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7 Best Silicone Bottles: Safe, Non-Toxic Feeding Options

Best Silicone Bottles

More moms are shifting to silicone baby bottles, and those who haven’t yet are asking why?

They come with multiple benefits that glass and plastic baby bottles don’t.

I’m one of the shifters, and I kid you not; silicone baby bottles made my life EASIER as a breastfeeding mom, so I’m here to share the blessing.

Of course, I’ll also include the drawbacks – nothing’s perfect in this world. But check and see if it’s the next best choice for your circumstances!

Best Overall

Best Value
Budget Pick

Comotomo Silicone Baby Bottles

Haakaa Silicone Baby Bottle

Boon NURSH Reusable Silicone Pouch Bottles

Best Overall

Comotomo Silicone Baby Bottles

Best Value

Haakaa Silicone Baby Bottle

Budget Pick

Boon NURSH Reusable Silicone Pouch Bottles

Table of Contents
Table of Contents

My Top 7 Best Silicone Baby Bottles

Finding the right silicone bottles on the market involves many trials and errors. It all depends on your baby’s preferences and situations, so expect a couple of changes.

But let’s make it easier for you. I’ve narrowed down your wide array of options to the seven (7) best silicone baby bottles I’ve tried, including what I think about them.

1. Comotomo Silicone Baby Bottles


Comotomo Silicone Baby Bottles

Product Features

  • BPS free, phthalates free, BPA free, nitrosamines free, lead-free, PVC free
  • Wide-neck design
  • The nipple and body are made of 100% safe, hygienic silicone
  • High-quality food-grade silicone (feels like skin!)
  • Can be put into microwaves, boiling water, dishwashers, and sterilizers
  • Dual anti-colic valves
  • 5 oz. bottles come with slower flow nipples (best for newborns); 8 oz. bottles come with medium-flow (best for 3-6months)
  • Maximum temperature for bottle and nipple: 180 degrees Celsius
  • Maximum temperature for cap and outer ring: 120 degrees Celsius
  • Price: $23.59 (pack of two)

There are many reasons why Comotomo is a popular product to start things off!

Comotomo silicone baby bottles know what they’re doing; they’ve been here for over a decade! I recommend it for infants transitioning from breast to bottle.

I find it the best option that doesn’t cause problems during transitions. The nipple shape and softness feel natural, and the bottle latches into the baby’s mouth easily.

Although I haven’t encountered any leaks, some parents did. Be on the lookout for defective ones!


  • Easy to clean by hand; no need for special brushes
  • Nipple shape mimics breastfeeding; it makes life easier for breastfed babies to transition
  • The silicone nipples ensure consistent flow and prevent colic symptoms and gas
  • It’s a soft and squeezy baby bottle that’s comfortable to hold even for a longer period
  • Well-known and trusted brand


  • Complaints of leaks (I haven’t encountered them so far.)
  • Takes longer to warm the milk
  • Small base
  • Needs to be tilted at a certain angle for the best flow

2. Haakaa Silicone Baby Bottle


Haakaa Silicone Baby Bottle

Product Features

  • 100% safe materials (non-toxic polypropylene; PVC, BPA, and phthalate-free)
  • Can be safely heated in sterilizers & boiling water for 2-3 minutes
  • More drop-proof and scratch resistant than other bottles on the market
  • Dual vent to prevent air consumption
  • Naturally-shaped silicone nipple
  • Guaranteed to be leak-proof
  • Compatible with Gen. 3 pump flange and the rest of Haakaa Gen. 3 attachment range
  • Price: $27.09

Although more pricey, I love the Haakaa bottles!

You can easily tell that the quality is good and can last long. You can nipple-swap as your child grows (or use other brands).

I’ll let you in on a secret.

I LOVE the Comotomo nipples and Haakaa silicone baby bottle combination!

And lastly, moms who pump will find this a game-changer. You can easily change the lid while the bottle conveniently holds the breast milk.


