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What to Do With Old Baby Clothes: Donate, Sell, Repurpose!

What to Do With Old Baby Clothes- Donate, Sell, Repurpose!

OH NOdid your baby grow bigger already?

What will happen to all the clothes that are too small for them now that they’ve outgrown them?

Do you keep them piled up around the house or give them away?

One great idea could be keeping them if you plan on trying for baby number 2! However, if not, that’s what this guide is for.

You can either DONATE, SELL, or REPURPOSE your old baby clothes!

Table of Contents
Table of Contents

What to Do With Old Baby Clothes: 4 Things You Can Do

1. Donate Old Clothes

1. Donate Old Clothes

Our first suggestion is as simple as donating your old baby clothes. You will help several parents and babies that are struggling in life!

There are a lot of trustworthy organizations that will take your second-hand clothes off your life.

Where to Donate Baby Clothes?

You can check your local nursery or mom-and-toddler groups and ask for details. There are groups as well that stock spare clothing no matter the size!

You may also give them to:

  • Churches – Many churches accept any form of donation, especially many clothes! They pass it on to the members of their congregation or community that need help.
  • Thrift Stores or Goodwill – Donating old and used baby clothes to Goodwill or other thrift stores will make lots of kids and even teens happy. The process is convenient because many thrift stores have drive-thru lanes for donations. You won’t even have to get out of your car!
  • Local Schools – You can ask for help from the PTA or front office to distribute the old baby clothes or even your old clothes to needy students.
  • Animal Shelters – This might be shocking news to you, but animal shelters usually welcome clothing donations to be used as animal bedding and cleaning rags! Instead of tossing your torn and worn-out clothing items that can’t be sold or donated, this is the perfect place! Consider giving your old and used baby clothes and clothing to your local humane society to make the animals’ stay there more comfortable and enjoyable!

Do Charity Shops Take Baby Clothes?

Of course, they do! There are hundreds of charity shops willing to take your old clothing.

Charity shops belong to trustworthy organizations, and you can already find a bunch on the internet.

What Baby Clothes Should NOT Be Donated?

Now hold on, NOT ALL of your old baby clothing should be donated.

We know how bad you want to make more space in your house, but take note of these:

  • Clothes made from inorganic materials (check out this guide on different fabric types for baby clothes)
  • Smelly dirty clothes
  • Undergarments
  • Clothing from discount brands
  • Items with missing labels
  • Homemade/altered items and discount local brand clothing
  • Non-original branded items; i.e., copies/fakes
  • Clothing that shows clear signs of wear like stains from messes, rips, tears, pilling, fading, shrinkage, etc

2. Sell Your Baby’s Old Clothes

2. Sell Your Baby_s Old Clothes

Selling is a HUGE WIN for busy moms, single moms, and working parents. This is also one of the easiest options that you can do.

Plus, it puts money back in your pockets — it’s a 2-in-1! This way, you easily get money and some junk out of your house.

Moms out there buy old or second-hand clothes, and there is a HUGE market for gently-used kids’ clothing.

But where do you sell your old kids’ clothes? Here are some places and sites:

#1 “Cash on the Spot” Consignment Stores

Consignment stores are the easiest way to sell your old kids’ clothes, especially if you sell to one that pays you cash on the spot!

To sell your clothes to these consignment stores, put your clean and folded clothes and take them in.

It’s a store associate who will check your clothes and make you a cash offer for the items they accept.

Like a pawn shop, but for clothes!

#2 True Consignment Stores

Stores that are considered “true” consignment stores take your old clothes WITHOUT paying you upfront.

What’s the difference between this and the cash-on-the-spot consignment stores?

They pay you a set percentage of the selling price for your items AFTER they sell.

If you’re going for this type of store for your old clothes and old baby clothing, be sure to call the stores first.

Some only accept certain items throughout the year, and others require that your clothes be brought in on hangers.

#3 Garage Sales

Everyone loves a good garage sale, especially with lots of cheap clothes!

If you’re willing to open your garage to some deal-hunters, then there is definitely money to be made by selling old clothes.

Some ways that you can use if you’re going for this option:

  1. Put up the greater pieces upfront or hang them better.
  2. Try to lay neatly folded clothes out by size on long tables.
  3. Make sure all options can be clearly seen.
  4. Price all of your items RIGHT.
  5. Have creative and attention-seeking posters.

#4 Online Selling

The online world is also a great place to sell your outgrown clothes and even other stuff!

The process is very easy — you just take pics of the items and outgrown baby clothes and post them online!

It’s that easy for you to use time by being productive when you’re a stay-at-home parent. You can try selling old baby clothes and other items on websites like:

  • Facebook Marketplace
  • eBay
  • Craiglist
  • Depop

Your buyers would typically be local, so we recommend combining like sizes into bundles and selling many items together.

Have creative captions and posts, and don’t forget that you can also sell new items and clothes!

You control what goes on in your online shop, so you do not need to limit yourself to only old baby clothes and things.

3. Repurpose Old Baby Clothes

3. Repurpose Old Baby Clothes

Another way of getting rid of piles of old and used baby clothes is to simply repurpose old adorable clothes!

Repurposing them won’t require you to travel far and wide, only if you need extra materials.

You can repurpose old clothes in different great creative ways that would excite your kids or lighten up your home.

Of course, make sure these clothes are CLEAN and STAIN-FREE before you repurpose them!

Here are some really fun and great ways for repurposing:

#1 Make a Memory Quilt Out of Old Clothes

Make a quilt out of them! No matter the size, make it as big as you want!

