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5 Best Non Toxic Baby Swings and Bouncers for Infants

5 Best Non Toxic Baby Swings and Bouncers

Non-toxic baby swings and baby bouncers are great baby gear essentials during the infancy stage.

If you need to do chores, have a quick bathroom break, or need to rest your arms from carrying your baby around all day, a baby bouncer or baby swing is a convenient solution that all parents would appreciate!

Thanks to these swings, I am able to get A LOT done while my baby enjoys his time on the bouncer!

In this list, I handpicked the best non-toxic baby swings and bouncers in the market today.

These will keep your baby safe and secure, and they’re great to add to your baby registry!

Long-Term Option
Our Pick
Portable Option
Nuna Leaf Grow Baby Seat
4moms mamaRoo 4 Baby Swing
BABYBJORN Bouncer Balance
Our Pick
4moms mamaRoo 4 Baby Swing
Long-Term Option
Nuna Leaf Grow Baby Seat
Portable Option
BABYBJORN Bouncer Balance
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

My Top Non-Toxic Baby Swing Picks

1. 4moms mamaRoo 4 Baby Swing


Our Pick - 4moms

The mamaRoo 4 Baby Swing is a popular product that thousands of parents love to use, myself included!

What makes this baby bouncer stand out is its HIGH-TECH features.

  • Using their phone app and Bluetooth, you can control the motion, sounds, and swaying speed!
  • You have 5 unique motions to choose from, and there are 4 built-in sounds you can play.
  • It also has an mp3 plugin feature, meaning you can play your own sounds and songs too!

There are also interactive toy balls that float above your baby’s head. One ball rattles, another has a mirror, and the third wrinkles when squished.

These provide great stimulation for your baby and promote cognitive development and hand-eye coordination! I’ve got playtime covered as well!

This non-toxic baby chair is made of a removable machine-washable fabric that’s made of woven nylon material.

It’s not organic, but it’s still non-toxic and safe for babies.

You can get it in Grey, Black, and Silver Plush. There’s also a dark grey mesh fabric variant that’s more breathable!


  • Natural swaying motions relaxes babies
  • Sound features help soothe your baby
  • Recline positions work great for infants and toddlers
  • Toy balls help with child development
  • Non-toxic cover is removable and machine washable


  • Heavy and not portable
  • Charging can be a hassle
  • Only suitable for up to 25 lbs

2. Nuna Leaf Grow Baby’s Seat


Long-Term Option - Nuna Leaf

The fact that your baby can outgrow most non-toxic baby bouncers by 6 months can be a deal-breaker.

Buying a baby bouncer you can’t use for a long time isn’t appealing to a lot of parents.

What if there was a non-toxic baby bouncer you can still use long after your baby turns 6 months old?

That’s when I found out about the Nuna Leaf! This product can be used from birth to 130 lbs!

This baby bouncer gives a soothing rocking motion that won’t overstimulate your baby.

You can also detach the fabric for machine washing, making it convenient to maintain for a long time.

This best baby bouncer also comes with a GOTS-certified organic cotton newborn insert. It’s reviewed and certified to be FREE of harmful chemicals!

When something is GOTS-certified, it immediately earns my trust!

The other parts of this non-toxic baby bouncer are made of metal, plastic, and nylon. Since your baby will only make contact with the newborn insert, the other parts are nothing to worry about!

This product also comes with a toy bar with plush toys, which I find super convenient for playtime!

These hang above your baby’s head and promote cognitive and motor development!

Weighing at 15.6 lbs, this product is a great LONG-LASTING solution that you can still move around the room. Its modern design will blend well in most homes!


  • Can be used for a long time
  • Soothing rocking motion works great at calming babies
  • Certified to be free from toxic substances
  • Toy bar promotes infant development
  • Modern design blends well with most home furniture


  • Not portable
  • Design might not be what you’re looking for

3. BABY BJORN Bouncer Balance


Portable Option - BABYBJORN

I LOVE BabyBjorn! They make a bunch of the best non-toxic baby products today, and they’re a trustworthy brand that doesn’t disappoint.

This non-toxic baby bouncer seat has a simple, lightweight, and ergonomic design you can easily move anywhere. It only weighs 1 lb!

These Baby Bjorn bouncers are designed for newborns until 2-year-old toddlers. In terms of weight limit and recommendations, it would be 8 lbs to 29 lbs.

What makes Baby Bjorn bouncers unique is that the bouncing motion can be powered by your baby’s own movements.

Eventually, your baby will learn how to make the seat rock on their own and they can develop their balance and motor skills.

The Baby Bjorn Bouncer is made of Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified organic cotton. It’s reviewed to be FREE from any toxic substances.

