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6 Best Non-Toxic Rugs for Crawling Babies [Buying Guide]

6 Best Non-Toxic Rugs for Crawling Babies_ [Buying Guide]

Did you know that there are harmful chemicals found even in your carpet? You can come into contact with them or even inhale them if they off-gas!

Hence, I made this list of the best non toxic rugs and related items so that your little ones can stay safe from these toxic substances.

For a safer home, please keep reading for my recommendations and more useful tips and information!



Lorena Canals Woolable Rug

Loloi II Grand Canyon Area Rug

Makemake Organics Nursery Floor Rug

Lorena Canals Woolable Rug
Loloi II Grand Canyon Area Rug
Makemake Organics Nursery Floor Rug
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

6 Best Non-Toxic Rugs for Infants and Kids

Whether you prefer wool or cotton rugs, there are a handful of selections for non-toxic rugs in the market today.

Here are a few of my recommendations:

Please note that I did not include shag rugs because they are genuinely not the best choice for kids, in my opinion.

1. Lorena Canals


Lorena Canals

Materials: Cotton and wool

I always look for TOXIC-FREE products, and this one immediately caught my eye!

These fun and upscale cotton or hand-knotted wool rugs use only natural fibers and non-toxic dyes.

Even the base of these eco-friendly rugs is made of recycled cotton!

They have incredible texture, so soft to the touch. These natural rugs are comfortable and safe for you and your kids to lay on or play around in.

I had the pleasure of joining my baby on the rug, and I really felt how soft it was!

But what makes Lorena Canals the top choice for me is that not only are their natural rugs FREE of toxic chemicals, but they are also washable.

And yes, including the wool ones too!

Washable cotton or wool rugs are a good idea (for a nursery or elsewhere) because kids can have digestive accidents (putting it delicately) and ruin a perfectly good rug.

With these, you can just clean them right off your beautiful area rugs, and they will be good as new and still free of toxic materials.

I’ve had my share of accidents on this rug but was able to take care of them, no problem!

This non-toxic rug is one of my best investments, let me tell you.


  • Safe from harsh substances
  • Washable
  • Great texture
  • Lots of fun designs
  • Natural fiber rugs


  • Expensive

2. Loloi



Materials: Natural wool, acrylic

Loloi offers stylish non-toxic area rugs that are ethically made. They even partnered up with a non-profit company to audit their labor practices!

These eco-friendly rugs ship from India because Loloi works with local artisans who adhere to the “old-world” production processes of the brand, giving every product a special touch.

After trying the rug for myself, I could tell right away how much work and thought was put into making it safe for children!

They use natural materials in their processes, offering selections of 100% wool and wool/jute rug mix of fibers. They also DO NOT use adhesives and flame retardants.

They do not use undyed wool because their designs are chic and really nice.

However, they only work with vegetable dyes to achieve their desired colors.

I have picked Loloi for the best value category because their non-toxic rugs are reliable and pretty, and they have amazing slashed prices in their Amazon store!


  • Good value
  • Safe from harsh substances
  • No adhesives
  • Stylish


  • No plain design options

3. Makemake Organics


Makemake Organics

Material: Organic cotton

I know play mats are not exactly area rugs, but hear me out!

Little ones will crawl, play, and use it as a nap mat and fall asleep on these, so I think these are definitely worth mentioning and considering.

And if the goal is to find non-toxic nursery rugs for your baby, I hardly think you can go wrong with these GOTS-certified organic cotton rugs from Makemake Organics.

Aside from the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) organic cotton certification, they also have the OKEO-TEX 100 seal of approval, which means they are FREE of harmful chemicals.

I know I can immediately trust a product if it has legit certifications!

If you get a chance to feel an ECO-FRIENDLY cotton rug from this brand, you will find that it is very soft and cozy.

This rug is one of my favorites because of its soft material and natural materials, and it makes my baby happy during playtime!

The prints are also cute, and they have a wide range!

These non-toxic play mats are made of organic cotton, with NO harmful materials, and they are durable and good enough to be passed down.

For just around a hundred dollars, you really can’t beat it.


  • Organic cotton
  • OKEO-TEX certified
  • Safe from harsh substances
  • Perfect for kids


  • Not really a rug

EXTRA MOMMY TIP: Children need to have a safe and sound sleep, and giving them an organic toddler pillow will do just the trick!

4. Grund


Material: Organic cotton

Once again, veering away from traditional area rugs, let me now introduce you to the organic cotton bath rugs from Grund, which I think is a MUST-HAVE for growing families.

I wouldn’t let my baby play on this rug per se, but it is incredibly useful to have around the house, especially the bathroom!

Though they provide non-slip options that are perfect for the bathroom, they also have reversible, lightweight, and plush selections that can be used elsewhere in the house.

These eco-friendly rugs are made of only organic fibers, specifically 100% organic cotton, and are thick and durable.

The brand even offers a 5-year warranty, which I love!

