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8 Best Montessori Beds for Toddlers + How to Transition

8 Best Montessori Beds for Toddlers + How to Transition

Many parents have found the Montessori philosophy to speak the truth about children and how you should take care of them to prepare them as they step out into the world.

We can start this by training them to tuck themselves on their beds independently.

Where do you start?

You can start by giving your child their OWN BED suited to their needs. Give them a low couch resting practically upon the floor.

This will give your child freedom of movement and help them develop independence.

To know the best floor bed for your kid, I will review the best of all Montessori floor beds in the market today.




Zipadee Kids Montessori Floor Bed

Sydney Toddler Bed – West Elm

South Shore – Sweedi Toddler Bed


Zipadee Kids Montessori Floor Bed


Sydney Toddler Bed – West Elm


South Shore – Sweedi Toddler Bed

Table of Contents
Table of Contents

8 Best Montessori Beds for Toddlers

There are more than a few options on Montessori low beds for toddlers. They all come in different shapes and sizes.

I have listed eight Montessori beds you can choose from for a typical child’s bed.

1. Zipadee Kids Montessori Floor Bed


Zipadee Kids Montessori Floor Bed

Zipadee Kids Montessori Floor Bed is US-made with sturdy hardwood.

This is the best OVERALL kid’s low bed as it comes in three sizes and can be used for YEARS! It can be a good hand-me-down to your next child.

The versatile style comes in queen-size or twin-size mattress options for the coziest spot in the house.

This bed with rails can keep little ones from rolling out and can be purchased with or without a riser.

You can have as many or few rails as you wish and can even get risers to get it off the ground.


  • It is sturdy and durable.
  • It has an incredible design and great quality.
  • It comes in multiple sizes (queen, twin, or full size)


  • It can take quite a bit to assemble
  • The price for each is a bit high compared to the others.

2. Sydney Toddler Bed – West Elm


Sydney Toddler Bed - West Elm

Among other toddler beds, this is my best VALUE PICK! These materials ensure a STURDY and DURABLE bed for a sleeping child!

It is also GREENGUARD Gold certified, which means your baby will be safe from toxic chemicals, ensuring your baby’s health while sleeping in comfort.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Used environment-friendly materials
  • Great design and is perfectly sized for growing kids


  • The baby mattress is sold separately.
  • It is on the expensive side.

3. South Shore – Sweedi Toddler Bed


South Shore - Sweedi Toddler Bed

I LOVE this unique and modern bed frame! It adds an exciting element of fun to any room!

What’s more exciting is that it comes at an AFFORDABLE price.

This bed features an open-frame design with a white finish so you and your child can decorate it the way you like.

A Scandinavian house bed has a house-style frame that is trendy and fun, allowing your child to enjoy more of their time in their bedroom.

It is also made of solid natural poplar and meets all safety standards to ensure that your child sleeps soundly.


  • It is affordable and durable
  • Has a sleek design that kids will love
  • Has a solid natural poplar that’s proven safe


  • Not very easy to assemble
  • Tools are not included in the package

4. Sprout Floor Bed

Sprout Floor Bed

Here’s a beautiful and sturdy bed from Sprout’s Montessori Floor Bed! Unlike other baby beds, this one is easy to assemble, and your kid can participate.

The Sprout kids mattress is 6-8 inches long and has two low sides. This height is just right for a toddler to climb on and get off the bed without any problem!

This bed is available in three sizes (crib, twin, or full size).

Your baby’s twin mattress will fit and is even big enough to accommodate parents who want to tend to their infants. I can vouch that it was VERY comfy!

On top of that, the sprout’s floor bed is FLIPPABLE! It will be used even when your child grows as it transitions into a bigger bed.


  • Easy to assemble
  • You can flip it to use the other side.
  • Available in three sizes and big enough to accommodate parents


  • Shipping and delivery might take a while
  • The price is a bit expensive

5. Linenspa Memory Foam

Linenspa Memory Foam

A memory foam mattress is one of the best mattresses for a floor bed. This gives reliable support to a traditional innerspring mattress, perfect for a house bed.

This LinenSpa Memory foam is an 8-inch queen (medium-firm) mattress with durable steel coils.

Its evenly distributed weight and cushioning memory foam minimizes pressure and conform to the body, so you can be sure your child is comfortable even when rolling over a lot.

