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What Is the Weight Limit on Baby Swings? [Full Guidelines]

Weight Limit on Baby Swings

Parents would do anything to spend more time with their kids, especially while they’re still young and in their infancy.

But when mom and dad can’t spare an arm or lap to cradle their baby, they can use a baby swing to get some needed rest.

Baby swings are no replacement for toys and playtime, but they can be a LIFESAVER for tired and busy parents who need some peace.

However, first-time users must be aware of the age and weight limits so that their little ones can stay safe as they use a baby swing.

Table of Contents
Table of Contents

What Is the Age & Weight Limit for Baby Swings?

There is no specific baby swing age limit, but the baby swing weight limit is typically around 25 – 30 pounds or 12 – 13 kilos.

A baby of that weight would usually be around 9 months of age. So the average baby swing age limit could be set around 6-8 months.

Still, most manufacturers indicate age and weight limits for their products, so it’s best to check the label before deciding on which baby swing to get.

Not to mention an infant’s age across genders varies, so these prescribed limits may not have been taken into account.

Why Do Baby Swings Have an Age and Weight Limit?

Your kid may need to stop using the baby swing as early as 8 months or as late as 12 months, depending on their physical and emotional growth.

When infants reach a certain age limit, they grow tired of the swing’s confines. They start to become more active and yearn to move more freely.

Moreover, the increased weight of growing babies will also affect the intensity of the swing’s rocking motion.

The indicated baby swing limits may act as a guide for parents to see when their babies are likely to stop using the swing.

When Is the Best Age for a Baby to Start Using a Baby Swing?

Parents may utilize a baby swing even for newborns!

It’s actually better to introduce babies to the baby swing early on, so they have enough time to get used to it.

But if your baby is premature, talk to your doctor first before placing them on a swing. Only professionals can tell if the swing can provide adequate support for your delicate baby.

Safety Tips to Remember When Using a Baby Swing

Mother with baby on swing

You might be already fully aware of the baby swing and its limitations, but here are a few more pieces of safety advice you need to know:

#1 Respect and Follow the Baby Swing Weight Limit

There is an excellent reason why the baby swing’s maximum weight limit is the first thing parents must be aware of. Going beyond it only increases the likelihood of injury for your baby.

So parents, always check HOW MUCH your chosen baby swing can handle to keep your child in safe hands.

#2 Never Leave the Baby Alone While Using the Swing

Most parents get a baby swing to give them a break from constantly carrying their child.

However, this DOES NOT MEAN that babies can be left alone on the swing without supervision.

You never know when your baby could grow restless and struggle to break free from the swing.

To prevent it from consequently tipping over, keep an eye on your baby whenever using the swing.

#3 Set Up the Swing on a Flat and Open Space

The baby swing is meant to rock and lull the baby to sleep, so it should be situated in a flat and open place that is not easily disturbed.

This means a room where NO pets or a young kid could play around and possibly knock it over.

And if the swing has any attached hanging toys or decorations, they MUST be kept out of the baby’s reach.

You don’t want the baby trying to reach over and end up tipping over!

#4 Assemble the Swing Properly to Ensure Stability

When setting up the baby swing, ensure that ALL toys and décors are fastened properly and WON’T pose a choking hazard for certain wayward hands.

You could consider checking for a certification or safety seal to ensure that a legal body recognizes the toy for the infants’ safety.

Tips on Choosing the Best Baby Swing for Your Baby

Kid on swing

Ready to find the perfect baby swing for your little one?

Take our advice on how to find the best of the best swings out there!

Weight and Age Limit

Swings come in many size ranges:

  • Small for that first time you bring baby home
  • Large for those bigger infants. Each usually has its own indicated weight capacity

You can find the needed information on the box or ask a salesperson what they recommend.

Seat Size and Quality

The swing seat is not always one-size-fits-all.

A smaller swing may have a smaller seat size which may not be enough for a big baby.

So consider also whether your baby fits a bit TOO snugly or has enough space to feel comfortable on the swing to fall asleep.

Most swings can offer recline positions which are good for supporting a newborn baby.

You will also want to make sure the seat pad or seat fabric is soft enough to keep your baby comfortable.

Moms may also want a machine-washable seat to make clean-up easier!

Stability, Durability, and Safety

Of course, while the quality of swings can vary, any parent would want a stable structure made of durable material that is safe for the child.

Preferably, the swing should also be low enough and close to the ground to minimize possible falls.

Usually, you can find a safety seal as an indicator of a well-made baby swing that follows regulated safety standards.

