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10 Best Non-Toxic Baby Toys: Organic, Natural, Safe

10 Best Non-Toxic Baby Toys

As babies get older, it’ll be more difficult to find toys they would actually enjoy. This can be a big problem because toys are everything for babies and kids!

Not only do these keep them preoccupied, but they also help with your child’s cognitive and motor development.

Baby toys can stimulate their senses, encourage imagination and interaction, and teach babies how to handle objects!

In this list, we listed down the most reliable and trustworthy toy manufacturers that sell the best non-toxic baby toys out there.

These range from wooden, 100% rubber, organic cotton, and safe-plastic toys.

Natural Rubber
Our Pick
Versatile Option
Our Pick
Natural Rubber
Versatile Option
Green Toys
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

10 Best Non Toxic Baby Toy Brands

1. PlanToys


Our Pick

Origin: Thailand

Type of Toy: Wood

This wonderful brand makes toys that are made from natural rubberwood trees that no longer produce latex.

What we love about this brand are the unique, creative, and high-quality wooden toys you can choose from!

From educational, musical, role play, blocks, and playsets, this brand offers a lot of options for different interests!

These non-toxic wooden toys are also strengthened using a chemical-free kiln drying process. Only organic pigments and water-based dyes are also used so they won’t stain or damage your child’s play mats.

This ECO-FRIENDLY brand uses materials that are free of chemicals and are water-based. It’s safe for all babies!


  • Rubber wood is safe for any baby
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Uses organic and water-based colorants
  • Wide variety works great for infants and toddlers


  • Some options can be expensive

2. Vulli



Origin: France

Type of Toy: Organic Rubber

Operating since 1945, this brand is known for its popular Sophie la Giraffe teething toy. All of their toxic-free toys are made of 100% rubber that’s sustainably sourced from forests!

They also use clean food-based paint for all of their toys.  These are safe for any baby!

On top of their rubber animal teethers, Vulli also offers rubber cube toys, house sets, and ring teethers!


  • 100% rubber is soft and safe
  • Colorants are gentle
  • Most options are affordable


  • Limited selection
  • Toddlers might find most toys boring
  • Not suitable for kids with latex allergies

3. Green Toys



Origin: USA

Type of Toy: Safe Plastic

Green Toys is the only plastic toy manufacturer on this list for good reason!

This California-based company uses 100% recycled milk jugs’ materials for all their toys. They come up with different plastic finishes like high-density polyethylene, low-density polyethylene, and polypropylene.

They only use food-safe and mineral-based colors for their toys too!

They even received the Greener Packaging Award for their eco-friendly packaging that’s made of recyclable cardboard!

This non-toxic toy brand is sustainable, trustworthy, and versatile. They make hundreds of different non-toxic baby toys made out of recycled materials!


  • Safe plastic materials
  • Most toys are affordable
  • Wide variety makes it great for infants and toddlers
  • Eco-friendly packaging


  • Plastic toys aren’t the best for teethers

4. Haba


Origin: Germany and China

Type of Toy: Wood

Haba makes a variety of cheerful, colorful, and durable toys that work great for infants, toddlers, and kids!

Most of their toys are manufactured in Germany, but some toys, like their soft dolls, are made in China. We recommend sticking to their wooden toys for babies to give your kids a full non-toxic experience.

Their wooden toys are made of PEFC certified beech wood or maple. This means they use wood from reforested trees!

They also use non-toxic substances like water-based lacquer on all their products. You don’t have to worry about solvents and artificial dyes harming your baby!


  • Natural wooden material is durable and safe for babies
  • Toys are made from sustainable wood
  • Non-toxic water-based lacquer is safe for babies
  • Wide variety works well for infants and toddlers
  • Most toys are affordable


  • Some soft-bodied toys might be toxic

5. Wonderworld

Wonderworld 5

Origin: Thailand

Type of Toy: Wood

Wonderworld is a wonderful brand that makes wooden toys that are safe for kids!

All of their toys are made of rubberwood trees. They also use water-based, non-toxic paints.

They offer a bunch of toys you can choose from, and we love how creative these designs are. A lot of these work great for toddlers and bigger kids!

What’s great is that for every tree they use, Wonderworld makes sure to plant another one in its place! What a good cause!


  • Natural rubberwood material is safe for kids
  • Non-toxic water-based paint is also safe
  • Unique designs offer great stimulation
  • A lot of toys work great for older kids


  • Limited toy selection on Amazon
  • Some toys can be expensive

6. Uncle Goose

Uncle Goose 6

Origin: USA

Type of Toy: Wood

When it comes to classic building blocks, Uncle Goose is the best brand to go to. These wood blocks are a baby toy staple!

This company offers over 60 different variants of its block toys. These range from ABCs, numbers, animals, bugs, planets, and even sign language and the periodic table!

They have foreign-language blocks for 23 different languages too. Some parents might find this useful!