This also offers a more accessible lower height so your child can easily climb up INDEPENDENTLY.


  • Affordable price
  • Can be delivered fast
  • It has durable coils and is perfect for growing toddlers


  • Foam only; bed frame is sold separately
  • Quality is a so-so

6. HOMEforDREAMS Montessori Toddler Floor Bed With Slats

Montessori Toddler Floor Bed With Slats

This is the most COMMON style of Montessori floor beds with slats.

I would call this bed a “very sophisticated baby jail” because it is like a crib but low enough for the baby to climb on.

It is designed with 360-degree rails meant to be used for infants and growing toddlers.

This high-quality floor bed is made with polished high-class aspen and alder wood. You will know that it is SAFE and CLASSY with its velvety finish.

What’s good about it is that it comes in different sizes (crib to queen-size) at an affordable price!


  • Fully closeable
  • Made from sustainable materials
  • Has an affordable price for such a classy design


  • The latch isn’t super attractive
  • It takes a while to be assembled

7. Coble Twin Solid Wood Floor Bed

Coble Twin Solid Wood Floor Bed

To make your child’s bedtime more enjoyable and magical, this little tent-like tiny bed is perfect for your baby. It’s one of my favorites!

With this solid wood twin-size bed, you’ll have your baby feeling like camping indoors.

The tent is removable and machine-washable with a safe roll-up entrance door.

This product is neither expensive nor very cheap. It can be just right if you’re looking for a fun way to design your child’s bedroom.


  • Easy to put together
  • The tent is removable and washable
  • A cute hideaway and adds magic to your kid’s playtime


  • No bed slats
  • It can be expensive for some

8. Pottery Barn Kids – Cushy Upholstered Platform Corner Bed

Pottery Barn Kids - Cushy Upholstered Platform Corner Bed

Luxury is the first thing that comes to mind when you see this bed, but immediately after that, you can see how this cushioned platform bed would be a great, safe space to land.

The walls and base have dense cushions covered in eco-friendly, easy-to-clean fabrics.

When your child is older, this bed can also be a chic daybed/sofa combination for lounging!

Classic twin-size Pottery Barn style comes in a ton of fabrics, each one more gorgeous than the last. This is a good investment, as this can be a good option for a toddler or an older child.


  • Luxury and safety in one
  • Great for growing toddlers
  • This has multiple purposes


  • It is quite expensive
  • It has only one option for frame size

What Is a Montessori Floor Bed?

What Is a Montessori Floor Bed?

The concept of a Montessori floor bed is a bed placed on the floor or low to the ground so a child can safely climb in and out of it by themselves.

Simply put, it is a crib mattress placed directly on the floor or a mattress in a bed frame.

For a young child under two, a FIRM crib mattress is suggested to be used. You can also use a mattress from Naturepedic!

You’ll be surprised by the difference mattresses can make!

A floor bed helps your child to fall asleep whenever they please and encourages them to explore their independence.

Confinement in a crib will suppress the child’s freedom of movement and vision, restricting their experiences.

With a Montessori bed in his own room, you’re allowing your child to explore on his own!

How to Transition to a Montessori Floor Bed

How to Transition to a Montessori Floor Bed

There isn’t a concrete age you should start transitioning your child to a floor bed; it only depends on when you feel your child is ready.

However, most followers of the Montessori method recommend the transition between the ages of five and ten months.

This age is when they start to sit up and move by themselves.

An important thing to note when transitioning is that you must ensure that the bedroom and the bed are SAFE for your child’s age.

If you start when they’re very young, you must install a short rail around the floor bed to prevent injuries when they start to crawl or roll out of bed.

You shouldn’t wait until they’re older as they may struggle to adjust to a new bed, disrupting their sleeping patterns.

Choosing a Montessori Floor Bed

Picking the right floor bed for your baby may seem overwhelming with the many types, sizes, and styles.

To help you in choosing the best one, here are two useful tips.

1. Choose the Right Mattress

Choose the Right Mattress

ORGANIC mattresses should be your TOP CHOICE when choosing a mattress for your child’s room.

Keep your baby’s Montessori floor beds safe by choosing certified non-toxic ones.

As to the size, choose a BIGGER mattress to fit a bigger bed so you can accommodate your child in the bed when you bond.