For extra support, swings also come with either a 3-point or 5-point harness. The five-point harness provides slightly MORE SECURITY as it goes over the shoulders of your baby.

Other than that, it’s best to let the baby try using the swing first and see how they react. If the baby is uncomfortable no matter how you adjust the settings, it’s probably not the swing for them.

Swing Type

You can classify swings according to their size, power source, and swinging motion.

One option is a portable swing that can be brought when you’re on a trip with your baby. The larger, full-sized ones, which may be electrically powered, are best left at home.

These days, the MOST POPULAR baby swings are the battery or electrically powered swings that can continue to rock automatically.

Battery-operated ones are great for bringing around but use up batteries quickly if you use them very often.

Electrical ones, which often come with an AC adapter, are BETTER for frequent use though they typically emit a humming sound that may disturb babies.

In addition, you may also want to search for a swing with adjustable swing speeds and directions; some rock from head to toe while some from side to side.

For example, with the Fisher-Price My Little Snugabunny Cradle ‘n Swing, you can switch between both options depending on what your little one likes.

Additional Features

To keep your baby happy and preoccupied while on the swing, you may want ADDITIONAL FEATURES such as mobiles, vibrations, nature sounds, and lights.

These features may be controlled via the mother’s phone, making it convenient to use.

The Fisher-Price Sweet Snugapuppy Dreams Cradle ‘n Swing with body insert is one example that has all these features and more.

Frequently Asked Questions About Baby Swings

Little boy on swing

When Should a Baby Stop Using a Baby Swing?

Pediatricians recommend that parents SHOULDN’T wait until their infant reaches the weight or age limit to stop using the swing.

Once your little one acts more and more restless while using the swing, it means your child has grown out of the swing already!

Your baby is now more interested in exploring their environment, so it’s time to retire the baby swing until the next child needs it.

What Baby Swing Has the Highest Maximum Weight Limit?

Most swings have a maximum weight limit of 25 – 30 pounds, but certain brands such as Fisher-Price, Graco, or Primo have products that can hold a maximum of 40 pounds.

The Primo 2-in-1 Smart Voyager Convertible Infant Swing is one that can double as a high chair, and you can use it even when your infant has grown into a toddler.

You can also consider the Fisher-Price Infant-to-Toddler Rocker, which also boasts of a similar maximum weight capacity.

It can act as a rocking chair for your young child because of the following reasons:

  • Less dangerous
  • Close to the ground

TIP: We highly recommend getting safer, non-toxic baby swings for your little one instead of buying ones just for the sake of getting the highest baby swing weight limit.

Can a Baby Fall Asleep on a Baby Swing?

The fact that babies only stay on the infant swing for 30 minutes means babies CAN sleep on them but NOT overnight nor any longer than 30 minutes.

We talk more about this in our detailed guide on How Long Babies Can Use Swings, but that’s pretty much the gist of it.

A newborn’s body is still delicate and prone to change depending on their environment.

A baby swing CAN’T compare to the comfort and support a crib can offer.

Moreover, the rocking motion may cause discomfort when used for too long. Studies have found that shaking an infant can cause bruising or bleeding in the brain.

It may also cause broken bones and damage the baby’s eyes, spine, and neck.

Short naps are the MOST OPTIMAL for the use of the swing. Parents must take care not to forget to check on their babies while using it!

Are There Baby Swings for Older/Bigger Babies?

If your child is still keen on using the swing despite exceeding the recommended swing weight limit, some products can accommodate a weight of up to 30 – 40 pounds.

Albeit rare, you can choose a big swing for big babies from brands such as the previously mentioned Fisher-Price and Primo.

The Graco swing brand also has swings for big babies, such as the Graco Simple Sway LX Baby Swing.

Most of their products carry up weights of up to 30 pounds, unlike other brands, which often have 25 pounds as their limit.

The Bottom Line

Mother and baby playing on swing

Every new father or mother must be aware of the swing weight and age limit on swings.

These products will be handling your baby, so it is in everyone’s best interest to ensure that they are used properly.

Most baby swings can carry up to 30 pounds, but this maximum weight is not the hard and fast rule of a baby swing’s limit.

You must also consider whether your baby is not always struggling to break free of the swing. Even if they haven’t reached the age limit or weight limit, you may have to retire the swing early on.

There are many kinds of swings to choose from these days, from phone-operated ones to those such as Primo, Graco, or Fisher-Price products which have stretched the baby swing’s weight limit.

Never skimp on anything concerning the safety of your baby.

Happy babies make happy parents!


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