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8 Best Nap Mats for Toddlers, Preschool, & Daycare Centers

8 Best Nap Mats for Toddlers, Preschool, Daycare

Nap time is an essential part of any toddler or baby’s day.

Besides their nighttime sleeping, nap time is the best way to ensure that your baby is getting enough shut eye for their healthy growth and development!

Whether your toddler is at home, at the daycare, at school, or is traveling, your little one needs a comfy and reliable toddler nap mat or rest mat.

In this list, we picked a bunch of the best toddler nap mats you can find in the market today.

Some of nap mats are thick and comfy for any toddler, while others are soft and have wonderful designs that any child would love!

Best for Cots
Our Pick
Memory Foam Option
Urban Infant Tot Cot
Wildkin Original Nap Mat
My First Nap Mat
Best for Cots
Urban Infant Tot Cot
Our Pick
Wildkin Original Nap Mat
Memory Foam Option
My First Nap Mat
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

8 Best Nap Mats

1. Wildkin Original Nap Mat


Our Pick - wildkin

With thousands of positive reviews and a wide range of designs, the Wildkin Original Nap Mat is a popular GO-TO nap mat that a lot of parents can vouch for!

This Wildkin nap mat comes with an attached blanket and removable pillow insert, making it super comfy for any toddler in any situation.

The blanket is also lined with 100% cotton and polyester flannel, making it softer and comfier!

The base and built in pillow are filled with a 100 cotton and polyester fill blend. It’s soft, lightweight, and breathable.

With this kind of material, these Wildkin nap mats are also machine washable. This is a plus for a lot of moms because it helps the nap mat stay as fresh and clean as possible!

It’s filled with enough of this material to have a thickness of 1.5 inches. This isn’t the thickest of the bunch, but it still gets the job done as a comfy nap mat with pillow and head support.

It will roll up easily with its attached velcro straps, making it easy to bring around. It’ll work well for sleepovers, camping, and whenever your child has to bring it to school or the daycare!

This best toddler nap mat is a recipient of Mom’s Choice Award, so rest assured that this is a recognized product of high-quality! Many childcare centers like to use this for their little ones.

On top of that, this nap mat is also FREE of any BPA, phthalates, zippers, and it’s hypoallergenic too. This is a safe and reliable toddler nap mat that won’t cause any harm to your little one!

If you’re looking for more girly designs, Wildkin also offers a bunch of designs that might suit your little girl’s taste.

There are plenty of nap mats to choose from for both boys and girls!


  • Nap mat with pillow and attached blanket
  • 100% machine washable
  • Velcro straps and carrying handle makes it portable and easy to carry
  • Easy to store and easy to roll up
  • Wide range of designs for boys and girls


  • Not water-resistant/waterproof
  • Thickness might not be comfortable for some toddlers
  • The attached blanket makes it a hazard for infants

2. Urban Infant Tot Cot All-in-One Nap Mat


Urban Infant

This isn’t exactly a toddler nap mat, but it’s an ALL-IN-ONE solution because you can use this as bedding for cots in school or daycare, or even on top of any foam nap mat.

You just have to wrap it on top of either of these surfaces and your child will have a comfier and more pleasant nap mat time.

It also has a carrying handle when you roll up the mat. It’s easy to carry, and your little one will have no problem bringing it to school or daycare!

This all-in-one nap mat also has a removable built in pillow and attached blanket. These will work perfectly if you have a bare foam nap mat that isn’t as soft or comfy.

This nap mat is made of a cotton and polyester blend, so it’s also lightweight, breathable, and machine washable.

The material also doesn’t contain any flame retardants, latex, BPA, and phthalates. This is a SAFE and NON-TOXIC toddler nap mat, and it also has several recognitions!

It’s a recipient of the Mom’s Choice Awards, National Parenting Product Award, and the National Parenting Seal of Approval. You can trust that this product is a great pick-up for any parent!

For some of its bonus features, it has a small pocket to keep a stuffed animal inside, a name tag, and it’s a longer nap mat than usual with a length of 52 inches.

On the downside, since it’s made to be used as bedding, it’s not the thickest nap mat you can find.

