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4 Best Non-Toxic High Chairs for Your Baby’s Mealtime

4 Best Non-Toxic High Chairs

A non-toxic high chair is a baby gear essential that’s perfect for babies who are old enough to eat solid food.

These high chairs give a dedicated space for your baby to eat, and they also make it easier to include your baby with the family during mealtime!

In this list, I narrowed down the best non-toxic high chairs you can buy in the market today.

These are all sturdy, made of safe materials, and have designs that would work great for most homes!

Affordable Option
Our Pick
Best Design
Keekaroo Height Right
Stokke Tripp Trapp
Our Pick
Stokke Tripp Trapp
Affordable Option
Keekaroo Height Right
Best Design
Nomi High Chair
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

4 Best Non-Toxic High Chairs for Infants and Toddlers

1. Stokke Tripp Trapp High Chair


Non-Toxic High Chair_Our Pick

Stokke is a trusted brand that makes great baby products. The Stokke Tripp Trapp High Chair is a popular non-toxic high chair option for good reason!

This non-toxic high chair is made of European solid beech wood and has a water-based lacquer finish. It also comes with a plastic tray that’s BPA and phthalate-free.

It’s made of safe materials that won’t harm your baby!

What I love about this wooden high chair is how long-lasting it can be. This chair is convertible and can grow alongside your baby.

From infant, toddler, kid, and even adults, this high chair was built to last! It can hold adults up to 300 lbs!

It also has an adjustable footrest that would still work great for adults. I tried it myself and it holds up!

This non-toxic high chair gives great value for its expensive price tag. Any parent would love how this high chair can also be an investment!

With its wonderful modern design and different color variants, this wooden high chair can easily blend with your furniture at home too, which is a bonus for me!

You can get this solid wood high chair with an extra Baby Set Tray, which is perfect for infants.

To make it more comfortable for adult use, you can also get a High Chair Cushion of your choice. These cushions are made of 100% polyester, so it’s also safe to use for babies.

Although, I don’t recommend using these cushions for your baby because, from my experience, they are hard to clean.

Food spills are bound to happen, so sticking with surfaces you can quickly wipe with a damp cloth would be best.


  • Can be used for a long time
  • Removable plastic tray makes it easy to clean
  • Sturdy enough to work well for adults
  • Modern design and color choices make it easy to blend with home furniture
  • Five-point harness keeps babies safe and secure


  • Expensive
  • Some additional features have to be bought separately
  • Harness can be difficult to use

2. Keekaroo Height Right High Chair


Non-Toxic High Chair_Affordable Option

The Keekaroo Height Right High Chair is a great pickup that’s more affordable than other non-toxic high chairs on this list!

It’s made of sustainable and solid rubber wood and has a plant-based lacquer finish, which emits low-VOC that isn’t a cause for concern.

It is JPMA (Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association) and ASTM International certified, and is made safe for babies!

I know I can trust a product if it has official certifications!

For a more affordable price, this eco-friendly high chair gives a lot of great value. It’s a convertible high chair that can also work for adults up to 250 lbs!

You can adjust the seat and footrest too, so all babies, kids, and adults can sit comfortably in this sturdy wooden chair.

This non-toxic high chair comes with a wooden tray, a BPA-free plastic cover, passive crotch restraint, and a 3-point safety belt. It also has a cloth cushion, but I recommend you avoid using it in case of spills.

You can also pick between three different colors which are Mahogany, Natural, and Espresso. There aren’t a lot of colors to choose from, but these neutral colors can still blend well with most home furniture.

Instead of using the cloth cushion, you can buy a separate antimicrobial infant insert. It’s made of latex-free material that’s also water and tear-resistant!

If older kids or adults are going to use this adjustable wooden high chair, you can buy the Standard Height Right High Chair which has no built-in tray, and then add comfort cushions that are also made of safe material!


  • Can be used for a long time
  • More affordable than other non-toxic high chairs
  • Plastic tray cover makes it easy to clean
  • Sturdy and tip-resistant makes it safe for babies
  • Attachable accessories are also made of safe material


  • 3-point harness doesn’t provide the best security
  • Limited color variants
  • Accessories have to be bought separately

3. Nomi High Chair


Non-Toxic High Chair_Best Design

Made by renowned Norwegian industrial designer Peter Opsvik, these high chairs have a wonderful Scandinavian design that’s also ergonomically made.

The stem of the high chair is made of sustainably sourced wood that’s sturdy enough to hold a staggering 330 lbs of weight.

My baby is quite pudgy, so I am glad I can trust this chair to carry his weight!

The other parts are made of recyclable plastic that’s free of BPA, phthalates, and parabens.

This high chair complies, is tested, and reviewed to be safe by US, Canadian, and European safety standards, and is JPMA certified!

What I love about this chair is how seamless it is to adjust the baby seat and footrest. You just have to loosen the knobs at the back and move the parts up and down!