These wooden blocks are made from sustainable basswood. These are also printed with non-toxic and safe ink paints.

This company gives great attention to detail. These high-quality blocks have some of the best block designs out there.


  • Sustainable wood is safe for all kids
  • Non-toxic paints are also safe
  • Wide variety of block themes
  • Detailed designs
  • Blocks are great for infant development


  • Not meant for teething
  • Only offers wooden blocks
  • Older kids might not enjoy these toys anymore

7. Under the Nile

Under the Nile 7

Origin: Egypt

Type of Toy: Organic Cotton

This company is the first baby clothing company to be certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) in the USA.

Not only are their products made of non-toxic and cotton, but they live out fair trade practices too!

All their items are manufactured in Egypt with workers who are given living wages and operate in safe working conditions.

High-quality Egyptian cotton feels soft and great on the skin, and it’s non-toxic too. Under the Nile doesn’t use any chemicals in any of their products!


  • 100% GOTS-certified cotton is safe for all babies
  • Fair Trade practices
  • No harmful chemicals used


  • Limited variety
  • Toys don’t give the best stimulation
  • Some parents find some toy designs odd-looking
  • Cotton isn’t recommended for teething

8. Bear for Humanity

Bear for Humanity 8

Origin: USA

Type of Toy: Organic Cotton

If you’re looking for adorable stuffed animals, then Bears for Humanity is a great go-to brand!

All of their plush toys are made of GOTS-certified cotton, much like most baby bibs are. They make use of non-toxic recycled materials for the filling too!

This is an admirable company as well!

All of their stuffed toys are hand-sewn by men and women from undeserving communities. On top of that, they donate a bear to a child in need for every product they sell!


  • GOTS-certified cotton is safe for all kids
  • They donate a teddy bear for every purchase made
  • Cute animal designs
  • Affordable


  • Stuffed toys aren’t the most stimulating
  • Not meant for teething

9. Finn + Emma

Finn + Emma 9

Origin: Peru, Vietnam, India, and other locations

Type of Toy: Organic Cotton and Wooden

This company is another great baby clothes brand that also makes cotton toys and wooden teethers.

Finn + Emma is an ethical company that lives out fair trade practices. They also focus on the social and economic independence of their workers, so that’s great!

All of their fabrics are made of 100% GOTS-certified cotton, and they use eco-friendly dyes too!

Their wood toys are also made from untreated Indian hardwood that’s finished with non-toxic vegetable seed wax.

These toys can also be attached to their play gym, which is also a great non-toxic product you might want to consider.


  • Organic materials are safe for all kids
  • Fairtrade practices
  • Non-toxic dyes are also safe
  • Some toys rattle and give more stimulation


  • Limited variety of toys
  • Not the most stimulating
  • A lot of toys are usually out of stock

10. Hevea Planet

Hevea Planet 10

Origin: Malaysia and Morocco

Type of Toy: Natural Rubber

Hevea is known for its organic pacifiers, but they make great non-toxic rubber toys too.

Their rubber toys are made from Hevea brasiliensis rubber trees. This natural material is safe, non-toxic, and biodegradable. They also use natural colorants which are also safe!

Hevea is also certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). This means this company is a guaranteed eco-friendly brand you can count on!


  • Natural materials are safe and environment-friendly
  • Certified by the FSC
  • Teethers work great for infants


  • Very limited selection

Why Non-Toxic for Baby Toys?


Fun fact that’s not so fun: Around 80% of toys are manufactured in China. Why is this a concern?

China is one of the largest manufacturing hubs in the world. However, their safety standards aren’t as strict compared to the USA, Europe, and other countries.

This means that a lot of toys made in China can contain toxic chemicals that can harm your baby!

We made sure to list down non-toxic toys made of safe materials from reliable toy manufacturers. This should ease your mind and make it easier for you to pick what non-toxic toy is best for your situation!

If you’re having a baby shower, better to have these baby gifts in your register!

Types of Non-Toxic Toys


As you can see from our list, there are four main types of toxic-free toys you would usually see in the market. These are wooden, rubber, cotton, and safe plastic.


Wooden toys are the most common, and we find this the SAFEST option that’s also very versatile. Wooden toys can be used as teethers, blocks, and other kinds of designs!

When it comes to non-toxic toys, wooden toys are also the easiest you can find.

Natural Rubber

Organic rubber children’s toys aren’t so common, but they’re great toys that are made from naturally safe material.

Although, these children’s toys aren’t so versatile. Most of these toys are used as teethers, which means that older kids won’t find them as entertaining.

Another problem is that these aren’t suitable for babies with latex allergies.

Organic Cotton

Toys made of cotton are one of the safest options too!

Reliable brands usually have certifications like GOTS to ensure that their products are safe for your baby.

These children’s toys aren’t that versatile either. They don’t have a lot of interactive features because they’re usually just stuffed toys.