We don’t recommend using it on its own because your child will probably find it flat and uncomfortable.


  • Attaches to any cot and foam nap mat
  • Easy to carry and maintain
  • Has no chemicals
  • The longer length makes it suitable for taller toddlers
  • 11 different designs to choose from


  • Too thin to use on its own
  • Not waterproof/water-resistant
  • The attached blanket makes it unsuitable for infants

3. My First Nap Mat Premium Memory Foam Nap Mat


Memory Foam

If you’re looking for a super comfy toddler nap mat that uses memory foam, this is the product you’re looking for!

This premium memory foam nap mat is made of high-quality polyurethane memory foam. Polyurethane foam is usually highly toxic and not recommended for children.

Although, since this has a CertiPUR-US certification, it’s a safe foam that doesn’t contain any volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and flame retardant chemicals!

This nap mat is easy to handle and carry around too!

Any child can roll up and secure it using its velcro straps and velcro closure, and it also has a carrying handle.

This nap mat also comes with a removable pillow, making it comfy for any toddler. On the downside, it doesn’t come with a blanket, so you’ll have to provide the blanket yourself.

Mixed in with the memory foam nap mat is also a cooling gel foam that helps prevent any overheating!

This nap mat is machine washable and easy to maintain, but it’s not waterproof, which could be a downside for children who often wet their toddler bed.

The outer material also has a velvet finish, which makes it feel super soft, but it also makes it super slippery. Your child should be careful when standing up on top of this nap mat!

As a bonus for daycare or school use, this nap mat also comes with a name tag.

You can choose from four different colors, which isn’t a lot, but the variety should be enough to work for any toddler!


  • Memory foam nap mats are good for most toddlers
  • Cooling gel foam helps with temperature regulation
  • Non-toxic and safe daycare nap mat
  • Machine washable and easy to maintain
  • Comes with a name tag


  • Nap mat doesn’t come with a blanket
  • Can be slippery
  • Only a half-inch thick mat
  • Not waterproof/water-resistant

4. Hi Sprout Lightweight and Soft Nap Mat

Best Nap Mat for Sensitive Skin

Hi Sprout

If you’re not too comfortable with synthetic materials like polyester, then this cotton nap mat is your best bet.

The surface of this nap mat is made of 100% cotton, while only the filling is made of polyester.

If your child has sensitive skin, this is a good combination to ensure that your baby’s skin only makes contact with the cotton. It’ll also still be lightweight and breathable because of the polyester filling!

This nap mat only weighs about three pounds, and it has built-in buckle clips to keep it secure when it’s rolled up.

Your child will find this nap mat easy to bring around anywhere!

This nap mat also comes with an attached pillow and blanket, which are also cotton on the outside and polyester on the inside.

With both being attached, this makes it more convenient to bring along for travel or camping trips!

You can also easily clean this nap mat because it’s machine washable. Just toss the entire thing inside and you’re good to go!

This nap mat is one of the comfiest and softest on this list, and we’re sure your toddler will have no problem falling asleep on this nap mat.

It’s one of the MOST RECOMMENDED nap mats for kids. Plus, it also has a bunch of wonderful designs to choose from!


  • Works great for toddlers with sensitive skin
  • Lightweight and easy to carry nap mat
  • Built-in blanket and pillow makes it more convenient
  • Machine washable and has no chemicals
  • Several cute designs to choose from


  • Not waterproof/water-resistant
  • Might be difficult to buckle for your toddler
  • Not a removable pillow and blanket

5. Disney Toddler Nap Mat

Disney Designs Option


If your toddler loves to watch Disney movies or has a favorite Disney character, then it’s hard not to recommend this Disney-themed nap mat!

You can find some Disney designs like Toy Story, Moana, Frozen, Cars, Mickey and Minnie Mouse, and even Star Wars!

Some of these designs will be perfect for some kids, and lying down on their favorite character will help them feel more secure, comfortable, and relaxed during nap mat time!

This toddler nap mat is 100% made of polyester microfiber material, and it has a super soft and luxurious quilted finish for a sleeping surface.

It’s also washing machine washable, so it’ll be easy to keep it clean and fresh.