The high chair variant comes with a built-in infant insert and harness system.

NOTE: If you want to use this chair for older kids or adults, you can buy the Nomi Chair which has no infant insert included.

You have to buy a separate tray if you want your babies to have little tables of their own.

If you want to make it more comfortable, you can also buy separate Nomi Cushions. These are Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified, so you don’t have to worry about harmful chemicals here!

This high chair comes in four wood colors and a wide range of plastic part colors.

These will look great for every situation, and all homes will look a little bit more modern with this piece of furniture! I know mine does!


  • Modern design blends well with any home
  • Wide range of color variants
  • Made of sturdy and certified-safe materials
  • Seamless seat and footrest adjustment


  • Expensive
  • Tray and cushions are bought separately
  • Textured plastic tray doesn’t work with suction products

4. OXO Tot Sprout High Chair


Non-Toxic High Chair_Simplest Design

The OXO Tot Sprout High Chair is a half wooden and half plastic high chair that’s reliable, safe, and gives great value.

With hundreds of reviews on Amazon, a lot of parents love this too!

What I love about this product is that all the parts you need to convert into a toddler seat already come with the chair.

You can detach the tray, cushions, and infant crotch restraint, and lower the seat to make it work for toddlers!

You can also adjust the footrest for better comfort, so that’s great! You don’t need any tools to adjust this high chair, and it’ll be an easy task for any parent.

The wooden base is designed to accommodate babies and toddlers up to 60 lbs. The cushions and plastic parts are also BPA-free, phthalate-free, and PVC-free.

With its certifications by CPSIA and ASTM International, you don’t have to worry about harmful chemicals harming your baby.

I also love its 5-point harness which keeps my baby safe and secure, and it comes with a detachable dishwasher-safe plastic tray for easy cleaning!

This chair has a contemporary design that won’t stand out, but that might be something you’re looking for. You also get to choose between a bunch of color variants, so that’s great!


  • Easy to convert into a toddler chair
  • Built with certified-safe materials
  • All parts that come with it give great value
  • Simple design and has several color variants


  • Can’t be converted for adult use
  • Bottom of the legs can leave scratches on floors

Do I Need a High Chair?

Non-Toxic High Chair_Do I Need a High Chair-

Non-toxic high chairs are a must when it comes to feeding your baby. Eventually, babies will express interest in eating solid food, and having a high chair is the best way to feed them.

Furthermore, high chairs are great because they’re designed to be secure and work well for different situations. Having a dedicated feeding place for your baby will also help them get into a routine of eating!

Once your baby gets into that routine, it’ll be easy to feed them because they already know it’s time to eat! That’s why a good high chair is a must when baby planning.

Since your baby would come in direct contact with these high chairs, you should also make sure they’re non-toxic.

Having a clean, safe, and non-toxic surface is important for the safety of your baby.

After all, they’ll be putting food in their mouth that could also make contact with the chair. It would be best to keep things as non-toxic as possible.

When Should My Baby Use a High Chair?

The best time to buy a non-toxic high chair would be when you start introducing your baby to solid foods.

Although, you can start using non-toxic high chairs even before that so your baby can sit at the table with the family during meals.

The exact age you should introduce solid foods to your baby can depend on your pediatrician’s recommendation. Although, the typical age recommendation would be 6 months.

There are other developmental factors you should observe from your baby to determine if they’re ready for a high chair. They should be able to sit up unsupported, have good head control, and be able to grip objects with their fingers.

On top of that, you should also see if they express interest in the food you eat. This is a good indicator to tell you that it’s time to feed them with solid foods. Non-toxic high chairs are the best baby gear for infant feeding!

What to Look for in a Non-Toxic High Chair

Non-Toxic High Chair_What to Look for in a Non Toxic High Chair

There are a bunch of features you should look for when you buy non-toxic high chairs. Some of these are essential, while others are great bonus features that all parents would appreciate!


High chairs should be stable enough to be safe for any baby, especially for the fussy ones who might not enjoy feeding time.

Make sure the high chair has a stable base coupled with sturdy legs. These shouldn’t be easily tipped from side to side.

It’s also important to have a harness that will keep your baby in place. A five-point harness would work best, especially for toddlers. Although, any secure harness system should do the trick.

You should also take note of the weight limit of the high chair! Some non-toxic high chairs are convertible and are made to grow alongside your baby, meaning they can be used even when they’re past their toddler stage.

Although, some non-toxic high chairs have a lower weight limit and are designed only for babies. You should follow these strictly to ensure the safety of your little one.

Adjustable Footrest

Some moms might not think this feature is a must, but I think it’s an important feature you shouldn’t set aside.

Having a footrest will help encourage your baby to have a better posture when sitting down. It can also help them feel more comfortable.

