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Lovevery Play Gym Review – Is It Worth the Purchase?

Lovevery Play Gym Review - Is It Worth the Purchase

As a busy mom, I’m always trying to find ways to keep my kid entertained and encourage playtime, and I’m sure other moms can relate to that.

Luckily, Lovevery’s Play Gym was the answer to my prayers.

This thing checks all the boxes for my baby to have a fun, educational playtime, and I’ll tell you why in my Lovevery Play Gym Review.

Table of Contents
Table of Contents

Lovevery Baby Play Gym Overview

Lovevery Baby Play Gym Overview

The Lovevery Play Gym is a special play gym that keeps your baby engaged in educational and imaginative play.

For a little background, Lovevery is a team of passionate child development experts.

This playmat is just one of their many inventions that encourage a baby’s development while keeping it fun!

Their Lovevery play kits are made of organic cotton to ensure your baby’s safety.

An infant’s developmental milestones start in the early months after birth, so introducing them to the play gym will drastically improve their motor skills.

Although it has a higher price tag, which costs around $140, it is a great investment for you and your baby.

The Lovevery Baby Gym is designed for babies ages 0-18 months, perfect for your infant’s development.

Main Features

Inside the box are all the contents and simple toys for the play gym:

  • Play Mat
  • Wooden arches
  • Wooden batting ring
  • Organic cotton teether
  • High contrast ball
  • Silicone ring
  • Black and white card set
  • Common object card set
  • Faces card set
  • Mirror card set
  • Play-space cover
  • Play guide

Lovevery Play Gym is a 3-in-1 play mat that already puts it above other baby play gyms.

You can turn it from a normal play mat – to a play gym using the wooden stand – to a cozy play fort perfect for tummy time.

The play gym features various activities called development zones scattered on the 5 corners of the mat, which I will elaborate more on later.

It also has THREE hanging toys: 

  • Fabric ball 
  • Wooden noisemaker
  • Teething ring

These are perfect for keeping your baby occupied while having a deeply immersive experience.

It uses a Montessori ball which is a specific ball designed for babies.

Since there are not a lot of toys on this play mat, your baby won’t be overexposed and can focus on one toy at a time, which I appreciate.

They also have a tent cover and use crinkly fabric, which makes them one of the best tummy time stations.

It also has a built-in pocket containing silicone rings to help your baby learn about exploring.

The play guide provides a detailed description of how to use each toy and play zone provided by Lovevery for age-appropriate playtime.

The Development Zones

The Development Zones

The Lovevery Play Gym has five development zones that can be opened and closed.

Each development zone encourages different functions that will develop and practice fine motor skills for your baby.

  1. The first zone has black and white cards with different patterns to interchange with the other cards in the set. This gives your baby a visual experience and enhances their vision development.
  2. The second zone also encourages baby vision development by having different colorful pieces on the mat.
  3. The third zone enhances your baby’s sense of depth and touch by having different colors and textures on it, which will encourage baby interactions.
  4. The fourth zone teaches babies sounds and interactions when pressed. It has squishy toys embedded, which, when pressed, emit a sound.
    • Expect your household to get a bit noisy, as babies love making sounds.
  5. The final zone will teach your baby to search and do some problem-solving. Since it is hidden, it will teach them to search and be crafty.

I can tell that the child development experts behind this gym put a lot of thought and effort into all the zones, making a simple play gym much more enjoyable and educational.

How to Set Up the Play Mat

How to Set Up the Play Mat

The mat is straightforward; just set it down in an area with much room and away from sharp, hazardous objects.

The baby play gym legs are easy to set up since there is a clip that can easily connect the 3 pieces.

  1. Attach the three wooden arms to the mat using the Velcro strap installed in the mat.
  2. Next, attach the card clips that hold up the three hanging toys.
  3. Slip in the cards in the first zone. It’s a plastic-like envelope, so it is easy to slide in.
  4. Lastly, to attach the play space cover, you remove the knob on top of the arches, and there should be a hole on the cover that fits the screw.

Place it on, screw it tightly, and you can pin down the sides of the cover at the same place as the arches.

It should feel like you’re putting up a tent!

And just like that, you’ve successfully set up your Lovevery Play Gym. Your baby can now use it for the maximum imaginative playtime experience.

What I Liked About It

What I Liked About It

Now that I listed the amazing features of the Lovevery Play Gym, here are some things that I like about this play gym.

1. Unique Qualities

When buying something that will last me for a long time, I usually consider how special the object is compared to others.

Compared to other play gyms, the five play stations are a unique feature that I never would’ve thought of for a play gym.

Another interesting aspect is the three wooden arches and the play space cover that come along with it.

2. Organic Materials

If you are concerned about the material used, you’ll be happy to know that Lovevery uses sustainably sourced wood, organic cotton material, and recyclable packaging.

It may not mean much to others, but I would like to help the earth in any way I can, and that would be choosing the more eco-friendly product.

3. Functionality

Not only does this play gym serve its purpose, but it offers EVEN MORE!