This nap mat comes with an attached pillow and blanket too, making it more convenient to bring along wherever your child goes.

The blanket also has a fleece blanket finish which feels soft and cozy!

Your toddler can easily roll up this toddler nap mat and secure it with velcro shoulder straps, and it comes with a carrying handle as well.

It becomes really compact when packed up, so it’s perfect to bring along for any trip!


  • Special Disney designs
  • Comes with a blanket and attached pillow
  • Quilted and fleece blanket finishes make it feel softer and cozier
  • Machine washable
  • Compact and travel-friendly when rolled up


  • Your child’s favorite Disney character might not be available
  • Some parents found it too short for older toddlers
  • Not waterproof/water-resistant
  • Thin and has a thickness of 0.75 inches
  • Not a removable pillow and blankets

6. Milliard Toddler Nap Mat

Comfiest Foam Nap Mat


Moving on to the standard foam nap mats on this list, the Milliard Toddler Nap Mat is the comfiest foam you can find!

Having a foam filling, this kind of nap mat is best to use directly on the floor. This toddler nap mat is also three inches thick; it’s the thickest mat on this list!

This is perfect to use for all sorts of situations as a temporary sleeping space.

Your toddler can use this nap mat comfortably for travel, at home, during sleepovers, at school, and even at the daycare!

The foam is also CertiPUR-US certified, so don’t worry about any toxic chemicals harming your little one. This best toddler nap mat is safe, comfy, and cozy for all situations.

This nap mat also comes with a fitted, machine washable bamboo cover. Bamboo is a natural material that’s temperature-regulating, breathable, and hypoallergenic!

On the downside, this nap mat isn’t waterproof nor water-resistant, so your child should be careful not to cause any spills or a temper tantrum.

These stackable mats also fold into three segments, so it’s easy to set up and pack away. Although it won’t be the most compact to bring around.

It also doesn’t have a handle, so you might have to help your child carry it if you’re planning on using it for school or the daycare.

This mat comes with a carrying case though, but it’s still not the easiest to bring around.

Since it’s designed like a standard mat, it doesn’t come with a blanket or pillow. It’s perfectly comfortable on its own, but your child will probably still need a blanket and pillow to fall asleep better.

This also has a length of 57 inches, which is great for taller toddlers. It will also work great as a permanent mat inside your home!

You can use this as a reading corner inside your little one’s room, or you can occasionally place it in the living room when you’re having family movie nights!


  • Comfy and thick mat that’s machine washable
  • Works well for taller toddlers
  • Non-toxic and approved by CertiPUR-US
  • Bamboo fitted sheet gives great natural properties
  • Easy to assemble and pack away


  • Not waterproof/water-resistant
  • Not anti-bacterial
  • Can be difficult to carry and bring around
  • Bulky when it’s folded
  • Doesn’t come with a removable pillow or blanket

7. KinderMat Daydreamer Rest Mat

Easiest to Maintain


If you want a SIMPLE, LOW-MAINTENANCE rest nap mat that will get the job done, then this is a great product you can go for!

The inside of this mat is made of dense foam that’s firm but still comfortable. On the outside, it has a plastic vinyl finish that’s waterproof and can be sanitized easily.

For little spills and messes, you can just wipe it with a damp cloth and you’re good! Although occasionally, you should also wipe it with soap water to completely clean it and keep it in top condition.

What’s unique about this foam nap mat is that it has heat-sealed edges around it. You don’t have to worry about any moisture, dust mites, or any other bacteria getting inside the mat!

This helps make the nap mat more DURABLE and long-lasting, so it gives great value for its price tag too.

This toddler nap mat is also suitable for babies because of its firmness and lack of loose bedding that can be a breathing hazard.

However, we still recommend infants to sleep inside a bassinet or a firm mattress. This is just a suitable alternative you can depend on when you’re not at home.

These stackable mats are divided into four segments, which makes it easy to fold and unfold. Although, it’s not compact when folded, and it’ll be bulky and difficult to carry around.

This rest mat is 2 inches thick. It’s thick enough to be comfy on the floor, while still being low enough to not be a risk when a baby falls off.