I also love that their products (they have towels, sheets, etc.) are consciously made. Their products are high-quality and have that luxurious feel made by fairly-treated workers.

Grund offers a wide selection of sizes for their non-toxic rugs, and they also come in different shapes to easily match whichever room they will be put in.


  • Safe from harsh substances
  • Made from organic cotton yarn
  • Has many size and shape options


  • Not an area rug

5. Safavieh


Material: Wool

If you like the look of vintage rugs but want them to be safe, natural, non-toxic, organic rugs, Safavieh has a great selection on offer.

From neutrals to intricate patterns, they have it.

Their rugs are made by seasoned handweavers using pure and premium wool from New Zealand and India. They favor NATURAL over synthetic materials with toxic substances.

I love the advantages of rugs that use natural wool fibers, which Safavieh is primarily known for. They are nice and soft, stain and water-repellent, among other things!

My baby always enjoys his playtime on this rug, and I can also relax knowing the rug is safe and easily-washable in case of accidents!

However, they can indeed be costly.

On the upside, they do not release volatile chemicals, and there are no flame retardants that can be bad for kids’ delicate skin.

These eco-friendly rugs are non-toxic and beautiful. You will have no trouble finding intricate patterns or colorful pieces in this line!


  • Safe from harsh substances
  • Stylish
  • Wide range of designs


  • On the expensive side

6. Rug Pad USA Super-Lock Natural

Rug Pad USA Super-Lock Natural

Material: Natural rubber

As a mom with a hyper kid, I have to be prepared fro ANY kind of accident, so I bought this rug pad to keep my rugs in place.

Needless to say, there have been no accidents (so far, at least)!

I think that rug pads are a MUST-HAVE, and if you share the same sentiment, I’m glad to share with you that non-toxic rug pads are available in the market!

Rug Pad USA has some eco-friendly options, but the natural rubber one is my favorite as it provides a really good grip and prevents my rug’s fibers from being crushed easily.

Aside from preventing slips and acting as a buffer between the rug and the floor, I love that it is ALL-NATURAL and free of flame retardants that can be toxic and harmful.

It has a slight natural rubber odor when you first put it down, but that does go away shortly once you unroll your rug over it.

It’s smooth sailing from there (at least for me)!


  • All-natural
  • NO toxic chemicals or flame retardants


  • Slight rubber odor

Honorable Mentions

  • Organic Weave – Rest assured that Organic Weave rugs are ethically-sourced and made from purely organic materials.
  • Hook and Loom Rugs – Hook and Loom take importance in handcrafted rugs free from unwanted materials.
  • Earth Weave Rugs – These rugs use ONLY natural dyes and fibers, providing your home with a safe, biodegradable crawling pad for kids.
  • West Elm – West Elm works closely with different communities to provide sustainable, toxic-free products for all families.

What to Look For in Non-Toxic Rugs

What to Look For in Non-Toxic Rugs

There are four things I examine when shopping for non-toxic rugs. These are the following:


Natural materials are the ones to go for, my personal preference being WOOL. Organic cotton rugs, jute rugs, hemp mix rugs, or sisal rugs are also amazing options.

Polypropylene rugs or nylon rugs are not ideal. Sustainable rugs are better than ones made from synthetic materials.

As for the underlay, natural latex or rubber are some of the best materials, or none at all.


Rugs that are GOTS-certified or have the OKEO-TEX 100 seal give a lot of reassurance about the materials and their chemical treatment.

Certifications like these are official declarations that a product is safe to use and FREE from harmful chemicals.

Ethical Practices

I look for safe, eco-friendly rugs from companies that transparently produce their offerings using ethical sourcing and labor practices.

It’s easier to distinguish brands if they are honest and vocal about their labor practices, and rug brands are no exception.


Since your baby will be using this rug a lot, you want to make sure it holds together and doesn’t break.

A good rug lasts LONG, no matter how many times you step on it or put stuff on in. The best and most durable rugs are made from materials like wool or cotton.

Size and Shape

A rug that is large enough to accompany a baby (and their toys, perhaps) is ideal.

Most rugs are large enough to cover the living floor or the nursery floor, so there isn’t much to worry about.

Plus, the parent can even sit on the rug as well and join the baby during playtime! However, you don’t want the rug to be too big that it may cause someone to trip.


You don’t want a rug that moves all over the place, as it can be dangerous and make the place look messy.

A non-slip rug is best as it can stay in place despite the baby’s constant moving or crawling.

Cleaning and Maintenance

If messes or spills happen, an easy-to-clean rug will save you a ton of time and headaches.

Some rugs are machine-washable while others can be professionally cleaned.

In the event of small messes, you can spot-clean it using soap and water.

Additionally, you want a rug that is easy to vacuum to prevent the spread of dust and potential allergens around your baby.

Price and Warranty

Lastly, consider your budget as a rug may still be around even when your baby grows up! Any rug that is affordable and will last you a LONG time is ideal.

Additionally, a warranty policy will greatly help in the event of damages that you cannot repair yourself.