  • Resembles mom’s breast for easier feeding (fewer rejections!)
  • Effective unwanted air intake and spit-up prevention
  • Not as delicate (don’t worry about dropping or scratching it!)
  • Comfortable to hold; handles also allow the baby to hold it properly
  • Wide neck contributes to easy cleaning and maintenance
  • High-quality materials ensure longevity
  • Great for Haakaa breastfeeding pump users


  • Expensive
  • Silicone nipples could use some improvement

3. Boon NURSH Reusable Silicone Pouch Bottles


Boon NURSH Reusable Silicone Pouch Bottles

Product Features

  • Collapsable and reusable silicone pouch for air-free feeding
  • Mimics mom’s breast and encourages proper tongue positioning
  • Dishwasher-safe; BPA-free
  • Safe for microwave, sterilizers, and boiling water
  • Price: $11.99

If you’re looking for more affordable options, these ones are perfect. They’re collapsable and have straightforward parts – great for traveling and packing.

I DON’T recommend this silicone baby bottle for infants. The flow is faster and more suitable for older babies.

But if you’re on the lookout for a portable and travel-friendly bottle, this is the best. It’s easy to clean and bring around, less hassle on the parents’ end!


  • Fewer parts also mean easy cleaning and wash
  • Best for on-the-go days and older babies
  • Minimizes the air intake (but still not 100%)
  • Good for preemie babies
  • Affordable


  • Doesn’t compare to other bottles (but it works!)
  • Not for younger infants (not as soft)

4. Perry Mackin Anti-Colic System Silicone Bottle

Perry Mackin Anti-Colic System Silicone Bottle

Product Features

  • 100% food-grade silicone (contains no plastic)
  • Completely BPA-, PVC-, and phthalate-free
  • Patented leak-proof, silicone-to-silicone joint system
  • Anti-colic system design
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Wide-neck
  • Comes with a Stage One slower flow nipple
  • Compatible with other Perry Mackin accessories
  • Price: $16.99

Here’s a bottle that ensures the formula has ZERO contact with plastic. Parents who are strict with plastic baby bottles will appreciate Perry Mackin’s product.

I don’t know if there are other 100% plastic-free silicone baby bottles as good as the ones from Perry Mackin.

I appreciate the well-thought-out design suitable for infants!

I also love the “grow with your baby” accessories! You can add attachments like straws and handles for your baby to hold as he grows.


  • Assurance that baby drinks 100% safe content
  • Easy to clean, wash, and maintain
  • The venting system decreases air intake, spit-up, and colic symptoms
  • More parts are compatible as your child grows (handle, upgraded nipple, etc.)


  • Pricey
  • Hard-to-see measurements on the bottle
  • Needs attention to seal off the bottle

5. Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Soft Feel Silicone Baby Bottles

Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Soft Feel Silicone Baby Bottles

Product Features

  • BPA, BPS, and phthalates-free
  • Mimics moms’ familiarity
  • Anti-colic valves and venting system
  • Guaranteed no leaks and spills (thanks to the included lid and travel disc)
  • Price: $14.95 (discounted; can go up to $26 on Amazon)

Here’s another well-known brand in the silicone baby bottles game. I particularly love the 9-ounce one; the extra ounce makes a world of difference for me!

As long as you’re not looking for infant use, you’ll love the silicone Tommee Tippee. It’s sturdier than other silicone baby bottles, which is rare among silicones!

I don’t know why they thought a transparent color for the bottle measurements was smart, though.

It’s a crazy battle for parents who have to feed at night.


  • Easier to hold while baby drinks comfortably
  • Great for transitioning from breast milk to formula
  • Extra ounce in size helps reduce mess and leaks
  • Easy to clean


  • Measurements on the silicone baby bottles are difficult to see
  • Not the best option for newborns (wide and difficult to latch for some)

6. Olababy’s Gentle Bottles

Olababy's Gentle Bottles

Product Features

  • Mimics natural breasts; it allows for easy latching and reduces bottle rejection.
  • Integrated dual-venting anti-colic valves
  • Off-centered tube for continuous flow and minimizes residual liquid
  • 100% non-toxic silicone, BPA, PVC, phthalate-free
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Price: $14.95

Many parents I know (and also on Amazon reviews) said that this is the only bottle their babies didn’t defy during the transition.