2. Examine the Design (Base, Rails, and Size)

Examine the Design (Base, Rails, and Size)

When you choose the right bed, see that you examine the base, rails, and materials used, as this will affect the child’s overall experience in a Montessori floor bed.

A trundle bed is good, but the goal is to be as close to the ground as possible to allow the child to climb up easily and get down.

Choose a Montessori bed that has a base low to the ground.

Make sure you choose a Montessori bed that is designed specifically to allow the child to move freely without you worrying about their safety (unlike a traditional crib).

To ensure the bed is safe, choose the ones with bed frames made with polished high-class aspen and engineered wood.

These materials are considered durable and classy at the same time!

Benefits of a Floor Bed for Young Children

Benefits of a Floor Bed for Young Children

More and more parents have been practicing the use of floor beds as they have discovered the benefits their children can get from doing so.

Here are some BENEFITS both you and your child might see from implementing a floor bed for your child.

  • It is cheaper than a crib as you only need a mattress (a big FINANCIAL benefit).
  • It will improve your child’s outlook on bedtime, as some children find bedtime a struggle.
  • Having their own sleep space will increase the child’s sense of independence.
  • It allows the child to move freely (improving motor skills and body awareness).
  • One bed can be used by your infant child up until they grow a bit bigger.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about floor beds.

What’s the Philosophy Behind the Montessori Floor Beds?

Dr. Maria Montessori coined the philosophy behind the Montessori floor beds.

The Montessori method believed that children thrive when given the freedom of movement and the chance of independent learning.

The purpose of a Montessori bed is to help build the child’s independence and maturity. Montessori floor beds should allow the child to fall asleep by himself whenever they please.

What Type of Mattress Is Best for a Montessori Bed?

The best type of mattress best for a Montessori floor bed is a memory foam mattress.

Memory foam mattresses are environment-friendly and free from harmful chemicals.

You can be sure that your baby’s room is SAFE from toxins!

Ideally, standard crib mattresses are the best bed for your toddler if they are younger than 12 months, as it is firmer than regular mattresses.

Are Montessori Beds Safe?

Montessori floor beds are safe in general! It comforts toddlers and allows them to rest whenever they please.

However, experts say floor beds can be dangerous if they are not set up correctly and not properly safety-proofed.

It is recommended to remember these useful tips to ensure that the room is child-proof.

  1. Install safety gates on high windows and stairs.
  2. Place the mattress away from walls or furniture.
  3. Keep potentially dangerous toys away from your child’s reach.
  4. Use a baby monitor to check out how your kid’s doing whenever you can.
  5. Put bed rails on the floor bed to keep the toddler from hitting his head hard in case he rolls.
  6. Avoid placing stuffed animals with buttons or tiny things attached to them that might fall off.

My Favorite Picks

My Favorite Picks

Here are my top three picks among the eight baby beds I mentioned above.

Best Budget Pick – (South Sore) Sweedi Toddler Bed

I chose this as the best budget pick as it has a stylish feature and white finish, giving you that elegant but cheerful vibe. All this at a SUPER AFFORDABLE price!

Additionally, this product is for you if you want a great quality time with your child decorating.

You and your child will enjoy your time together decorating the frame that matches the theme of your baby’s entire room.

Best Value – Sydney Toddler Bed (West Elm)

Although this one is a bit pricey, the feature makes the price reasonable!

It is also GREENGUARD Gold certified, which means your baby will be safe from toxic chemicals, ensuring your baby’s health while sleeping in comfort.

Best Overall – Zipadee Kids Montessori Floor Bed

Its exclusive features and reasonable price point really make sense!

You can surely trust that this US-made bed is made with sturdy hardwood and can be used for years to come.

This can be a good hand-me-down for baby number two.

If money is not a problem, this is for you! It is luxury, safety, and comfort in one!


Make your child’s bedroom a place of comfort, safety, and fun! Give them the best Montessori-style bed that will give them freedom of movement.

These beds are perfect for getting your baby ready for the big kid bed!

Have your child sleep in a nice and comfortable Montessori floor bed, put a carpet underneath, and keep the bedroom a safe zone.

Do all these to ensure your babies grow healthy HOLISTICALLY!

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Angelica Graham

A few years ago, Angelica found out about all the plastic and toxic ingredients that got into most children’s products. And this worried her to no end. Because of this, she began to research what the best ingredients and materials were for children and made it her mission to share this information with other mothers.