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Gerber Gentle vs Gerber Soothe: The Better Baby Formula?

Gerber Gentle vs Gerber Soothe

We all want what’s best for our children. It’s only natural.

As mothers, our top priority is to see our little ones grow happy and healthy. For that, we need to make many tough decisions…starting with what they eat.

Thankfully, we have Gerber for that!

But between Gerber Gentle vs Soothe

  • Which formula is best?
  • Which is more gentle for your baby?
  • What are the differences and which one is better for your baby?

Let’s find out!

Table of Contents
Table of Contents

Gerber, The Most Trusted Baby Food Brand in the World

Gerber has been around since the 1920s and is a well-known brand that produces a variety of baby formulas and baby food. Each type caters to specific needs.

In today’s Gerber Gentle vs. Soothe review, we’ll be comparing two of its most popular products: Gerber Gentle and Gerber Soothe.

Although they’re both pretty similar and contain probiotics, there are many key differences between the two.

Which one suits your baby more?

Let the battle for the better baby formula begin.

Gerber Gentle vs Gerber Soothe: Product Reviews

Get to know today’s main contenders: Gerber Gentle and Gerber Soothe.

Both of the products contain high-quality ingredients. Plus, they’re non-GMO/s. Have we already mentioned that before?

Well, no matter. Non-GMO means the products are free from any harmful chemicals and additives. Absolutely MORE SAFE for your baby to use!

Gerber Gentle Review: All You Need to Know

Gerber Gentle

Gerber Gentle is the only baby formula that contains Human Milk Oligosaccharide (HMO), a prebiotic found in breast milk. Because of the HMO content, this powder infant formula acts as a supplement for breast milk.

It’s the PERFECT CHOICE for moms who are unable to wean off or those who have a hard time pumping (because not all women can).

Still need more info? Here’s a list of ALL the great things about it:

  • The Gerber Gentle formula is packed with whey proteins, DHA, and probiotics. They all work together to easily digest food in babies’ tummies.
  • If your little one has a small appetite or a tiny tummy, Gerber Gentle formula might be the one you’re looking for.
  • It promotes soft stools for the picky eater and contains comfort proteins. Because of these, Gerber Gentle is well suited as daily supplements.
  • Just like any good baby formula, it helps boost your child’s immune system and support eye and brain development.

Overall, Gerber Gentle has a well-balanced formulation.

The only downside to it is its soy protein and milk content.

Gerber Gentle is not the optimal choice for your baby if he or she is lactose intolerant. It can cause “fussiness” or gas problems, which leads to constipation.

Note: This formula is best for children under 1 year old.

Has the Product Ever Been Recalled?

Yes. It was recalled back from the market back in 2012 for its strong odor. Thankfully, the newer formula doesn’t have that strong smell anymore.

Nutritional Facts

  • Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA): DHAs are fatty acids found in breast milk. They nurture the growth of the brain so that babies can easily learn new things and achieve new milestones. DHAs remain to be essential during the first three years of life. It supports thinking, speech, and motor skills development.
  • HMO: A prebiotic keeps infants happy and healthy. Research states that HMO content in formulas boosts the immune system and stimulates bowel movements. This protects babies against viral infections, prevents eczema, and reduces food hypersensitivity.
  • Probiotic B. Lactis: Probiotic b. lactis — your neighborhood’s friendly bacteria! Probiotics improve the digestive system and promote digestive health.
  • Whey Protein Concentrate: Whey proteins come from milk and break down foods into smaller pieces that make it easier for infants to digest food. What’s more, milk proteins help build muscles for a healthy body.
  • Vitamins A, D, E, K, B1, B2, B5, B12: The formula is fortified with all the essential vitamins and minerals found in infant formulas, along with a carbohydrate blend.


  • 2′-FL HMO
  • Probiotic B. Lactis
  • Contains both prebiotics and probiotics
  • DHA
  • Whey Proteins Concentrate
  • Non-GMO
  • No smell


  • Contains soy and milk proteins
  • Less calcium compared to other formulas
  • Not suitable for lactose intolerant babies
  • Causes gas problems and constipation for lactose sensitive infants

Gerber Soothe Review: All You Need to Know

Gerber Soothe

If you’re on the lookout for the cure to colic, this is it.

