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8 Best Organic Nursing Pillows: Cotton, Kapok, Buckwheat

Organic Nursing Pillows

Having pillows for nursing makes it easier for babies to reach their mothers and will also mean less back pain, more arm support, and other helpful uses for the baby as they grow up.

Quite a number of traditional nursing pillows with organic materials are readily available for purchase.

Like synthetic pillows, organic nursing pillows can also be soft, gentle on the skin, and hypoallergenic.

Here’s a quick round-up of the best organic nursing pillows available to help you choose the best nursing pillow to get for you and your newborn!

Best with Cotton
Best Support
Best Design
Holy Lamb Organics Nursing Pillow
The Nesting Pillow by Blessed Nest
Nook Sleep Niche Feeding Pillow
Best Support
The Nesting Pillow by Blessed Nest
Best with Cotton
Holy Lamb Organics Bo Peep Nursing Pillow
Best Design
Nook Sleep Niche Feeding Pillow
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

Top 8 Organic Nursing Pillows

1. The Nesting Pillow by Blessed Nest


The Nesting Pillow

This organic nursing pillow uses buckwheat hulls as filling, allowing for easy adjustment, similar to bean bags when in use.

This best nursing pillow allows for added support, as the mother and baby can choose the most comfortable position.

Besides east adjustability, organic buckwheat hulls are also extremely breathable, letting air circulate through their hollow shells.

Users will find the material cooling with a removable organic cotton slipcover for easy cleaning!

This is a crescent-shaped nesting pillow, which makes an easy fit to the contours of the body.

Due to its material, it can be quite hefty and weighty. It’s also not recommended for general use outside of nursing, such as for playtime and tummy time for the baby.


  • East to adjust
  • Breathable
  • Good support
  • Non-toxic
  • Crescent-shaped design


  • Buckwheat hulls get fragile over time
  • Stuffing is not soft and uncomfortable for standard pillow use

2. Holy Lamb Organics Bo Peep Nursing Pillow


Holy Lamb Organics

This organic nursing pillow by Holy Lamb is a favorite among users. It is stuffed with 100% organic wool and has a cloth cover made of organic cotton.

Breastfeeding moms can be confident that NO artificial bleaching or chemical treatments were used on the pillow materials. They will be gentle on her and the baby’s skin!

This organic breastfeeding pillow itself is firm, providing ample support for a nursing mom.

This best nursing pillow’s u-shape also provides a snug fit, making sure it stays in place while nursing.

The pillows are made to order, and it is suggested to purchase a separate slipcover in anticipation of staining during use.

Because of its size, this organic breastfeeding pillow can still be used when the baby grows up. It can support toddlers when they sit up and even as a standard pillow for playtime.

And it can still be used as a breastfeeding pillow all the time in between!

Also, this is machine washable for better convenience.


  • Easy to adjust
  • Firm
  • Non-toxic
  • Machine Washable


  • Expensive
  • Wait-time for orders
  • Separate slipcover

3. Nook Sleep Niche Organic Feeding Pillow


NOOK Sleep Niche

This nursing pillow looks quite different due to its color and quilting throughout its body.

This breastfeeding pillow is stuffed with organic Kapok Tree filling, a more sustainable silk-like fiber that is often used as an alternative for bedding and pillows.

The cover itself is made of patented cloth, a combination of cotton and eucalyptus, embroidered in a special pebble design. It is said to be cooling, with added water resistance for avoiding stains.

The shape is close to the usual U of other nursing pillows, but the top is made to have a bigger area, providing more space for the baby to lie down comfortably on.

A mother’s arms will be less tired from the added support!


  • Kapok filling
  • Non-toxic
  • Unique pebble design
  • Water-resistant


  • Non-removable cover
  • Pricey

4. Twin Z Nursing Pillow

Twin Z 4

This unique nursing pillow is made for nursing mothers with twin babies.

The pillow’s sides are wide enough to accommodate a nursing baby on each side. The cushion is 100% cotton and provides a fair amount of support with every use.

This nursing pillow might be one of the BIGGEST available, as it tries to have enough space for twin babies.

Compared to standard nursing pillows that hug the front, the Twin Z curves from the back include a fold-up backrest. This provides ample back support and armrests needed when feeding twins at the same time.

The size, while convenient, also includes some setbacks.

It might be nearly impossible to use on a chair and require usage from a wide couch or the bed. It will also be difficult to bring with you while traveling.

However, this is a great pillow to invest in for its versatility in a child’s later years, as it’s suitable for sitting, playtime, tummy time, and even nap time.

It’s even machine washable to make for convenient washing.


