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How to Organize Baby Clothes: 7 Easy Tips & Tricks!

How to Organize Baby Clothes

We are all aware of how everything changes when you bring a baby home and into your life.

Your home office is now the nursery room, you have to buy baby clothes, baby shoes, and the list goes on!

But how can you organize baby clothes to save you time, sweat, and money?

We’re here to help with the best tips and baby clothes organization ideas!

Table of Contents
Table of Contents

7 Easy Tips and Tricks for Organizing Baby Clothes

Before things get out of hand with you and your spouse, check out these EASY tips and tricks to help you and your family organize baby clothes and even yours!

1. Organize by Size

Folded baby sheets

Let’s start with sorting your baby’s clothes by size and stack them up on one pile for each size.

Doing so will help you get a better view of the number of baby clothes with different sizes that you will be organizing!

Since baby clothing sizes have a wide variety, you can organize them by the baby clothes they will wear as they grow bigger.

2. Store Baby Clothes You Won’t Use Daily or Immediately

Bins of baby clothes

We know how fun it is to dress up your baby with all the cute outfits you, your relatives, and your friends got for them.

But you must prioritize the clothes that your baby will use EVERYDAY than the clothes that will most likely be used during:

  • Summer
  • Spring
  • Fall
  • Winter

Store and organize baby clothes that are only essential to specific seasons of the year so they won’t clutter in your baby’s closet, dressers, wire baskets, and bins!

NOTE: This can also depend on the different types of baby clothes fabric that you have.

3. Label Storage Containers

Labeling post-it note

You may place your baby’s clothes in storage containers like:

  • Wooden baskets
  • Wire baskets
  • Plastic containers/ Plastic Bins
  • Cotton baskets

Another tip we would like to share is to label the containers with chalkboard paint to add a fun and creative touch!

Putting labels in storage containers will let anyone or even the babysitter easily access and navigate the specific type of baby clothing if necessary.

4. Keep Daily Use Clothes Near the Changing Station

Mother changing baby

You won’t notice how fast time will fly in the first few weeks after your baby is born because they grow so fast!

You will feel like they are growing out of their baby clothes one size up each day!

If you have a set of clothes for everyday use, it’s best to place them near the changing station.

5. Donate Clothes You Won’t Use

Woman folding donating baby clothes

Your baby will most probably get a TON of clothes from all the close people related to your family.

Even hand me downs from your friends and other families, but what can you do to those clothes that you don’t see your baby using in the near future?

A lot of your baby’s clothes you got as gifts will end up going unworn with the tags still attached if they don’t fit your baby or the season.

That’s right, donate them to your local charity! Many children will be thrilled about your donation.

6. Organize Clothes by Item Type

Folded baby clothes

You can also organize all your baby’s clothes by their type.

For example:

  • Keeping the pajamas and long sleeve onesies in one drawer
  • Keeping all the outfits for each season in one basket or storage bin
  • Using a shoe rack or shoe bin for their shoes
  • Keeping casual and fancy outfits in the nursery closet
  • Arranging them according to baby clothing brands

This way, you’ll keep in mind that each type of your baby’s clothes has its own place in the nursery and your baby’s closet.

7. Fold Baby Clothes Properly

Folding baby shirt

This tip will come in handy for long-term use!

Folding your baby’s clothes properly will give you more space in your nursery and baby’s closet.

It will make your life easier when picking out cute outfits to put together! Just be sure to carefully take them out from the pile.

A better idea would be to keep your favorites on the TOP SHELF of the clothing pile.

6 Simple Baby Clothes Organization Ideas for the Nursery

If you are overwhelmed and outnumbered by mountains of miniature socks, shoes, and outgrown onesies, this is your call to have your baby clothes organized.

These simple, pure genius, and parent-approved baby clothes organization ideas will put you and your baby get on the right track.

These baby closet ideas will save you a title of sanity and chaos along the way!

1. How to Organize Baby Clothes By Size

Organization icon

Let’s take a look at a couple of methods on how to properly organize and store clothes according to SIZE!

Closet Dividers

Baby closet dividers can have multiple purposes. It is a great way to store clothing in dressers or closets.

Baby stuff is tiny, which can get disorganized quickly in any storage.

Closet dividers will organize your baby’s clothes by size and type. Using this, you can see how much your baby has grown during their few months at home!

You can use them for:

  • Burp cloths
  • Bibs
  • Towelettes
  • Sleep sacks/swaddle blankets/baby blankets

Keep some in the bathroom to organize his and her bath products too!

If you can’t find boxes or baskets that will fit in your dresser or drawers, DIY it. You can also have dividers for clothes that you hang up!

You can create and customize your own divider by nabbing cardboard boxes and contact paper. You can let your older child help you!

Extra Closet Rails

Add more room and storage space to the closet of your child!

Have another closet rail or clothing rack installed underneath the existing one and double up the hanging space.

You can hang up and store clothing like:

  • Extra pants or shorts
  • Onesies
  • Dresses
  • Coats

Or all the clothes that you wouldn’t want to wrinkle before your baby wears them.

