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Foam vs Coil Crib Mattress: Which One Should You Get?

Foam vs. Coil Crib Mattress

As parents, we just want our baby to sleep soundly. They’re a PRECIOUS BALL OF JOY we want to give all of our love to!

And of course, we all know that a newborn sleeps A LOT, and will be spending most of their first year in the crib.

THAT’S WHY choosing the right mattress is CRUCIAL, and the market can be overwhelming with the number of options that you have, and you’ll be deciding between foam matresses vs. coil crib mattresses.

Now let’s take a look, and compare their pros and cons to know which one is the best kind of crib mattress for your baby!

Table of Contents
Table of Contents

Fast Facts on Foam and Coil Mattresses

Fast Facts

You’ll be encountering two types of comfy organic baby crib mattresses, namely the foam and innerspring crib.

You might be asking yourself…

“Foam or coil? Why should I choose one over the other? What are the pros and cons for each?”

Don’t worry, we’re here to help you! We’ll go through all the pros and cons for each so you can decide better!

Keep reading to know what you need to find out about both!

Foam Crib Mattresses

Foam Crib Mattresses

Let’s Talk FOAM

Foam mattresses are lightweight and MORE ACCESSIBLE because of their price. Foam mattresses are generally CHEAPER than coil crib mattresses because their structure isn’t as complicated.

Organic foam mattresses are available in varying thicknesses, ranging from 3-6 inches, and are usually lighter than 13 pounds.

The lightness of the foam crib mattress makes it easier to change the sheets often, which is something you’ll be doing a LOT. A foam core means that the mattress is soft but still sturdy enough for your child.

The cons of some foam mattresses, though, is that some of them are made of polyurethane foam. These cause a MAJOR CONCERN for having volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that can be harmful to your baby!

These are also known to have fire retardants, so it’s best to make sure your foam mattresses don’t have any of these harmful chemicals.

You Wouldn’t Want Chemicals in Your Baby Crib, Right?

A good thing to keep in mind while shopping is to ALWAYS look for quality and chemical-free foam. Some are made of organic materials, too, so it’s best to look out for those foam mattresses!

If you’re looking for a LONG-TERM INVESTMENT in a foam crib mattress, you might want to consider dual-sided foam beds.

These have two sides, one made of firmer foam for a safer sleeping surface for your newborn. The opposite side is made of cozy memory foam when they become older!

Good deal, right?

Typically, these memory foam beds are wrapped by either a fabric or a vinyl cover. It’s important to note that:

  • Vinyl covers are more waterproof, and
  • Fabric covers are only water-resistant but offer more breathability

A good mattress cover has plenty of layers that are reinforced by nylon, as these are more durable, resistant to damage, and can take frequent cleaning.

Our Tip

When considering memory foam mattresses, make sure you pick the kind that has dense foam for BETTER QUALITY.

A foam mattress is a bit heavier than usual but are still lighter than innerspring mattresses. Also, take notice of the materials used, and AVOID the beds with harmful chemicals to keep your baby safe.


  • Cheaper than coil crib mattresses
  • Lightweight
  • Can be dual-sided (dense and memory foam)


  • It may have a chemical smell that can be harmful to babies
  • May have poor temperature control
  • May have poor water resistance
  • Bad environmental impact

Coil Crib Mattresses

Coil Crib Mattresses


Coil crib mattresses (also known as innerspring crib mattresses) essentially have cores made of springs and are covered by layers of various materials.

A good rule of thumb is that better innerspring crib mattresses have more coils for better thickness and firmness!

What makes coil crib mattresses STAND OUT is the steel coils inside them that make them FIRM, which is IDEAL for a newborn baby. These crib mattress coils provide the support that babies need to sleep on their backs.

It isn’t all rainbows and butterflies for a coil crib mattress though, as it does have its fair share of cons. A coil crib mattress can be more expensive and heavier, which can be a hassle for some parents!

Our Tip

You really can’t go wrong with an innerspring crib mattress. The coils provide ALL THE SUPPORT that babies need, especially in their first year.

Take it from us, the MORE COILS that the innerspring mattress has, the firmer it is! Generally, you may find a coil count of around 80-250 in an innerspring crib mattress. Ideally, it is nice to buy beds with a coil count of 150 or more!


  • Has coils for better firmness
  • Durable
  • Firmer than most foam crib mattresses


  • Expensive
  • Heavier than foam crib mattresses
  • Has a bigger bounce compared to foam crib mattresses

The Rundown

Your inner debate for foam vs. coil crib mattresses for your child can be as daunting as staying up all night!

It is no easy task, but to have some peace of mind, it’s nice to remember to always check out the features of each one. Take it from us, always be aware of the structure of the crib mattress that you’re eyeing.