The Gerber Soothe formula was specifically formulated for infants experiencing digestive system issues, specifically colic.

Colic isn’t anything new. In fact, it’s a common issue among newborn babies. There are many causes for colic.

Colicky babies often get fussy and cry excessively. You can tell if your little one has colic with the following symptoms:

  • Crying for no obvious reason
  • Crying around the same time of the day
  • Clenching their fists or curling up their legs
  • Crying like they’re in pain

As a parent, we understand how stressful a colicky baby can be. That’s why we’re so glad for the Soothe formula because this baby formula contains Probiotic L. Reuteri — the perfect way to combat colic.

By promoting good bacteria, Gerber Soothe helps to digest food and keep babies’ tummies healthy.

Note: This formula is best for children under 1 year old.

Has the Product Ever Been Recalled?

No. There are no issues regarding the product. Gerber Good Start Soothe has always been available in your nearest market.

Nutritional Facts

  • Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA): Like Gerber Gentle, it contains DHA that’s mainly responsible for the brain’s healthy development. The fatty acids aid in expanding thinking skills, memory growth, and motor movements of babies, our little bundles of joy.
  • HMO: Yes, the baby formula contains HMOs that fortifies the immune system and the digestive tracts. Because the Soothe formula specifically caters to fussy babies with sensitive tummies, the prebiotic helps to take care of it by breaking down milk proteins.
  • Arachidonic Acid (ARA): The formula is a good source of ARA. ARAs are supplements for vision and brain development, so your child will grow to have a healthy body and a healthy mind.
  • Probiotic L. Reuteri: Gerber Soothe can reduce crying because of this. Probiotic l. reuteri is a special probiotic that isn’t only effective at improving your baby’s digestion, but it’s also the only probiotic that’s effective in reducing both crying and spit-ups among infants.
  • Whey Protein Concentrate: The regular milk ingredient is replaced by whey protein. Because the proteins are gentler on the stomach, it’s best for babies with colic. It reduces milk protein sensitivity for those who have a hard time fully digesting milk proteins.
  • Vitamins A, D, E, K, B1, B2, B6, B12: The formula is enriched with all the essential nutrients and minerals found in many formulas. Vitamin B6 has added nutrients that improve babies’ quality of sleep.


  • DHA
  • ARA
  • 2′-FL HMO
  • Probiotic L. Reuteri
  • Whey Protein Concentrate
  • Contains both prebiotics and probiotics
  • Reduces crying by 50%
  • Designed for protein-sensitive babies and weak digestive system
  • More suited for lactose intolerant and protein sensitive infants
  • Reduces milk protein sensitivity
  • Non-GMO


  • Unusual, mild taste and smell
  • Formula can’t be prepared with hot water because it can kill the probiotics or the healthy bacteria

Key Differences: Gerber Gentle vs Soothe Gerber

Now that you know everything that you need about the products, it’s time to look at what makes each baby formula unique from one another.

#1 Ingredients and Nutritional Value

Jars of food

When comparing Gerber Gentle vs Soothe, they share many ingredients in their formulas. However, if you look closely, you’ll notice its percentages vary. That makes them very different from each other.

Nutritional facts
Gerber Gentle Nutritional Facts
Nutritional facts
Gerber Soothe Nutritional Facts

Here are things we can conclude based on its formulation:

  • Gerber Gentle has MORE intact milk proteins that produce a better flavor and a smoother consistency than Gerber Soothe. Soothe can sometimes come out as lumps when mixed.
  • Compared to Soothe, Gentle’s lactose comes from carbohydrates. This means babies with milk sensitivity can experience allergies and constipation. Whereas the Gerber Soothe formula contains very little lactose, more suitable for infants who are lactose sensitive.
  • Gerber Gentle’s infant formula has LESS CALCIUM CONTENT than Gerber Soothe.

#2 Taste and Smell

Baby eating watermelon

In terms of taste and smell, Gerber Gentle has it better.

Because Gerber Soothe’s powder infant formula specifically caters to babies with colic and treating its symptoms, the formula sacrificed taste and smell.