Safe Plastic

Most toys are made of plastic, but not a lot of them are made from safe plastic from a reliable brand.

Plastic toys are one of the most creative and fun toys out there. Most toys for older kids are made of plastic, and you can easily find them in any toy store.

Despite these kinds of toys dominating the market, only a few of them come from reliable toy brands that sell toys made of non-toxic materials.

Toxic Chemicals to Avoid

Chemicals to Avoid

There are thousands of toys made of toxic chemicals. Most of these toxic substances can be found in traditional plastic toys too.

When choosing toys for your baby’s play yards, make sure harmful chemicals are nowhere to be found!

None of the toy brands in our list use any of these chemicals, but it helps to know why it’s important to avoid these substances as much as you can.

Bisphenol A (BPA)

BPA is used as a plastic hardener, and it’s widely used in a lot of different products. This substance is linked to ADHD, behavioral problems, and even cancer.

That’s why it’s important that baby items are BPA-FREE.

This can be dangerous for little ones when it leeches out from products, even more so when it’s exposed to heat.

They can inhale or ingest this substance, and your baby will be more vulnerable because they’re still in their developmental stages!

PVC, Phthalates, & Heavy Metals

PVC is a synthetic resin that’s used to soften plastic. It usually contains chemical additives like phthalates and heavy metals like cadmium and lead.

Heavy metals and phthalates have been linked to cancer, kidney damage, reproductive issues, birth defects, and other developmental health problems.


You can usually find solvents in paint and other lacquer that isn’t water or plant-based.

This chemical has been linked to lower neurobehavioral performance like motor skills, dexterity, and memory!

VOCs & Formaldehyde

Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are emitted as gases from different solids or liquids, and they usually contain different chemical additives.

One commonly used chemical is formaldehyde.

Small amounts of off-gassing of formaldehyde are linked to irritation in the eyes, throat, and skin. This is also linked to being a carcinogen, so long-term exposure at high levels elevates the risk of getting cancer!

Flame Retardants

Most products need to be tested for anti-flammability to see if they pass safe fire safety standards. To pass these tests, a lot of manufacturers use flame retardants.

Flame retardant chemicals are linked to endocrine disruption, neurological problems, and other developmental issues!

Benefits of Baby Toys


Now that you know the different substances that can affect your child, it would be nice to know what makes toys great too!

Baby toys aren’t just fun objects that keep your baby busy. There are a bunch of benefits that toys give to help with your child’s development!

It’s definitely part of our Baby Checklist!

Cognitive Development

A lot of toys have different sounds, textures, colors, and functions. Each of these characteristics helps stimulate your baby’s senses and catches their attention.

This can help when you’re traveling with your baby on long-distance car rides!

Bright and contrasting colors are great for the visual development of infants. Toys that make sounds also stimulate your baby’s hearing.

This helps them learn how to focus and operate different kinds of objects.

Toys also have different functions and textures that your baby will learn to feel, use, and be familiar with. These go hand-in-hand with their fine motor skills development too.

Fine Motor Skills Development

Anything related to grasping, grabbing, reaching, and using focused movement with their hands involves fine motor skills.

With attractive colors, designs, sounds, and textures of different toys, your baby will be encouraged to reach out and grab these objects.

This also improves their hand-eye coordination, which is an important skill they should develop by the time they reach 6 months or for when they finally begin to walk.

Social and Language Development

Playing with toys can be an interactive experience for your baby too. You can use different toys and help your baby learn more about them.

You can mention numbers, names, colors, and other features!

Stuffed animals are great toys for this kind of development, and blocks with different themes like ABCs and numbers are great too!

Creativity and Imagination

When it comes to toys, your baby is in a position to learn how to explore, act independently, and think of different ways of how they can play with them.

They can be as creative and imaginative as they can, which is great!

Spatial Recognition

Some toys are meant to be stacked or sorted out into different holes. This is a great way for your baby to imagine how objects fit into different spaces depending on their size and shape.

Cause and Effect

Other toys can also be pushed, pulled, or operated to lead to a specific result. These interactive toys will help your baby learn what cause-and-effect means, which is great for their development.

Pretend Play

Once your baby gets older, they’ll be interested in pretend play or role-play.

In pretend play, they can improve their social skills, thinking skills, emotional skills, and use their imagination as much as they can!



Our top recommendation from all these non-toxic toy options would be PlanToys.

Made from rubber trees that no longer produce latex, these wooden baby products are natural, environment-friendly, and free from all chemicals!

Toys made from rubber are one of the safest products your baby can hold and play with. Vulli is a great brand that makes cute rubber animals that your baby can use as a teether.

They can be your baby’s new best friend too!

Safe plastic toys are hard to come by, but Green Toys takes the cake as one of the best plastic toy companies out there. They make hundreds of different non-toxic toys that any child would enjoy!

FINAL TIP: Remember to sanitize and clean your little one’s toys regularly to avoid molds and gunk.


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