Also, all kinds of toys hanging and hidden in the play gym will activate your child’s senses. Your child can play and refine their gross motor skills simultaneously.

4. The Play Gym Is BIG

Compared to other baby gyms, this play gym is quite large, giving your baby a lot of leeway to move around without being in danger.

With the mat zones open, it will have a circumference of around 4 feet.

Although some see this as a positive point, you may want to consider other alternatives if you live in a small household.

Otherwise, go ahead and buy this play gym.

5. Trusted Brand

Lastly, I would like to emphasize that this play gym was designed and created by Lovevery, a certified and well-known brand.

They are a team composed of academics, researchers, and practitioners that work on developing the best play kits for your child’s developmental stages.

The good folks at Lovevery have my full trust!

What I Would Improve

What I Would Improve

Although this may seem like the perfect play gym, there are some things that I would like to see improved on in the Lovevery Play Gym 2.0.

1. More Toy Selections

There are a handful of toys provided by Lovevery, but it would be nice to see some extra options when ordering the play mat.

Your child may not find a particular toy included in the set interesting, and buying a different toy that complements the play gym would mean additional expenses.

2. Collapsible Arches

Yes, the wooden arches feel sturdy and high quality, but they are too big. Measuring around 20 inches, it will take up a lot of space when trying to store the play gym.

Having it collapse in itself once or twice will greatly save space in your storage room and will be easy to carry around when you want to bring your play mat somewhere else.

3. More Customizable Features

One common complaint from other reviewers is that the clips latched onto the arches are not adjustable.

It would be nice to have the play mat 2.0 have adjustable clips so that you can adjust the height of the toys, catering to both younger and older babies.

4. Not Everything is Organic

What I said earlier was not a lie but not the entire truth as well.

The mat is made out of polyester, which has been said on their page but might confuse buyers when they are marketed as using organic cotton.

At What Age Can Babies Use the Lovevery Play Gym?

You can use the Lovevery Gym as early as 0 months old! Even older infants would still enjoy this play kit.

It has age-appropriate activities for ages 0-18 months old, so that you can use this for quite some time. Just remember to use the playbook that was included in the play kit.

Alternatives to Consider

The Lovevery Play Gym is quite an expensive baby gym standing at around $140. It’s understandable why some parents may have reservations.

Here are some alternatives that you can choose when you’re on a tight budget.

1. Baby Einstein 5-in-1 Journey of Discovery Activity Gym and Play Mat

Baby Einstein 5-in-1 Journey of Discovery Activity Gym and Play Mat

This gym includes puppets, pillows, toys, and even five development zones, just like the Lovevery Baby Gym.

It has 2 flexible tubing arms that can hold up various toys, and the black and white patterned arm is vital for your child’s vision development.


  • Colorful playmat and a variety of toys
  • A great music track
  • Makeshift wall to protect your baby


  • Unstable toy clips
  • Thin padding
  • Heavy toys may fall on your baby

2. Bright Stars Zig Zag Safari Activity Gym

Bright Stars Zig Zag Safari Activity Gym

Another alternative, the CHEAPEST of the three, costs about $39.99, which is clearly on the budget side.

It is quite compact, making it easier to set up in a small apartment.

Another unique thing about this mat is its mirror attached to the arms, something that you don’t see in other play mats.


  • Mirror for self-recognition
  • Budget-friendly play mat
  • The play mat is small and compact


  • Not a lot of toys compared to other play gyms
  • Not a lot of padding, and a bit flimsy

3. Tiny Love Black & White Gymini Infant Activity Play Mat

Tiny Love Black & White Gymini Infant Activity Play Mat

This gym comes with adjustable arches and 18 developmental activities and toys alongside its black and white colors to engage visual stimulation.

This play gym offers a variety of features through textures, sounds, and colors that will help stimulate your child’s senses.

It also offers a 36-page guide that is based on the 7 development wonders system, which acts as a benchmark for your child as they grow up and gain developmental milestones.


  • Comes with three unique melodies that your baby will enjoy
  • 18 developmental activities and interactive toys
  • Features a mirror for self-recognition


  • The mat is made out of slippery material
  • Quite expensive costing $60-$70.
  • Difficult to assemble.
  • Too many developmental activities may be overstimulating

My Final Thoughts: Is the Lovevery Play Gym Worth It?

My Final Thoughts: Is the Lovevery Play Gym Worth It?

ABSOLUTELY! Compared to many other non-toxic play gyms, it is simple, unique, and high quality, perfect for tummy time.

Most baby gyms have flashing lights and annoying music, which they think would keep the baby’s attention. 

However, it barely does anything and, more importantly, makes you more annoyed just listening to it.

I love Loveery because it is simple, minimalist, and crafty!

The play guide is there to help you adjust the Lovevery Gym to better suit a baby’s different age groups and is perfect for enhancing age-appropriate play skills.

Hopefully, this Lovevery Play Gym review will guide you in making the best decision for you and your baby.

FINAL TIP: If you’re looking for the best non-toxic play yards, I have a full guide just for you!

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