Why Consider Buying a Non-Toxic Rug?

Why Consider Buying a Non-Toxic Rug?

The rug industry at large is notorious for using harmful and unsustainable materials and unfair and unsafe labor environments that do not benefit anyone, in my opinion.

First, many commercial rugs are made of fibers and materials that are unsustainable. At the top of the list is plastics (usually nylon and polypropylene).

Synthetic rubber used in backing is produced in terrible ways for the environment!

We also have to be careful with rugs that are chemically treated with toxic materials, as they can be dangerous for our health if we make regular contact with them.

Finally, many companies that supply these rugs take pride in their production processes which strictly and transparently do not use child labor!

What’s Toxic About Most Rugs?

Conventional rugs made of wool may contain toxic dyes and are most likely treated with harsh chemicals because they are difficult to color.

Unsustainable plastic materials in a polypropylene rug or nylon rug, for instance, may need to be treated with flame-retardant chemicals to be safer.

In many commercial rugs, you can also find harmful pesticides and fungicides for moth-proofing and stain and water-repellent coatings with PFCs.

What Type of Rug is Best for Kids?

What Type of Rug is Best for Kids?

To be safe, I recommend using GOTS-certified organic rugs as they are gentle and safe.

Organic wool rugs, especially undyed natural wool, are also good options and can help with room temperature regulation.

Choose a rug with natural rubber, latex, or recycled cotton backing or none.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to questions typically asked about non-toxic rugs:

What is the Difference Between Non-Toxic and Traditional Rugs for Babies?

The main difference between traditional and non-toxic rugs is the presence of harmful chemicals or materials.

Traditional rugs likely contain more of these chemicals or VOCs, making them unsafe for babies.

On the other hand, non-toxic rugs contain NONE of these toxins and are only made of cotton, wool, jute or other organic materials.

How Do I Clean and Maintain Non-Toxic Rugs for Babies?

You can clean your rug by vacuuming it regularly to keep it dust-free for your baby.

If your baby left behind some stains, you can have it spot cleaned by a professional or do it yourself using a damp cloth, water, and a mild cleaning solution and vóila!

There are also a lot of machine washable rugs, so that should make things easier as well!

You can also have to deep cleaned by a professional to really get that dirt buried deep in the rug off!

Additionally, you can flip your rug every so often to prevent wear and tear on one side only.

PRO TIP: Avoid excess moisture which can cause mold and mildew. If your rug gets wet, let it dry COMPLETELY!

Which Synthetic Rugs May Off-Gas?

Unfortunately, there is no reliable database where we can check which exact rugs contain Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) that can off-gas.

As of now, the best we can do is be aware of the materials that release toxic substances into the air and keep them out of our homes as much as possible.

What Can Be Done If a Rug is Covered in Pesticides or Other Chemicals?

If you know which pesticide was used on the rug, the best thing to do is contact the manufacturer and get information about the product’s composition.

You might also be able to get instructions on how to clean it out of the rug.

If you are unaware of the substance, contact your local health department or a professional industrial hygienist. They could give you advice on how to handle the situation.

It’s important NOT to do cleanups without proper guidance and then resume the use of the rug as the chemicals may still be there and cause harm.

How Can I Minimize Chemical Odors?

There are a few things you can do:

  • Choose non-toxic items as much as possible.
  • Let new items “air out” before bringing them in.
  • Ensure that your space has proper ventilation.
  • Invest in an air filter or purifier.

My Favorite Picks

My Favorite Picks

Here’s a quick recap of my non-toxic area rug top picks:

Budget Pick: Makemake Organics

These play mats are some of the best eco-friendly organic cotton “rugs” in the market, and they are simply perfect for the nursery!

They are comfortable, cute, and safe for little ones.

And for something that is durable enough to be passed down, they are very reasonably priced!

Best Value: Loloi

Loloi offers stylish contemporary rugs.

No need to worry about the use of harsh substances in their designs because they color their fibers with only natural dyes.

Their rugs are typically on the pricey side, but there always seems to be a discount in their Amazon store. I’d go check it out ASAP.

Best Overall: Lorena Canals

These natural fiber rugs are carefully handmade using natural fibers and materials, PLUS they are machine washable rugs.

So if your precious kid has any “accidents,” they would be easy to clean up!

My favorite from the lineup is their non-toxic wool rugs, but they offer many different designs and materials you can choose from.


These days, we are better off using natural area rugs or accent rugs in our homes because we come into contact with them a lot.

There are a lot of toxic substances that can be found in these rugs. And if kids will be exposed to them, we better ensure they are safe.

For this, chemical-free rugs are our best bet! Natural, organic, and free of any harsh chemicals are things you should look for.

About the author

Angelica Graham

A few years ago, Angelica found out about all the plastic and toxic ingredients that got into most children’s products. And this worried her to no end. Because of this, she began to research what the best ingredients and materials were for children and made it her mission to share this information with other mothers.