  • Non-toxic
  • Meant for twin babies
  • Comes with a back cushion
  • Machine Washable


  • Hard to travel with
  • Can only be used on the bed or sofa

5. The MoonWomb by Sustainable Baby Co.

The MoonWomb 5

Like the organic nursing pillow by Blessed Nest, this pregnancy pillow by Sustainable Baby Co. is made up of 100% organic materials.

The filling is made up of organic buckwheat hulls for support and breathability, with 100% organic cotton cover for the outer layer of the pillow itself.

This nursing pillow is highly customizable, with the option to include a removable pouch that contains dried chamomile and lavender to encourage relaxation during nursing.

This is a crescent-shaped pillow, meaning nursing will be easy at can be SNUG during use. The pillows also come in a myriad of designs to choose from, with an option for a carrying bag for travel.


  • Non-toxic
  • Pocket of chamomile is relaxing
  • Comes in a variety of designs
  • Organic cotton cover


  • Pricey
  • Not as springy due to buckwheat hulls

6. Pure Rest Organic Nursing Pillow

Pure Rest 6

This organic nursing pillow is filled with organic ecowool and covered with 100% organic cotton cover. It provides sturdy and ample support for nursing mothers, letting arms rest comfortably.

Many users find this similar to the Boppy Nursing Pillow, a popular non-organic pick among moms.

Most Boppy pillow covers and designs can fit the Pure Rest Organic Nursing Pillow for easy customization!

It sports a u-shape that can hug the waist. However, its narrow form might not provide enough space for long nursing sessions, and the pillow may feel flat after constant use.


  • Non-toxic
  • Wool is soft and adds support
  • Shape can accommodate 3rd party covers


  • Pricey

7. Boppy Original Nursing Pillow

Boppy Original 7

Boppy nursing pillows are one of the more popular and best nursing pillows among nursing mothers!

It sports the iconic u-shape with an option to customize with some slip-on covers you can buy separately on their website.

Here’s the biggest downside: only the slipcovers are 100% organic.

Boppy pillows are made with blended cotton and polyester, giving ample support and springiness most mothers have come to prefer.

If you are still set on a 100% organic nursing pillow, you can still choose a unique print from Boppy to cover it with.


  • Lots of organic covers to choose from
  • Lots of positive reviews


  • Stuffing is made of mixed material
  • Not 100% organic

8. Organic Caboose Nursing Pillow

Organic Caboose 8

This nursing pillow by Organic Caboose is 100% made and hand-stuffed with organic cotton, making it one of the best nursing pillows.

There were NO herbicides or pesticides used in the cotton harvest, making sure that no chemicals come in contact with your skin when in use.

This pillow sports a stubbier u-shape, adding support for arms and the baby while nursing without eating up space on the sides.

It’s also a great pillow to use for tummy time, changing your baby’s diaper, and as an all-around pillow for everyday use.

One downside of this pillow is that it will be prone to getting stiff and clumping over time due to being made up of cotton.

It will eventually lose its springiness and will flatten, especially with constant use.


  • Non-toxic
  • Unique shape
  • Made with organic cotton


  • Can clump and lose springiness
  • Doesn’t come with a removable cover

Are Organic Nursing Pillows Better?


Using organic materials can have benefits.

Organically sourced and natural materials, like cotton, are produced without the use of pesticides and chemicals.

Ideally, this prevents harsh reactions on babies’ skin, which can be very sensitive and prone to reactions.

Many organic materials also have better documentation on where it’s sourced, which covers parents who want to make ethical and sustainable consumer decisions when buying products.

Organic materials are also often BIODEGRADABLE.

Considering that a nursing pillow won’t be used forever, it can be a good option to choose natural materials that will quickly break down once discarded or are easier to recycle.

Some of these companies that use organic materials exclusively also provide convenient recycling programs for old products about to be discarded.

This minimizes waste and encourages maximizing the use of their customers’ products.

Organic Nursing Pillows can still be gentle on the baby’s skin and are made with comfort in mind.

Things to Consider When Buying an Organic Nursing Pillow

Things to Consider


There are multiple organic stuffing that can be used to fill a nursing pillow.

The most common ones are: organic cotton, buckwheat shells, and organic kapok silk threads.

These natural materials are non-toxic and are getting even easier to source. Take a look at some things to consider for you and your baby from each type of fill!

Organic Cotton

Organic cotton is unbleached, harvested without the use of chemical pesticides, and processed NATURALLY.

It is still soft to the touch and readily available from many brands!

One downside of using cotton is it tends to stiffen up over time.

They are machine washable, but cotton can clump up and become flat over time, losing the support you would need from a nursing pillow.