Use Size Organizers

Size organizers or size labels would be super helpful when organizing baby’s clothes. This will come in handy RIGHT AFTER your baby shower.

Most baby clothing comes with plastic hangers that have the sizes labeled, so all you need to do is hang them right up in the nursery closet according to their size!

These don’t seem much, but they can make a HUGE difference. Plus, you can buy them from the dollar store or online!

2. How to Organize Baby Clothes In Closet

Baby closet icon

Not sure how to keep your baby’s clothes nice and tidy in the closet? These 4 methods should do the trick!

Door Storage

Still short on closet space? Take this clever nursery organizing tip. Go vertical!

Make the most of unused space on closet doors. Mount a vertical, track-based storage system to the back of the closet door and add a combination of baskets and shelving.

This is a great way to stash your baby’s adorable socks, tights, head accessories, and diaper covers while keeping everything upfront.

Also, you won’t have to mess up other piles of clothes when you reach for them!

Shoe Organizer

Hack a shoe organizer and hang them either on the wall or on your nursery room’s door for easy access.

This is also an excellent idea for baby clothes organization because it only takes up minimal storage space.

You can utilize this when you plan cute outfits each week and even include diapers!


This one is for the parents who have little girls!

Princesses need their hair accessories! However, when your little girl is only a few months old, they wouldn’t need it too much yet.

This is where headbands and hats come into the picture. Headbands and hats are often paired to match cute outfits nowadays.

With clothespins, you can hang right up on the wall and have a better look at all the options to choose from!

Cup Hooks

For a tiny piece of hardware, a hook can sure hold a lot of items!

A set of knit baskets suspended over a handy pair of hooks can store

  • Diapers
  • Burp cloths
  • Toys
  • Blankets

It’s also a perfect accessory to get the nursery organized and add spice to it!

3. How to Organize Baby Clothes In Dresser Drawers

Baby drawer icon

Want to find out how to place the clothes in dresser drawers? Check out these 3 suggestions!


Babies change so many clothes and need so many things to make it through ONE day.

From diapers, socks, hair accessories, and baby pants, you name it! Having them in a single drawer can mess everything up the minute you shut the drawers.

To store clothes properly, separate them by using baskets or hanging baskets in their closet, drawer, and dresser.

Since baskets come in all sizes, it wouldn’t be hard to find the perfect fit to organize baby essentials and baby clothes.

Dresser or Drawer Dividers

Dresser and drawer dividers are God-sent tools when it comes to clothing organization. These will sort out all your baby clothes that are placed in drawers.

This applies to the T-shirts they will wear more often than those for special occasions.

Expect to put every type of clothing into sections and still have quite a bit more space in the drawer.

Trolley on Wheels

Conserve space with a trolley on wheels container. This makes up a PORTABLE dressing station and an excellent alternative for a bulky dresser drawer!

Keep it beside your changing table to grab everything you need to dress up your baby.

Since baby stuff is tiny, you’ll have more opportunities to have their items and essentials organized with this.

You can easily roll them in the nursery room!

4. How to Organize Baby Clothes In Bins

Bin icon

This next section will show you how to stack your child’s clothing in bins.

Laundry Bins

Another organization hack would be laundry bins; you can put your baby’s clothes in them and store them inside their nursery closet.

You can purchase the laundry bins with labels so you won’t get mistaken for the baby clothes that need to be laundered.

Wheeled Under The Bed Storage Bins

If there’s no more room in your huge drawer, this will be perfect for keeping:

  • Off-season clothes
  • Mattress protectors
  • Bedsheets
  • Duvet covers

It will keep them out in the mix of baby clothes. Just grab them from under the bed if you need them!

Rolling Cart

Anything that has mobility will surely be convenient around the house.

A rolling cart can hold your baby’s go-to clothes and even onesies (definitely for emergencies)!

You can also have your baby’s crafts and toys organized with this one. Take playing anywhere inside the house.

5. Organizing Baby Clothes In Small Spaces

Vacuum seal bag icon

If you are THAT tight on space, try to organize baby clothes by storing them in vacuum seal bags.

They’re not as aesthetically pleasing, but they can sure free up an INCREDIBLE amount of space.

You get TWO BENEFITS when you store clothes this way:

  1. An organized set of clothes
  2. A considerable amount of space

6. Organizing Old & Outgrown Baby Clothes for Storage

Shirt in box icon

Buy or create cast-off bins!

You can decide whether to set outgrown baby clothes for hand-me-downs for your future babies or god-children.

Or collect the outgrown baby clothes and put them up for donations!

If you’re scrambling with your baby clothes organization and it’s getting too much, then donating might be the solution for you.

Final Words

Explore and try out these baby clothes organization ideas to determine which tip or trick benefits you in the long run!

Consider having an organized nursery room as a part of the first stages of parenthood. An organized nursery will reflect on your baby as they grow older.

If you find this article helpful, share it with your friends and family!


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