Choosing between foam or coil crib mattresses is up to you and your needs! We recommend you choose the type that fits your long-term plans.

Don’t forget to be mindful of the pros and cons of each while making your selection. For us, we’d choose the INNERSPRING MATTRESS OVER the foam crib mattress.

It can give you more features without the hassle of thinking about the possible chemical content and having the right firmness!

Foam Mattress vs. Coil Mattress: Which is Better?

Which Is Better


An advantage of a foam mattress is that it’s MORE LIGHTWEIGHT because of the bed’s composition. For it to be firm though, the foam crib mattress needs to be dense and heavy.

This can be a bit of a hit or miss, as not all foam mattresses feature proper insulation, breathability, and firmness.

Comparing it to the coil crib mattress though, it is guaranteed to be firmer with the coils inside the mattress itself. These also offer features like an insulator pad and cushioning layers for comfort.

These types of baby’s crib mattresses may even have border rods for better edge support!

Winner: Coil Crib Mattress


The coil crib mattress offers stellar support and firmness for a price! These mattresses can no doubt support your baby in their first years, as they are sure to hold up because of their mattress composition.

It’s important to note that foam crib mattresses tend to have the possibility of emitting VACs and other dangerous chemicals because of their polyester composition, so it’s best to be sure to check before you buy!

Safety is the name of the crib mattress game! At the end of the day, what matters the most is the safety of your baby.

Winner: Coil Crib Mattress


While the innerspring mattresses may sound entirely amazing, we should also take note of the price that it has. Since these crib mattresses have MORE STUFF that makes them work, these can be a tad more expensive.

They can be heavy to hold, and heavy in the wallet, too!

If you’re wise in looking for the right foam crib mattress though, you can AVOID the high price tag of innerspring mattresses and settle for a firm foam mattress with dense foam and great add-on features!

Plus, these are cheaper crib mattresses. These beds have lesser stuff to them, and can be excellent, too! As long as you pick the right mattress, that is.

Winner: Foam Crib Mattress

Foam or Coil: Things to Consider

What to Consider

While the foam vs. innerspring crib debate is leaning towards the latter, you should always consider the features first before buying!

Be wise! Purchase the bedding that fits your baby’s needs and your budget, too.

Our Pick: The Coil Crib Mattress

Coils make these standout! In the choice between foam or coil, the latter definitely stands out for the features they bring to the table (or shall we say baby crib). Here are some things to look out for!


Of course, what makes this crib mattress stand out are the coils that are within the cushioning. This guarantees the safety that your kids need as they spend their first year of development.

The quality is defined by the gauge and number of coils inside the core.

TAKE NOTE: More coils don’t always mean a better quality crib mattress! A mattress with fewer springs but with a thicker gauge can be firmer than having a lot of low-quality springs.

Insulator Pad

The insulator pad is the top layer of a coil crib mattress and is placed over the springs to stop them from poking out of the bedding.

Avoid pads made of woven polyester, hard felt, and plastic mesh. These pads are LESS DURABLE and tend to make pockets, which isn’t good!

Choose innerspring mattresses with fiber wrap or coconut pads, as they are proven to hold better and protect your infant, too! Coconut pads are usually made out of shredded coconut shells.


Of course, cushioning is an important part of beds. Typically, cushioning can be made of cotton, foam, or polyester.

Take note that choosing cotton and foam is better, and try to avoid polyester cushioning. Polyester tends to be less durable and form pockets that may give you a headache in infant care!

Mattress Cover

An innerspring mattress should always be wrapped by a good quality cover. As mentioned earlier, choose the cover that has nylon reinforcement for better protection and durability over time!

The cover also ensures water resistance to protect your baby’s crib mattress, so choose wisely!

You can also refer to this guide of the best organic crib sheets!

Border Rod

These rods provide strong edge support and firmness! These are a must-have to prevent unwanted sagging on the bedding.

REMEMBER: Better edge support means better durability in the long run!



While deciding between both options can be a bit stressful to think about, just see how you can use the advantages of either crib mattresses when choosing!

Choose a Foam Mattresses If…

  • You want something affordable and lightweight
  • You can find a mattress with high density and no chemical content
  • You want a two-sided option that you can also use as a crib and toddler bed mattress

Choose an Innerspring Baby Crib Mattress If…

  • You’re willing to spend extra on a baby crib mattress for firmness and durability
  • You don’t mind a little extra weight
  • You want the extra support for your baby.

Foam mattress and coil mattresses are great options! Just be on the lookout for the features that we mentioned above, and we hope you enjoyed our crib mattress buying guide for your newborn.

FINAL TIP: For all the things you need in your nursery, you can check out our Baby Furniture Guide to help you out.


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