Sadly, you can’t have it all.

Olababy has great nipples but is not the best choice. That’s why they’re babies’ favorites and not so much the parents’.

I suggest mixing and matching to get some of the best combinations. I mean, if I already purchased all these products, I might as well make the most of them!


  • Good quality silicone products
  • Fewer parts mean easier to wash
  • High-quality nipple (other brands can’t compare!)
  • Comes in different sizes
  • Significantly lessens confusion
  • Easily held by tiny hands


  • Pricey (but a worthy investment!)
  • Hard-to-reach bottle crevices

7. Nuby 2 Piece 360 Comfort Silicone Bottle

Nuby 2 Piece 360 Comfort Silicone Bottle

Product Features

  • Have built-in valves to reduce air ingestion
  • Made of soft silicone that is flexible and squeezable
  • Has measurements for both ounces and milliliters
  • Dishwasher-safe (top-rack only); straws are NOT microwavable
  • Can endure boiling water and sterilization
  • Price: $17.28 (discounted)

My favorite part is the weighted straw. It tilts along the baby’s mouth and movements, making it easier for them to drink regardless of their position!

Most bottles made of silicone claim to reduce air and gas. And I believe them!

Thankfully, my kid wasn’t sensitive to gas, so I wouldn’t know how to measure this for sure.

But compared to other brands, Nuby has the most testimonies from parents.

They vouch that their babies no longer had gassy problems after the switch, and that’s amazing!


  • Great for active and self-feeding babies
  • The straw and bottle are easy to clean
  • Proves to lessen air and gases!
  • Effective training for your baby to hold his bottle independently.


  • Tends to open easily
  • Requires squeezing (some parents don’t appreciate this)
  • Not 100% plastic-free

Why Use Silicone Bottles?

Mother bottle-feeding baby

So, what’s the hype about silicone baby bottles? There has to be a reason why parents are switching.

Well, my following criteria are broken into four (4) Es!

1. Easy to Clean and Maintain

Silicone products are frequently favored because, as a material, it doesn’t retain stain, odor, and bacteria.

You can handwash a silicone bottle or throw it into a dishwasher’s top rack, and you’ll be fine.

We all know how gross milk gets when left out, so residues are a NO-NO.

Silicone baby bottles ensure that they won’t have bacteria build-up and foul smells!

If you have a silicone sleeve or silicone pouch with shapes and crevices, take the extra time washing the bottle to avoid molds and residues.

This also includes the other parts; more parts mean more cleaning, but it’s worth the effort. When maintained well (and it’ll be easy to do so), silicone baby bottles can last long!

2. Eases Your Mind

We’re always looking for BPA- and toxic-free products, but we’re not sure how many of those claims are true.

With silicone baby bottles, we’re assured that they DON’T have BPA.

For those who don’t know, BPA is Bisphenol-A. They’re chemicals in plastic products, and exposure to BPA can harm health.

Although it’s legally required for baby products to have no BPA, you’re almost certain that silicone products won’t – because it’s not part of the manufacturing, to begin with.

And this includes the silicone sleeve and silicone pouch.

Silicone products might still have parts made of plastic, but these brands ensure that none of it touches the breast milk or organic baby formula.

For short, a little bit of plastic is not harmful.

3. Ensures Comfort

The comfort levels of the baby and parent are equally important. You don’t want your babies choking on milk, especially when they come from breastfeeding.

The parent also has to feel comfortable holding it while they feed.

Silicone baby bottles are soft and squishy, perfect for guardians’ larger hands and babies’ tiny hands.

And speaking of comfort, silicone baby bottles mimic mothers the best. You can’t get that from a glass bottle.

They also come with soft nipple feeders that babies prefer.

