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What Size Comes After 5T? [Baby Clothes Sizing Guide]

What Size Comes After 5T

The short answer: After 5t comes a size 5. In some cases, though, a size 6 is the better and larger option. 

Now we understand your sizing concern.

So allow us to give you a better explanation so you can provide your babies with proper-sized toddler clothing and keep them happy all around.

Table of Contents
Table of Contents

What Size Comes After 5T: Full Explanation

What Comes After

Baby clothes are identified through the “T” (toddler) label. After 5T, you won’t find a lot of clothing that carries the label “T.”

What does this mean?

It means the next size should mostly be a 6, although in some cases, other brands may carry a size 6T. In fact, some parents choose the size 5 instead of 5T since a “5” is bigger than a 5T.

While some children progress to a size 5 from size 5T, others progress to a 6 or even a 6X. Not all children grow at the same rate.

Parents need to be willing to measure their children and check their size according to the brand of baby clothes that they are buying.

Generally, most clothing stores only go up to toddler size 5T in their little kids section.

HOWEVER, if you’re worried you won’t be able to find proper-sized clothing, don’t be.

The best kids’ clothing sizes we recommend are either a 5, 6, or 6X (size between 6 and 7) if you don’t know which number to use after 5T or if you feel you’re out of options.

Is There a 6T Size?

Usually, 5T is the last in the toddler sizes, but some brands actually carry little kids sizes up to 6T.

If you have a larger-sized toddler in your hands, you may want to look for these. However, getting a size 6 or 6X is a great option in case the brand of clothing you want doesn’t have a T size.

Are 5T and 5 the Same Size?

Whether size 5T and size 5 are the same is unclear, because it really depends on the brand of clothing. Sometimes they’re the same size, and sometimes they have a difference.

But generally, and most often, a 5 is bigger than a 5T.

Choosing which one to get your kid all depends on what their height and weight are.

Whether or not they wear a diaper is also a consideration. Generally, 5T clothes come with bigger bottoms to make room for a diaper, while 5 sizes are generally bigger and longer.

T sizes are usually smaller than their counterparts, but this is not always the case. Since they’re meant for toddler clothes, the sizes could vary.

For example, some toddler’s clothes brands may offer a size 4T that’s smaller than a size 4, and even a 5T would be smaller than a size 5 in some cases.

But some brands may lack this differentiation.

How to Solve This Confusion:

Like any caring mother, you want what’s best for your children. With varying height and weight, we understand your dilemma.

So here’s what you can do.

When you go shopping for new clothing, be sure to bring your clothing in sizes 5T. This way, you can compare the sizing that each store offers and gain a better understanding of what size you should get.

Are 5T and XS the Same Size?

For 5T and XS sizes, some people claim they are the same, while others claim there’s a difference. The thing is, it all really depends when it comes to size.

Size XS is around a size 4-5. So in fact, XS is smaller than 5T, in most brands.

5T clothes are sometimes wider and shorter than XS, while XS is longer. So if your child’s taller, XS may be the way to go.

Although there are some cases where there really is no difference.

If you’re torn between these two sizes for your child, you should check the measurements provided by the seller, and match it to your child’s weight and height.

What is the Meaning of T

Adding a T, in the end, means that it is toddler size. For example, size 5T would be for 5-year-old toddlers.

The sizes range from 2T to 5T in most brands, which are for 2-year-old children up to 5 years old.

However, the fit of the clothes doesn’t only depend on age, as not all children grow at the same rate.

Why Should We Have Toddler Sizes?

Toddlers and babies tend to have different body proportions from youths and adults. So to get the correct fit for their body size, you need to get something sized for toddlers.

Toddler sizes tend to be wider and shorter, as they are modeled after children, while regular sizes are longer and thinner to fit the body of someone older.

Of course, depending on the brand, this could change.

Is Sizing Important?

Is Sizing Important

As parents, it is tempting to just buy a bigger size for our children so they can grow into their clothes.

But with physical activities, wearing clothes that are the wrong size is not the best idea. So it’s best we get clothes that actually fit our children, and replace them with larger ones as they grow.

For instance, if you get your child pants that are too long, they may end up tripping and hurting themselves. This is something no parent wants.

If your kid fits well in a size 5, for example, but they need clothes that are shorter, going down to a 5T would be a good idea.

Anyway, by doing so, we’d be able to keep them up to date with fashion trends. Fashion is always extra cute on toddlers!