The fabric is removable and machine washable too, making it easy for me to clean and care for!

I also love the variety of subtle colors this seat has to offer. These tones will blend well with any furniture and will look great in any home!

You can also get this non-toxic baby bouncer in a 100% polyester mesh fabric and a super soft 3D Jersey fabric. These all have Oeko-Tex certified fabric, so whatever you choose, it’ll be free from harmful substances.

Aside from the Balance, BabyBjorn also sells the Bliss Bouncer, which shares the same features as the Balance. The only difference is that it has a more luxurious feel because of the quilted cotton design.

A great bonus item you should add to the bouncer is their Wooden Toy attachment, which can keep your infant stimulated and promote cognitive and motor development!


  • Very lightweight and portable
  • Certified to be safe for babies
  • Baby-powered motion promotes balance
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Color variants blend well with most furniture


  • Only suitable for up to 29 lbs
  • Toy attachment is expensive and is bought separately

4. Monkey & Mouse Canvas and Wooden Hanging Baby Swing Seat


Budget Option - Monkey _ Mouse

For those looking for an affordable swing option, this non-toxic baby swing seat is your BEST bet. This product literally swings your baby, which is fun, stimulating, and also relaxing!

This non-toxic baby swing is made of durable ORGANIC materials. It’s made of double-sided and UV-protected organic cotton canvas, natural beech wood, and marine-grade rope.

This is a safe and sturdy swing seat you don’t have to worry about!

You also don’t have to worry about your baby’s safety while swinging. It has a crotch restraint and a safety belt that will keep your precious one secure and in place the entire time.

Its lockable carabiners are also high-quality and made to last. You just need to attach it to any sturdy mount point and you’re good to go.

For the weight limit, it can hold up to 110 lbs, lucky for me since my baby is quite pudgy!

You can easily assemble and care for this product too. All fabrics are removable and machine washable, so don’t worry about them getting dirty when you use them outdoors.

The beechwood also features toys that babies can use as teethers. I’m glad I didn’t have to spend extra on teething toys!

These are great for keeping your baby entertained and stimulated inside the swing.

This non-toxic baby swing comes with a complimentary backpack that can fit all parts of this swing, making it easy to bring around. It makes it a great baby registry item too!


  • Affordable
  • Made of safe and durable materials
  • Easy to clean and care for
  • Can be attached to any sturdy mount point
  • Wooden teethers toys work great for stimulation


  • Setting it up to hang can be a hassle
  • Only suitable for babies with developed muscles
  • Has to be assembled properly to be safe

5. Bloom Coco Stylewood Modern Baby Rocker


Best Rocker - Bloom Coco

Sometimes, a simple rocker is all you need to put your little one in a good mood. This wonderful product is easy to use, looks great, and gets the job done!

What I love about this baby rocker is how straightforward it is. It’s basically a rocking chair for your baby.

Just place your fussy baby on the seat, secure them with the 5-point harness, and use the curved design to give that soothing rocking motion!

This soothing motion keeps my baby relaxed and happy!

The seat pad is made of organic cotton fabric that’s safe for all babies. The wood base is also FREE from formaldehyde and other toxic substances.

This chair is BPA-free, phthalate-free, latex-free, and lead-free!

The contemporary design will look gorgeous in any household, and it can blend well with any furniture.

For such a contemporary and simple design, this product is a bit expensive.

For the weight limit, it can only hold babies up to 25 lbs, too.

If you’re looking for a stylish rocker that would make any household look more modern, then this product is right for you!


  • Gives gentle rocking motion
  • Contemporary design looks great in any home
  • Made of organic and non-toxic material
  • 5-point harness keeps babies secure


  • Expensive
  • Not portable
  • Only has a weight limit of up to 25 lbs

Does My Baby Need a Baby Bouncer/Swing?

Baby in a Swing

100% YES!

A baby bouncer or baby swing is a handy baby gear essential that can make things more convenient for any mom.

If you have to do chores or take a quick bathroom break, placing your baby on a baby bouncer is a safe and easy solution.

When I have no time to take my baby outside for playtime, I can always rely on these swings!

Non-toxic bouncers also help keep your baby comfy, relaxed, and preoccupied when you’re not holding them.

Some babies start crying when they separate from their mommies, so placing them in a baby bouncer will be a LIFESAVER!

I was able to get my baby to stop crying once I set him down on the swing!

Non-toxic baby bouncers will be your best friend during the infancy stage, and it’s a great investment for all moms!

MOMMY TIP: Be sure to include it in your Infant Preparation Checklist!

When Can I Put My Newborn in a Baby Bouncer or Swing?