On the downside, when it comes to mats with vinyl surfaces, it’s common for it to feel “scratchy” and uncomfortable.

It also doesn’t come with any blanket and pillow, so you’ll probably have to prepare a separate pillow, blanket, and bedsheet to make this the most comfortable as possible.


  • Suitable for babies
  • Anti-bacterial and easy to wipe clean
  • Easy to fold and unfold
  • Waterproof nap mat
  • No harsh chemicals


  • Bulky when folded
  • You can’t machine wash it
  • Doesn’t come with any blanket or removable pillow
  • The vinyl surface can feel uncomfortable
  • Not the most comfortable nap mat

8. Angeles Rest Nap Mat

Best Foam Mat for Daycare


If you work at a daycare center or want to provide toddler nap mats to a preschool or daycare, this is a great product to consider.

You can purchase the Angeles Rest Nap Mat in two variants. One is the 3-fold that’s 1-inch thick, and the other is a 4-fold that’s 2-inches thick.

You can get the 3-fold variant in a pack of 10, while the 4-fold variant offers a pack of 5. With one purchase, you can provide a bunch of foam nap mats that are suitable for 5-10 children!

Not only is purchasing this nap mat convenient, but it’s a convenient foam nap mat to maintain as well.

The inside is made of soft foam that provides enough comfort for a toddler, and the outside is made of heavy-duty vinyl.

You’ll just need a damp cloth and soap water and you’re done. This nap mat is easy to clean for anyone!

You also don’t have to worry about any germs and bacteria infecting this nap mat. Angeles uses radio frequency vinyl welding technology.

This completely seals all seams and prevents any liquid, moisture, and bacteria from getting inside and contaminating the foam mat!

Another feature that makes this perfect for daycare use is that it comes with a name tag attachment. It also has two different colors for each side.

This is also a great feature for daycare for organization and child personalization. It’s what makes it a stellar nap mat!


  • Offers multipack purchases
  • Has 3-fold and 4-fold variants
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Anti-bacterial and durable nap mat
  • Easy to fold and unfold


  • Might not have the comfiest surface
  • You can’t machine wash it
  • Doesn’t come with a blanket or pillow
  • Can be bulky to bring around

Choosing the Best Nap Mats



Nap mats can come in different materials and fabrics.

A nap mat for your little one should feel comfy and cozy, so take a look at the common material blends that most nap mat manufacturers make use of.

Cotton and Poly-Blends

Some nap mats are filled with cotton, microfiber, and other polyester blend materials.

These usually have cute designs, are machine washable, and feel softer and similar to how a pillow or sleeping bag would feel. Getting something machine washable will surely give you an easier time.

These aren’t the most durable, and they can flatten and be worn out over time.

However, these are usually the comfiest for napping and you can always keep it fresh and clean after cleaning it using a washing machine!


A nap mat can also be filled with foam and have a plastic exterior. These are easier to maintain since you can just wipe down and sanitize the surface instantly.

These are a lot more durable and long-lasting too!

These nap mats are ideal for daily, heavy-use, and it’s also great for sharing between children.

On the downside, it might not be the comfiest for sleeping. It’s also possible that the surface would feel “scratchy” and uncomfortable.

To add to that, the plastic exterior used is usually vinyl (PVC). This can be a harmful nap mat material for your little one.

A 100% organic and non-toxic nap mat is hard to come by, so the best you can do is cover them up with organic bedsheets instead.

These bedsheets can also make these mats more comfortable for your little one.

Some mats might also contain polyurethane foam, especially if it’s a memory foam nap mat. Polyurethane foam is a material that should be a red flag for any parent.

This petroleum-based substance can be filled with all sorts of toxic chemicals like VOCs, formaldehyde, and flame retardants. It would be best to go for mats that are Certipur-US Certified.


The size of the toddler nap mat is something you should double-check before making a purchase.

If you have a very large child, you might have trouble finding an appropriate size for a toddler nap mat.

However, most toddler nap mats are designed to be big enough for any toddler or child in kindergarten, daycare, or preschool.

Just to be sure, it would be best to take note of the dimensions of the product before making a nap mat purchase.