However, it is a good idea, that if they’re bordering between two sizes, to get the size up. This is because they will eventually grow into them.

For example, you can upsize from a size 4T to a size 5T or even a size 6 instead of going for a size 4. They tend to grow fast in both height and weight.

Just don’t go overboard and have your little one wear oversized clothes all the time. You want them to experience the best comfort, and how their clothes fit is a big factor in this.

A Guide on Fitting Garments for Children

If you can’t go to physical stores at the moment with your child, measuring them is the next best thing.

The number before the T stands for their approximate age. For example, size 4T would be for a 4-year-old child, and size 5T would be for a 5-year-old child.

But since not all toddlers are sized the same, you want to size your child’s clothes in relation to their weight and height.

You also need their body measurements as well. This is just to ensure that they get the right fit.

Whether they need T or general toddler clothing sizes really depends on their build.

Below are some possible measurements for sizes 5T and 6. Just like adult clothes, different brands tend to have different measurements for their clothing sizes.

Size 5T Average Sizing Measurements:

Height: 41 – 44″, Weight: 39 – 45 lbs., Chest: 22 – 23″,  Waist: 22 – 22.5″

Size 6 Average Sizing Measurements:

Height: 45-48″, Weight: 43-50 lbs., Waist: 22-22.5″

How to Measure Your Child

How to

Especially if you’re buying clothes for your little one online, make sure you are able to measure them properly. This is just to make sure their clothing fits them well.

Keep in mind your toddler’s weight as well, which you could learn by putting them on a scale. This is important in determining their size.

Here is a quick guide on how to check your child’s measurements:


Measure their height with their feet beside each other. It’s easier to do so if they’re leaning against a wall.


Make sure their hands are relaxed beside them and measure around the widest part of their chest.


When you get the waist measurement, you want to measure near the belly button.

Are There Different Measurements for Boys and Girls?

Boys and Girls

Clothes for girls and boys would have little to no difference in size.

Their height and weight tend not to have differences based on gender. This is because people only develop differences in sizes based on gender when they reach their teenage years.

So if you’re torn on what to choose for a boy or a girl, it mostly just comes down to fashion and preference.

While parents mainly choose what their children wear, one part of their comfort is them enjoying their clothes. So if you want to ask your little one what clothing they like, go ahead!

When Should I Get Bigger Clothes for My Child?

Sometimes it can be hard to tell if your kid’s clothes are getting tight. But you can tell so by looking out for some signs, such as:

  • Short pants
  • Short dresses
  • Being tight around the groin and armpits
  • Shirts that show their belly button
  • Buttons that can’t be unbuttoned

Your child’s height is a big factor in how their clothes fit. Usually, even if they fit well width-wise, if their clothes are too short, it is time to upsize.

If your child is old enough to communicate, you can even ask them if their clothes still fit.

Think of it like this: As a mother, my experience is that my child will start complaining once his clothes are uncomfortable.

What Can I Do When Children Outgrow Their Clothes?

So of course, we want to reduce our waste, and constantly throwing out clothes can be very wasteful. 

Children constantly grow in size, and we find ourselves buying new clothes for them every month. So here are some things you can do with their old clothes.



You can recycle them.

If you know how to weave, you can easily make them into potholders or even a homemade swaddle blanket.

Otherwise, you can use their clothes as rags.

This helps to turn their old clothes into something useful. This would be great, especially if they’re already a size 5T, as they are bigger and therefore have more cloth.

This one is also ideal for stained clothes, as you can’t really give them away anymore.



Something else you can do is donate your old children’s clothes to those in need or to Goodwill.

It can help other parents who need affordable clothes for their children. This can also help children in orphanages.

You can also give old children’s clothes to the other children in your family, like nephews or nieces. Or even use them as hand-me-downs to your smaller children if you have any.

Some Things Before You Go

The quick answer to what clothing size comes after 5T would be size 5. But whether that’s what you need to get your baby next really depends.

  • If you’re getting something for your child to wear, just check the measurements given by the brand. There are many sizing options to choose from, so it won’t be hard to find something to fit your child well.
  • Just take note that the height of your child is the most important measurement you need to get.
  • Unless they’re very large, just referring to a child’s height in the sizing chart should be enough to make sure their clothes fit well.
  • People may have different opinions on which size comes after 5T, but in the end, it really just depends on how your toddler is growing in height and weight.

Good luck finding the best fit for your baby! Just remember to enjoy every moment of them growing up, because they only do so once.


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