A baby can safely use baby swings and baby bouncers when they can support their own head and not slump when inside the baby bouncer or swing.

It usually takes around 4 weeks for newborns to develop neck muscles.

Usually, babies outgrow most baby swings and baby bouncers when they’re 6 months old.

This might seem like a short time, but having a non-toxic bouncer will make your child’s early days easier and more comfortable.

What to Look for in the Best Non-Toxic Bouncers or Swings

What to Look For

Size and Portability

Before buying any of the non-toxic baby bouncers listed above, you should take note of their size and portability.

If you’re looking for a minimalist baby bouncer you can fit in most spaces, then going for more COMPACT options will be best.

I think the minimalist ones look the best in my living room!

It also helps to have one you can easily transfer from one place or another.

You might end up in situations wherein you want to bring your baby outside or transfer your baby to different rooms.

Make sure to plan ahead and see what product will work best for your everyday situations.


By design, I don’t just mean the colors of these products. Colors are great, but there’s more important things to note:

  • Some baby seats are designed to be swings that sway back and forth
  • Some are designed to be rockers that rock forward and backward
  • Some baby bouncers even have added features like vibrations, custom motions, and sounds!

It’ll be difficult to pick between these different types and guess which your baby would like best.

Although if you ask me, these differences won’t matter that much.

With the best non-toxic bouncers, what’s important is that there’s some kind of motion that can keep your baby relaxed or stimulated!

Safe Materials and Certifications

Infants are still in their developmental stages, so being exposed to toxic chemicals can be dangerous. As much as possible, it’s best to go for non-toxic baby products made of safe materials.

Some harmful chemicals you should AVOID on your non-toxic baby swing are:

  • BPA
  • PVC
  • Phthalates
  • Flame retardants
  • Polyurethane foam
  • VOCs
  • Formaldehyde

These have been linked to cancer, developmental issues, and endocrine disruption.

Make sure to avoid these substances as much as possible!

To avoid these harmful substances, going for organic or non-toxic materials would be best.

The best example that I would use are organic cotton, but other synthetic materials can also be safe for your baby.

Nylon and polyester are common synthetic materials that are lightweight, breathable, and water-resistant. These aren’t natural materials, so they might still react poorly to babies with very sensitive skin.

Depending on your baby’s skin sensitivity, you’ll have to decide for yourself if these types of materials are safe for your little one.

Additionally, ALWAYS look for official certifications, like GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard).

Age and Weight Limits

Of course, you want your non-toxic baby swing to support your baby’s weight.

The general weight limit on swings is 25 – 30 pounds or 12 – 13 kilos and that baby would be around 9 months old.

Depending on your baby’s weight, you want a non-toxic baby swing that can support that and MORE because your baby will gain weight eventually.

However, it is still important to check the manufacturer’s instructions for the required maximum weight limit.

You can read more about this topic in this guide on weight limits on a baby swing.

Frequently Asked Questions

As you purchase your first baby swing, there may be extra questions on your mind.

Luckily, you can refer to the following section for some answers!

Can I Wash the Cover of a Non-Toxic Baby Swing?

Some swings have machine-washable covers, while others can only be spot-cleaned, so it really depends on the swing.

You can check the manufacturing instructions on how to properly clean the baby swing.

How Long Can My Baby Use a Non-Toxic Baby Swing?

At maximum, I would say a baby can only spend 30 minutes on an organic baby swing. Going any longer than that may make your baby fussy or uncomfortable.

Remember that a non-toxic baby swing is NOT meant to be used as a bed or crib, so you cannot put a baby to sleep on it.

I discuss this topic more in-depth in this guide on how long a baby can use a swing for!

Are Non-Toxic Baby Swings More Expensive Than Traditional Baby Swings?

It depends on the brand. Some non-toxic swings are more expensive because of their stricter guidelines and processes to make them non-toxic.

A traditional baby swing may be cheaper, but it may not be safe or organic. Take this into consideration when buying a non-toxic baby swing!


Conclusion -

With high-tech features that give natural swinging motions, the 4moms mamaRoo 4 Baby Swing is my top pick on this toxic-free baby bouncers list. With thousands of positive reviews on Amazon, a lot of parents find this product a worthy investment during the infancy stage!

For long-term use, the Nuna Leaf Grow Baby Seat takes the cake. This sturdy seat will work well for your kid for a long time, and some adults can use it too! This can be a permanent furniture piece that looks lovely in any home.

If portability is what you’re looking for, the BABYBJORN Bouncer Balance is an easy pick. This best non-toxic baby product weighs 1 lb, so you can easily bring it anywhere! BabyBjorn is a trusted brand that delivers high-quality and durable products you can count on!


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