When you open one pack, you’re flooded with a fishy smell that clings inside the mouth and even on the container and the bottle. Yikes!

If you prefer a scent and taste closer to traditional milk, Gerber Gentle is a much better choice.

#3 Price

Handing over money

Among baby formula brands, Gerber is one of the best. Although the prices are slightly more premium, their products always deliver.

And Gerber Gentle and Gerber Soothe are no exceptions.

For a pack of 6, 20 oz of powder formula, you can buy Gerber Gentle for under $160!

Or, you can also opt for its 32 oz per pack for under $40! Plus, it comes in a large recyclable container.

On the other hand, for a price of under $30 for 20 oz per container, you can cure your baby’s tummy issues with Gerber Soothe.

The options are plenty!

Remember, most if not all Gerber products are of high quality and reasonable price.

Gerber Gentle vs Soothe Community Talk: Frequently Asked Questions

Baby drinking out of bottle

How Does Baby Formula Compare With Breastfeeding Milk?

If there’s one key takeaway that you shouldn’t forget, it’s that baby formula is NOT a substitute for breast milk.

Both Gentle and Soothe are nutritious and help babies grow. However, it does not compare to the natural richness of breastmilk.

Breastfeeding is the best. You can’t beat the original.

Breastmilk is the ideal food for babies. It’s found to be easier to digest than infant formulas and poses fewer risks ― given that the mothers take care of themselves well too.

But this isn’t to say that baby formulas are harmful. In fact, they act as supplements to breastmilk, especially if your baby has special needs.

Many baby formulas provide extra nutrients for your little ones to grow healthy in mind and body.

Also, let’s face it. Not everyone is blessed to be able to breastfeed their baby.

What Are the Different Types of Baby Formula?

There are 4 main options for a baby formula: cow’s milk, goat’s milk, soy, and protein hydrolysate. Each type suits specific needs.

For example, protein hydrolysate is a type of baby formula that breaks down food into smaller sizes.

It’s meant for babies with sensitive tummies, are lactose intolerant, and are protein sensitive. Gerber Soothe is one.

On the other hand, the milk-based formula mimics breastmilk with the right balance of minerals and vitamins. Gerber Gentle falls under this type.

Are There Any Ingredients I Should Avoid In An Infant Formula?

Not all baby formulas are trustworthy. Many of the infant brands that we know contain ingredients that shouldn’t be there.

Here’s a list of harmful ingredients that you should look out for:

  • Carrageenan
  • Process refined sugar (i.e., corn syrup, brown rice syrup, arsenic acid, maltodextrin)
  • Palm Oil
  • Synthetic DHA and ARA
  • Synthetic Preservatives (ascorbyl palmitate and  beta-carotene)
  • Synthetic Nutrients (lutein, lycopene, nucleotides, taurine, L-carnitine, L-methionine)

Since Gerber Gentle and Gerber Soothe are both non-GMO products, they’re free from any synthetic additives. Gerber only uses the best and most organic DHA, ARA, and protein.

Gerber Gentle vs Soothe Gerber: And the Winner Is…

Mother lifting baby

This is the moment you’ve all been waiting for…. Which is the better baby formula between Gerber Gentle vs Soothe?

Drumroll, please!

Without further ado, here’s the answer: Gerber Soothe AND Gerber Gentle.

Both products contain high-quality ingredients that suit specific needs.

If your little one has a normal stomach, meaning it’s not sensitive, then Gerber Gentle would be the right formula for them!

It’s complete with probiotics and prebiotics that keep tummies healthy and boosts the immune system.

Gentle suits your child’s everyday needs!

However, take note that Gerber Gentle is milk-based, so it might not be the better choice if the baby is lactose sensitive.

For those with sensitive tummies, we believe Gerber Soothe would be the right formula! It shares many common ingredients with Gentle, such as probiotics and whey proteins.

However, Soothe gives that extra nourishment. It treats excessive crying, gas problems, and all symptoms of colic.

Soothe is the perfect formulation for babies with tummy troubles, milk protein sensitivity, and are lactose intolerant.

We hope this Gerber Gentle vs Soothe review helped!

FINAL TIP: If you need some options on the best organic formula for babies, here is an in-depth buying guide to help you out!

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