers?

The point of a cloth diaper is to both help save the environment and maybe save on diaper expenses, but I found myself buying two stashes once my little one grew a little older.

This is a minor gripe, but it’s important to keep your child comfortable, especially if you’ve just given birth. A baby’s body grows quicker than you think!

If you aren’t ready for a fitted-diaper system, I suggest their Try-It Kit first to get a feel for these bulky (but sturdy) diapers.

If they’re your style, pick up some more!

3) They’re Fairly Large

If your baby’s fussy about their diapers, I’d wait a bit before picking up this cloth diaper.

Each diaper is sewn to be secure but makes them bulky. If your child doesn’t mind larger diapers, this won’t be an issue.

The point of a reusable diaper is to create less waste, but Esembly diapers will cause more laundry loads.

4) They’re Pricey

While I am still big on cloth diapering, Esembly diapers initially shocked me when I saw the cost of their Try-It Kit.

Fortunately, Esembly has considered the costs of cloth diapering for newer parents. If you’ve used the kits but can’t buy more diapers all at once, you can opt for a payment plan.

You’ll be charged 30% of your order; the rest can be paid off monthly.

Whether you use Esembly diapers or disposable diapers, you’ll be purchasing many things, from clothes to diapers. Babies can drain a family!

Alternative Cloth Diaper Brands to Consider

If you aren’t fully sold on Esembly, no worries. Here are some different cloth diaper brands you can look into.

GroVia O.N.E. Diaper

GroVia O.N.E. Diaper

GroVia’s O.N.E. diaper is another bulky diaper designed for all-nighters. They helped keep my baby’s skin dry thanks to their porous nature.

This makes them incredible for nighttime diapering since the inserts can last throughout the night, no problem!

However, I can’t recommend them for newborns because they’re designed for babies around 10-35 lbs.

Conversely, you WON’T have to buy a new diaper when your baby ages.

I’d suggest prepping the inserts first. It took a couple of washes before they were as absorbent as advertised.

Smart Bottoms Born Smart 2.0

Smart Bottoms Born Smart 2.0

The Born Smart diaper is designed for younger babies who weigh 6-16 lbs, so your baby will quickly outgrow them.

I’m a fan of the Born Smart 2.0s because they have a fold-down function, unlike Esembly’s diapers.

It’s vital to keep your baby’s umbilical stump exposed and dry until it falls off.

You also get an extra insert with each diaper for extra absorption and a handy pocket to hold the insert.

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about Esembly diapers here!

Is Esembly Okay for a Newborn?

Esembly diapers make for decent newborn diapers, but I recommend caution first.

They’re pricey for a cloth diaper, and the fairly complex system may overwhelm you if you’re a new mom.

Your newborn may like Esembly’s cloth diapers because of the inners.

They’re made of pure cotton, which I found was absorbent, but it took some getting used to because of the extra laundering.

However, expect to purchase a few extra sets of diapers. The benefit is that you can use each diaper forever if you take care of it!

How Is Esembly Different From Disposable Diapers?

The main difference between disposable and Esembly diapers is the reduced amount of trash you’ll produce.

However, you’ll also need to wash every cloth diaper once they get soiled.

The added steps like washing and costs like detergent are another big difference, but the effort is worth it to reduce the environmental impact of each baby diaper.

Cloth diapers may seem more effort at first, but you’ll notice the lack of waste as you get used to the cloth diapering process!

How Many Esembly Diapers Do I Need?

Esembly recommends getting 24-28 inners and 6 outers for your baby. At $12/inner and $18.5/outer, that’s A LOT of money!

Esembly’s cloth diapering system is great, but their diapers will only go so far, especially as your baby grows older.

My personal recommendation is 17-20 inners and 3-4 outers instead.

Once your baby seems content with their diaper and isn’t making too much fuss, you can decide whether you want another diaper bundle or need to move to other diaper brands.

Final Verdict: Is It Worth It?

Final Verdict: Is It Worth It?

I think AGE is really the deciding factor here. If you’re expecting or have newborn babies, an Esembly diaper will be incredibly helpful.

It’s still useful even if you’re cloth diapering for a few toddlers, but I recommend looking at different diaper brands to find out what works and what doesn’t for your baby.

I hope this post made deciding easier and that you find the right diaper for your little one!

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