Buckwheat Shells

Buckwheat hulls are another common filling for organic nursing pillows.

They have a smooth exterior but have rough edges that are important in providing support and shape for the pillows they fill.

The edges connect and attach to other buckwheat shells, holding the shape you form your pillow with.

This is a great feature for mothers who require adjustments while nursing or finding the most convenient pillow form for first-time mothers.

However, with mishandling, pillows filled with organic buckwheat hulls can flatten and lose their ability to take shape. It can also get crushed and turned into dust-like particles, which can irritate the baby.

Careful handling during travel is needed for these kinds of pillows!

Organic Kapok SIlk

Lastly, Kapok Silk Fiber is harvested from kapok tree seeds and is similar to silk threads in terms of texture.

Most companies gather organic kapok from rainforests, supporting local communities and sustainable production.

Kapok fiber is soft, similar to down feathers, but is firm enough to provide ample support for nursing a baby.

While it may seem the best option, not many companies producing organic nursing pillows have them as a stuffing option.

Cover Customization

It may seem like an unimportant feature, but the nursing pillow’s cover can provide support and comfort for both the mother and baby.

Some nursing pillows have a removable slipcover, while some have fixed cloth covers. The choice is dependent on your preference!

Some brands offer multiple designs with different slipcovers, which allows for easy changing and washing.

Some pillows have printed designs you can pick from, with special washing instructions to keep the print vivid for a long time.

These covers are usually made with organic cotton, providing extra padding, and are very easy to wash!


Here is where a lot of variety can make choosing difficult.

Nursing pillows often differentiate through their pillow shapes.

While there are two basic types of nursing pillow shapes, these are modified in varying degrees depending on the benefit it wants to highlight.


This is the most common shape of a nursing pillow.

The inverted u-shape hugs the mother’s waist, providing space to rest her arms while holding the baby. You can bring the baby closer while nursing and freely adjust your posture while using the pillow.

One possible downside is the space needed to use the U-shaped nursing pillow.

Since the pillow hugs the sides of the waist, it may not be suitable to use when sitting on narrow chairs. It will also be a bit difficult to use during travel if there is limited seating space.

One benefit of this shape is that it can provide sitting support for the baby for other activities.

When the baby is playing or eating, the pillow’s u-shape can easily give back support when the baby trains to sit up properly.

Crescent or Moon Shape

This is another shape of nursing pillows that is popular among mothers.

The crescent shape is often applied to pillows with adjustable fillings, letting mothers shape the pillow with how they want to use it, letting them bring the baby closer in the most comfortable way.

Crescent pillows can conform to the contours of the waist. It’s an easier pillow to use on chairs, as it only needs to sit on top of the legs to provide support.

One possible downside of crescent pillows is that it’s not snuggly fixed and can move around.

However, this can work to a mother’s advantage if a baby is fussy during nursing and requires constant readjustment from the pillow.


You can maximize the use of your organic nursing pillow by using it for other activities outside of nursing and bottle feeding your baby.

These pillows can be used in other activities, with some pillows being designed with this FLEXIBILITY in mind!

Some nursing pillows can be used for tummy time for the baby. Tummy time is an essential step after feeding to avoid tummy aches and uneasiness for babies.

Pillows can also be useful for playtime, as some pillows are firm enough to provide lumbar support, especially for a baby just learning how to sit up for the first time.

It’s also important to consider a pillow’s portability, especially for parents that travel often. Some pillows are made to be bigger and will not easily fit travel bags or carry-ons.

While you have the option to buy dedicated nurse pillows for travel, having a single nursing pillow that’s easy to bring anywhere lowers costs and is more efficient in the long run.

The Best Organic Nursing Pillow


Having the best organic nursing pillow is an investment for you and your baby. Most use the finest materials available, ensuring a comfortable nursing experience all around.

From this list, we can say that Nook Sleep’s Nook Niche Feeding Pillow is the best pillow you can get for its price.

Its kapok filling ensures longevity and softness. 

The unique pebble design makes it convenient with its water-resistant feature for accidents during bottle feeding. 

Your baby will definitely have a relaxing time using this pillow during and after nursing. Its flexible design can provide support for other activities you might need it for!

Bring your baby closer and create the best nursing routines with this nursing pillow!

Buying from Independent Sellers

If a pillow doesn’t have all of your needs covered, don’t hesitate to look for independent sellers!

Contact them with your name, email address, and ask for a bespoke nursing pillow with organic materials.

Many sellers on shops like Etsy will be more than happy to make a customized pillow for your baby and gladly embroider their name. Email away and be specific with your needs for the best results!


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