Making a quilt out of baby clothes is a great way to repurpose baby clothes that your baby wore when they:

It would be very easy to DIY a memory quilt if you know how to sew.

If not, don’t worry! There are a bunch of YouTube videos that could show you easy tutorials.

However, if you don’t prefer YouTube tutorials, you can do it as a beginner by following a step-by-step memory quilt pattern. It takes practice!

Once you get the hang of it, you can continue making creative ways to make quilts for your family!

#2 Use Old Clothes to Make a Memory Cuddle Buddy

Instead of spending on new stuffed animals, it would be good to make one from SCRATCH with a onesie!

Repurpose baby clothes, especially their old, outgrown baby onesies, by making your baby a new cuddle buddy.

You can repurpose old baby onesies or clothes and use any pattern to make a patchwork memory bear or cuddle buddy. Your babies will treasure it for the rest of their lives!

There are many ideas like this that you can use to create the old clothes of your little one into a keepsake!

#3 Make a Little Christmas Stocking

It may still be far from Christmas, but kids will go nuts over their own Christmas stockings made from their old clothes!

This will help them remember each Christmas time they have, wherein a different Christmas stocking is made from different clothes.

You don’t need Christmas-themed clothes. Think as if each stocking says a different theme! Use any of their ‘first’ baby clothes and be CREATIVE when decorating them afterward.

These keepsakes can be used every time during the holidays and passed on to future generations.

#4 Make Headbands

This one is a sure winner when you have a baby girl in the family! You won’t need to spend money when your babies want headbands.

You can easily DIY headbands using their old clothes! There are also lots of ways how you can style it.

You can cut the elastic waistband out of her pants or leggings and decorate it in roses made from the rest of the material.

It will be their favorite DIY keepsake in no time; plus, it’s FREE!

#5 Create Soft Cute DIY Slippers

Cute slippers are never out of the good ideas when making keepsakes by hand.

The same goes with the rest — you follow the same ways, repurpose old baby clothes, and turn them into slippers!

You can make new slippers out of their favorite color and have them use them all the time!

Pretend as if different patterns and colors say different moods to add some fun.

Your kids will like and appreciate it until they grow old, knowing their parents got creative and made them new flippers!

4. Upcycle Old Clothes as Keepsakes

4. Upcycle Old Clothes as Keepsakes

Like repurposing, upcycling baby clothes allows you to turn outgrown clothes into keepsakes!

You only need your sewing kit to upcycle baby clothes, and you can find an old bunch of clothing and transform it into a keepsake.

Here are some ways you can upcycle baby clothes:

#1 Create a Keepsake Memory Pillow

Find cotton balls in your house and sew a cute keepsake memory pillow.

They get to keep the pillow forever, and they may even find it as a comfort pillow as they grow older.

If you can’t buy them what they want, sew it! It’s totally free to put sentiments on random items at home and give them to your kids.

We assure you, they will get used to this pillow because they will smell themselves from their old clothes.

#2 Frame Old Baby Clothes

As your baby grows older, you will want to look back and see what each piece of clothing they had growing up says about them!

Display your baby’s favorite newborn outfits as they grow older!

Your relatives will be absolutely fond of the baby’s most treasured baby outfits! No better hobby than reminiscing, right?

Each frame and outfit says a different story!

#3 Make Bibs

Once your child is big enough to eat solids, many bibs are needed because meal times WILL get messy.

Bibs are excellent keepsakes, too. You can keep all of them and make them into something else afterward.

Like other personalized ideas, each bib says a different messy meal story!

#4 Make a Ribbon Block

A ribbon block would be a great toy for little ones of all ages.

Aside from your baby’s clothes and garments, you can even get their blankets and sew them into a ribbon block!

The ribbon makes it easier for your little one to grab and give them something to draw their attention.

Plus, the block is soft enough, so it’s great for teething toddlers who tend to bite on their toys.

If you don’t have any batting available, you can fill it with leftover quilt batting or even old blankets.

What Do I Do With Baby Clothes That No Longer Fit?

What Do I Do With Baby Clothes That No Longer Fit--

You can do whatever you want with it; you are the parent, you call the shots!

You can either consider:

  • Donating them? Yep!
  • Selling them? Yep!
  • Repurpose them? Yep!
  • Upcycle as a keepsake? Yep!

There are honestly lots of ways to get rid of piles of outgrown baby clothes at home. It’s up to you to deal with it in a creative way.

You can turn them into anything your kid may want or turn them into a keepsake.

If you know someone who needs them, you can simply pass them down! Make sure that no one in your family will use them again.

Should I Keep Baby Clothes to Be Hand-Me-Downs in the Future?

Should I Keep Baby Clothes to Be Hand-Me-Downs in the Future-

Keeping them can both be a BLESSING and a CURSE, but this decision will also depend on your family plans.

  • It may be a good idea if you are trying for more babies after your only one.
  • It could also be a great idea if you are also trying to save money.

However, you must know that not all should be given as hand-me-downs for sanitary purposes

If you decide to keep them, they will continue to stay within your house, which was not the original plan. You might as well come up with ways to organize them!


Wrapping it all up, you can either start selling, repurposing, upcycling, or passing on old baby clothing to your friends.

Keep in mind that your goal here is to get rid of piles of baby clothing in your home.

If you decide to hold onto them, make sure they will be put to use, whether as a new item or for your next baby.

We know how it isn’t easy to give away your favorite baby garment, but it’s for the better.

Hopefully, you could find a new purpose for all of your baby’s old garments. Off you go!


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