Compare it to the height of your little one and check if it will fit well!

Portability and Easy Storage

Unless you’re planning on permanently placing a nap mat inside your home, it would be great to have a nap mat that’s built for portability and easy storage.

Some nap mats are foldable into three or four different segments, while others are a roll-up mat type.

There are also some nap mats that come with a carrying handle when rolled up or folded to make it easy to carry!

These kinds of nap mats are perfect for traveling and camping trips, but they’ll also be convenient when your toddler brings a nap mat to school or the daycare.


If the nap mat is uncomfortable for your little one, then it defeats the purpose of a nap mat!

You want to make sure to get a COMFORTABLE nap mat that your child can easily sleep on.

The best nap mats for softness and comfort are usually made of cotton or poly-blends. These kinds of mats can also have an additional pillow and blanket!

The pillow or blanket can either be attached or removable, but as long as it comes with the nap mat, then that’s a HUGE PLUS for the comfort of your toddler!

If ever you go for a nap mat that has no pillow and blanket, you could always use ones of your own. However, it would be more of a hassle to bring around since it’s not attached to the nap mat.

The thickness of a nap mat is also a factor for its comfort. The best nap mat would be something that’s thick enough but still comfortable.

Foam mats are usually thicker, so it would be less likely for your child to feel the floor when lying down. The best nap mat you can get is something that supports their whole body, neck, and head.

Although, some mats have surfaces that aren’t soft and comfortable.

A quick solution to this is to put a bedsheet over it. You can also toss in a pillow and blanket since foam mats usually don’t come with them too. 

Easy to Clean

If your child will use a nap mat every day, it’s important to keep it as CLEAN as possible.

For cotton, microfiber, and poly-blend nap mats, these are usually machine-washable. This is a great way to clean a nap mat to make sure it smells good and stays fresh for a long time!

Some babies are prone to wetting their beds, so having a sleeping mat that parents can machine-wash is great.

The best nap mat shouldn’t give you a hard time when cleaning!

However, these kinds of mats are also not waterproof nor water-resistant. They’re also prone to stains if ever anything spills on them.

For foam mats, these nap mats aren’t machine washable, but they’re usually easy to wipe clean. Most of these nap mats have a plastic exterior, specifically vinyl, that makes it waterproof.

When Will I Need to Use a Nap Mat?


Some of you might be wondering when or where to use nap mats. Some of you might even wonder if you still need to use them at all!

Nap mats are handy tools you can use for all sorts of activities.

Nap Time

Primarily, you’ll be using nap mats for the daily naps of your child.

Sleep is essential for a toddler, and you might not always achieve the recommended number of hours in a day.

Afternoon naps are perfect to make up for lost hours for your child’s nighttime sleeping, and nap mats can be the best way to go.

“But can’t my child just use their crib or toddler bed to take naps?”

That’s a good question, and the answer is yes, they can still use their nighttime sleeping space to have naps.

However, whether you like it or not, your child will have to learn how to sleep on a nap mat anyway.

If your child is at the daycare or when they’ll have nap times at pre-school or kindergarten, a nap mat would be essential!

If your child only knows how to sleep inside their cribs or toddler beds, this could make it more difficult for them to adjust to napping at the daycare or at school.

Other Uses

Other than for nap time, your child can also use nap mats for other activities like sleepovers, camping, a reading corner, a comfy lounging space, a small play space, and even for travel.

When you visit their grandparents’ house, stay in a hotel, or go on a vacation, you can bring a nap mat with you and continue using it for any of the uses we stated above!

What Age Can My Child Use a Nap Mat?

What Age

Nap mats are safe to use for all sorts of situations, as long as your child is at least 12 months old.

0 to 12 Months

Infants younger than 12 months should never nap or sleep on a nap mat because it’s not the safest way for them to sleep.

The nap mat might not be firm enough, and it also doesn’t have any boundaries on the sides for safety.

The best way for infants to sleep or nap is to use a bassinet, a crib with a firm mattress, or a pack and play!

12 Months to 24 Months (1 to 2 Years Old)

Once your baby reaches the 1-year mark, it would be safer for them to use nap mats, but it’s still not the most recommended time to do so.