Make sure the footrest is adjustable too. It would be great to have a footrest that would work until the toddler stage.

Easy to Clean

This is a convenient bonus feature that any mom would love. A high chair that’s easy to clean and maintain will save a lot of time and hassle!

Some non-toxic high chairs have detachable fabrics and trays you can machine wash. This is convenient, but it’s not the most convenient cleaning method.

It’s easiest to have a high chair you can wipe clean on the spot on all of its parts and surfaces. You wouldn’t have to worry about adding another baby product to the laundry or dishwasher, and it’ll only take you a few minutes to clean it!


The size is also important to consider. You should make sure to check the dimensions of the high chair before you buy it.

Some are compact and easy to fit in most spaces, but others might be too wide or short for your home setup.


If you want to get the best value out of a high chair, going for a convertible one would be great. Convertible high chairs are made to grow alongside your baby, which means fully-grown kids can even sit on them.

There are even some high chairs that are built to work for adults!

Not all parents are looking for a high chair that can be used for a long time. However, most of these non-toxic high chairs are also expensive, so getting one that you can also use in the future isn’t a bad idea.

Safe Materials

One of the most important features you should look out for is the material the high chair is made of.

Your little one will spend a lot of time sitting in a high chair, so it would be best to stay away from toxic materials as much as possible.

Wooden Materials

A wooden high chair is a safer alternative to a plastic high chair. Plastic high chairs can contain toxic chemicals like BPA, phthalates, and PVC. These can leach out and into food or liquid, so it would be best to avoid plastic when you can.

Wooden high chairs are much safer and they’re also more eco-friendly. However, not all high chairs with wood finishes are non-toxic. Some wooden high chairs can emit volatile organic compounds (VOCs) like formaldehyde!

These types of chairs are usually made of engineered wood or composite wood. Wooden chairs that are 100% solid wood are the safe ones you should go after.

You should also take note of the wood finish that these high chairs have. A solid wood finish can still be toxic because of the paint that was used on top of it.

Artificial dyes and conventional lacquer that contains solvents can be toxic to your baby. Going for a water-based wood finish would be best for the safety of your child.

Toxic Chemicals to Avoid

Like what I mentioned earlier, you should avoid BPA, phthalates, and PVC for plastic high chairs.

This also applies to any baby furniture like non-toxic rocking chairs!

These substances have been linked to endocrine disruption, fertility issues, and even cancer!

For wooden high chairs, you should avoid chemicals like artificial dyes, solvents, and VOCs like formaldehyde. These substances have also been linked to cancer and developmental issues.

For any high chair that contains fabric or cushions, you should also avoid polyurethane foam. This material typically contains flame retardants, which is a harmful substance that’s linked to neurological problems as well as endocrine disruption.

Taking note of these harmful substances is important for the safety of your baby, but it can also be difficult to track.

Thankfully, the products I listed above are the best non-toxic high chairs out there, so that should ease your mind and make things easier!

Frequently Asked Questions

AS you choose a high chair for your baby, you may have extra questions. Fortunately, the following section should provide you with some insight!

How Do I Know if a High Chair is Non-Toxic?

You can tell a high chair is non-toxic by looking for official certifications, such as GREENGUARD Gold or GOTS.

Seals like these indicate that the products are made WITHOUT toxic chemicals and are organically-made.

Can a Non-Toxic High Chair Be Used for Outdoor Use?

Yes, some non-toxic high chairs can be brought in case you want to take the family out for a meal.

However, it is important to check the product specifications to see if it is best and durable enough for outdoor use.

What is the Weight Limit for Non-Toxic High Chairs?

The weight limit of a non-toxic high chair can vary depending on the brand, but generally, most can accommodate 40 pounds or more.


Non-Toxic High Chair_Conclusion

The Stokke Tripp Trapp High Chair is my pick for the best non-toxic high chair on this list. Stokke is a wonderful baby brand that you can count on, and this high chair does not disappoint.

It’s designed to work well for a long time so babies, toddlers, and adults can enjoy this sturdy, ergonomic, and safe product! This product is the most expensive option on this list, but it gives great value and is made of the best safe materials out there.

For those looking for a more affordable option, the Keekaroo Height Right High Chair is still a great pickup that compares well to other non-toxic high chairs on this list. Even though it only has three color variants to choose from, it’s still a great high chair that blends with most furniture. It’s sturdy, reliable, and safe for all babies!

The Nomi High Chair is a unique-looking high chair that was made to stand out. This wonderful design is also ergonomic, so that’s a plus! This high chair is thoughtfully designed to work well for babies and adults, and it’s a great addition to any modern home.

About the author

Angelica Graham

A few years ago, Angelica found out about all the plastic and toxic ingredients that got into most children’s products. And this worried her to no end. Because of this, she began to research what the best ingredients and materials were for children and made it her mission to share this information with other mothers.