I found my baby easily latching on when the bottle is fresh from the bottle warmer. I figured breastfed babies would find the warmth comforting since it resembles mommy!

However, let it cool down before the baby drinks, especially if you allow your baby to hold the bottle while drinking. Hot silicone can be… well, hot.

4. Endures Clumsiness

If you’re clumsy like me, silicone baby bottles are perfect!

They won’t easily break, no matter how much you drop them. Silicone is also scratch-proof.

Silicone baby bottles can also endure heat to some extent (not exceeding 300 degrees Celsius). You can put it in your bottle warmer or sterilizer, and it’ll be fine.

Silicone Bottles vs. Glass Bottles

Silicone vs glass

I used to be so paranoid about plastic that glass bottles were my go-to. They are durable and don’t contain toxins.

I started looking for glass alternatives and found silicone. I haven’t looked back since!

Unlike glass, silicone is lightweight, durable, and sturdy.

I’m not as nervous about us dropping the lid, bottle, or anything. I bet my baby was also relieved that I wasn’t such a nervous wreck when I would feed him.

And as my kid grew, he wanted to drink independently. For a baby to hold a glass bottle required some courage I didn’t have!

How About Stainless Steel Baby Bottles?

Another plastic alternative is stainless steel baby bottles.

They also don’t hold bacteria and don’t contain the chemicals found in plastic materials.

And this time, it’s HIGHLY durable. But I never liked stainless steel because it’s not the best for storing milk.

It’s also difficult to measure since stainless is not see-through.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Microwave Silicone Baby Bottles?

Technically, you CAN microwave silicone baby bottles.

The question is, should you?

Silicone can endure microwave heat if it doesn’t exceed 300 degrees Celsius. It won’t ruin the product.

However, microwaving the contents of your silicone bottle is a problem as it can compromise the contents.

Additionally, it forms “hot spots” or uneven heat distribution that can hurt your kid. But ultimately, it’s not a sin to microwave one bottle during seldom occurrences.

Can I Put Silicone Baby Bottles in the Dishwasher?

Yes, most silicone baby products are dishwasher-safe! It’s one of the best ways to clean them, too.

It is equally important to read the instructions carefully before putting them in.

There may be specific directions, such as it should only be placed in the top racks (which is usually the case).

How Do I Sterilize Silicone Baby Bottles?

You can sterilize them using boiled water. These materials are heat-resistant; just ensure that it does not exceed 300 degrees Celsius.

My Favorite Picks

Silicone bottles

I love all the products I listed, but I have some favorites. I chose them with the following criteria: price worthiness, ease of use, and a balance of both.

Best Budget: Boon NURSH Reusable Silicone Pouch Bottles

I enjoyed this travel-friendly, minimalistic silicone bottle that doesn’t break the bank.

It’s what I grab when heading out because it has minimal parts that don’t require a lot of washing.

Keep in mind that it’s not the best for infants, though.

Best Value: Haakaa Silicone Baby Bottle

As someone who pumped, the Haakaa “eco-system” was life-changing. I can’t deny the quality of it – well-made, durable, and sustainable.

Other mommies also said that their breastfed babies loved it. It helps lessen the fuss during transitions!

Best Overall: Comotomo Baby Bottles

I want an easy-to-use feeder without spending so much all the time.

Comotomo is the only bottle I constantly grab. I personally think it’s the best option for transitioning breastfed babies and even for older ones.


mother bottle-feeding baby

The transition from breastfeeding was difficult enough for me, and I have to say, silicone bottles made it more accessible.

There’s no “ONE” bottle for everyone. What works for me might not work for you, so expect to try multiple brands before finding one that fits your circumstances.

It can be frustrating, but it’s great to finally find something your kid likes. After all, it’s all for their growth and development, too! Soon enough, with enough patience, your baby will drinking out of sippy cups!

FINAL TIP: All babies must eat from safe containers! Luckily, I also put together a guide on the best organic storage containers for your convenience!


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