It’s still risky for your 1-year-old baby to sleep on a nap mat because they’re still not protected with any boundaries on the side.

You should also avoid nap mats with a pillow or blanket if ever you do get a nap mat. A pillow or blanket can still be a breathing hazard for younger babies.

A removable pillow would be a good compromise since you can detach it first and then use it later on when your little one gets older.

Settling for bare pack and plays and cribs is still your safest option in this age range.

2 Years Old to 3 Years Old

When your baby finally turns 2 years old, they’re at an age group where they can already follow instructions and act independently.

They’ll understand that their nap mat is a dedicated space for them to stay in.

If they’re at the daycare, it’ll be easier for them to stay in their commonplace instead of wandering around!

This also applies to when they’re at kindergarten, daycare or preschool age range. Your little one will be surrounded by other toddlers that have nap mats during nap time.

It will be more natural for them to use the right nap mat, and you’ll end up worrying less if your baby feels comfy using them.

Daycare or preschool ages are the PERFECT age range for a nap mat!

They’ll also feel more secure knowing that they have a nap mat of their own. This is a great motivator to make transitioning to other sleeping surfaces easier for your child!

Pre-School Age and Above

Even when your child outgrows nap mats and doesn’t need as much daily nap times anymore, nap mats can still be useful for them.

If your child will have sleepovers, they can bring their own nap mats with them.

You can also bring these nap mats with you if you go on camping trips no matter what their age range!

You can also place a nap mat permanently inside your child’s room. They can use it as a reading nook, or they can just lounge around and play with some of their toys!

When you have family movie nights in the living room, you can also place a nap mat on the floor to make things more comfortable.

What Are the Benefits of Nap Mats?

Aside from their nighttime sleep, nap time is one of the most important daily activities that contribute to your child’s healthy growth and development.

Having a nap mat is a perfect way to encourage your child to take naps throughout the day!

The younger your child is, the more times they’ll need to take a nap in a day to reach a healthy number of hours of sleeping time.

Here’s a handy chart that shows the recommended hours of nighttime, nap time, and total hours of sleep for your little one:

AgeNighttime SleepNap Time SleepTotal Sleep
Newborn to 4 months8 to 9 hours7 to 9 hours (3 to 5 naps)16 to 18 hours
4 to 12 months9 to 10 hours4 to 5 hours (2 to 3 naps)12 to 16 hours
1 to 2 years11 hours 2 to 3 hours (2 naps)11 to 14 hours
3 to 5 years10 to 13 hours0 to 1 hours (1 nap)10 to 13 hours
6 to 12 years10 to 11 hoursNot applicable9 to 12 hours

These can vary depending on your child, but it’s a good estimate you can use as a basis.

Naps also usually stop when your child reaches 5 years of age.

However, even when your child stops taking naps, nap mats can still be beneficial. You can use them for other activities like sleepovers, camping, and to make spaces more comfortable around the house!


From all the wonderful baby products on this list, our pick for the best toddler nap mat for your child would be the Wildkin Original Nap Mat. This mat is soft, comfy, easy to manage, and it has dozens of different designs that will work for any child!

For those with cots or have a child who goes to a nursery with cots, then the Urban Infant Tot Cot All-in-One Nap Mat is a mat we highly recommended. This can turn any nap cot into a comfortable makeshift bed, and your little one will have no problem with any discomfort!

If absolute comfort is something you’re looking for, then the My First Nap Mat Premium Memory Foam Nap Mat is one of the best on this list. With its certified-safe foam and cooling gel on the base and pillow, this nap mat will make any child fall asleep easily!

For a comfier sleep, you can also buy an organic toddler pillow to use with your little one’s nap mat.

FINAL TIP: If you’re looking for a new rug for playtime, you can refer to this list of non-toxic rugs that are PERFECTLY SAFE for playtime and sleeping!

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A few years ago, Angelica found out about all the plastic and toxic ingredients that got into most children’s products. And this worried her to no end. Because of this, she began to research what the best ingredients and materials were for children and made it her mission to share this information with other mothers.