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14 Organic Baby Gifts PERFECT for Baby Showers & Parties

Organic Baby Gifts

Whether you’re celebrating the birthday of your little one or you’re getting a great gift for your friend’s child, we’ve been to countless baby showers to help you find the BEST organic baby products.

If you’re pressed for time to grab a thoughtful and awesome organic baby gift for your friend’s babies, YOU’LL LOVE #1, #5, #6, #9, #11, and #13!

Table of Contents
Table of Contents

Best Organic Baby Gifts, Brands, and Toys

So once you have an idea of what to get as a gift, you can go ahead and look for good options.

“But there’s so much research to do!”

Don’t worry! Here’s a compiled list of the best organic baby product brands.

All of these brands sell great gifts to make your friends and their babies overflowing with happiness!

#1 Burt’s Bees Baby

Burt's Bees Baby

Burt’s Bees isn’t just great for organic lip balm and natural face wash — they also sell great organic baby products!

Burt’s Bees Baby is best for organic clothing sets and pajamas. Their other baby products include blankets, burp cloths, bibs, and crib sheets.

Not to mention, the bright yellow theme of Burt’s Bees Baby reminds us of happiness and feel-good vibes, so why wouldn’t you get this, right?!

The price range for their Burt’s Bees Baby products is between $9 and $33, making them pretty affordable yet high quality.

#2 Hanna Andersson

Hanna Anderson

Hanna Andersson features stylish organic children’s clothing. They use 100% organic and OEKO TEX certified Pima cotton.

This brand is best for cozy sweaters and sleepwear. They also sell socks and bibs.

Their prices range from $10 to $80. This is a great gift option and has a wide range for all budgets.

#3 Boody


Boody is best for their sustainable bamboo onesies. They have a wonderful collection of stripes and pastel clothing! So if you love those designs, then definitely consider Boody.

Their collection is made out of viscose derived from organic bamboo, which will be SUPER soft on your little one’s skin. Sure to make any baby happy!

Other than cute onesies, they also have tops, bottoms, socks, wraps, blankets, and accessories.

Their prices range from $10.95 to $34.95, making it a great gift for something relatively affordable.

#4 Pact


Pact is a great company that practices and embodies the awareness of the dangers of environmental toxins.

They also are committed to raising awareness on sweatshops, child labor, and debt slaveries in the clothing industry. Talk about social responsibility, right?!

You not only make the babies who wear this happy, but you also help the workers be able to take care of their own babies with their living wages!

Pact is best known for their non-GMO organic cotton bodysuits.

They have great sleepwear and organic clothing, PERIOD!

#5 Beya Made

Beya Made

Tired of gender stereotypes? Don’t want to enforce gendered clothing on babies?

Well, Beya Made is the best at this. This brand makes gender-neutral clothing for babies. Stylish for both baby girls and baby boys!

They know that babies grow into toddlers quickly, so their clothing is meant to be grown into and not out of.

Their product range is simple, consisting of rompers, tops, and pants. A baby in their clothing is just so cute!

We definitely need MORE gender-neutral clothing, especially for babies! So this is definitely a step up in society.

#6 Touched By Nature

Touched By Nature

Touched By Nature makes a wide variety of baby clothing, sure to make any little one happy. They offer adorable and organic clothing, which is best for the health and comfort of the baby.

They make great layettes, bodysuits, dresses, tops, bottoms, crib sheets that can fit your crib mattresses, and accessories. All great items to have stocked in your home. 

Their uber-cute apparel is sure to make any baby look EXTREMELY ADORABLE!

They ship internationally, making this brand accessible to everyone! Their prices range from $10 to $65, giving a well affordable price range for buying a great gift for any baby.

#7 Monica + Andy

Monica + Andy

Monica + Andy sell a BUNCH of baby products, from apparel, accessories, outerwear, swimsuits, and bundles. They’re especially great with curated outfit collections.

What a wide range of baby wear!

This company offers clothing made of GOTS certified organic cotton fabric. You can be sure that your baby will feel only the SOFTEST FABRICS.

As a bonus, you can even sign up on their website and get 20% off on your first order. Who doesn’t love these discounts?

#8 Art & Eden

Art & Eden

Art & Eden has beautiful & colorful patterned organic cotton clothing. They sell stylish hoodies, dresses, tops, and bottoms.

Their clothes are made in fair and safe working conditions, and their pieces contain low-impact dyes and have GOTS certified organic cotton fabric.

Your baby is guaranteed to be comfortable in their clothing!

Another quality that makes them great is they fund a mentorship and give-back program that helps provide multivitamins and health essentials to children and babies in need.

#9 Finn + Emma

Finn + Emma

Finn + Emma makes the best hand-knit artisan-made toys and stuffed animals! Other than toys, they also sell apparel, accessories, and gear. Your baby is sure to appreciate these!

They ship internationally, which is great for those living outside the US! And for what they sell, their prices are relatively affordable, ranging from $15 to $36.

The materials they use are 100 percent organic cotton, eco-friendly dyes, and all-natural wood for their wood toys. No harmful chemicals and toxic materials here!

They are a brand committed to providing jobs that focus on social and economic independence, specifically for women around the world!

Our personal favorite is their knit stuffed animals! They can definitely SPARK the imagination of your baby.

In fact, a big part of the cognitive development of your baby includes playing with toys!

All their knit toys are heirloom quality and hand-knit in Peru. So you can be sure you’re getting an awesome toy!

The knitters work from home, too, making sure they have enough time for their families.

If your little one finds they want their knit toy with them all the time, it’s also easy to store in a diaper bag for playtime on the go!

#10 Kate Quinn

Kate Quinn

Kate Quinn has the best basics collection. They sell layettes, tops, bottoms, dresses, socks, and accessories.

They also ship internationally and have an average price range of $16 to $38, making them affordable and stylish. They even go AS LOW AS $3 for their adorable hats for babies!

Kate Quinn makes apparel for both babies and parents with organic cotton, bamboo, and Modal from Beech trees.

Part of what makes them great is their ethics. They partner with smaller factories in India, Africa, and China to ensure safe and fair working conditions. 

And no, not all clothing made in China is bad! As long as you do your research and find trusted factories, you should be good!

Not to mention, the prints and colors would look absolutely adorable on your baby!

#11 MORI


Baby MORI has the CUTEST baby outfits! They sell adorable apparel, sleepwear, and accessories!

You can check them out here.

They have a wide price range, going from $11 up to $92. So whatever budget you have, you can find your new baby gift here.

Their clothing is made from a mix of 30 percent organic cotton and 70 percent natural bamboo, which gives it the softest feel.

This might just be the answer to helping your baby sleep soundly and comfortably!

MORI also gives back! They donate clothing to families and babies in need in London, where they are based.

We especially like the multi-packs and sets, because this way you can stock up your nursery easily. Imagine receiving a multi-pack as a gift for your child. You’d want to HUG whoever gave it!

#12 Ade + Ayo

Ade + Ayo

Ade + Ayo make the best African-inspired pieces! They make one-pieces, tops, bottoms, hair bands, bonnets, and bibs.

Their designs are basics that fully and thoughtfully celebrate the African culture — helping babies explore culture through style!

They’re designed in Oakland and produced by artisans in Rwanda, India, and China. Each piece is made with GOTS organic cotton, so don’t worry about any harmful chemicals and toxic materials.

Rest assured, all the production of their clothing is safe, even the ones made in China!

To top it all off, they GIVE BACK by providing education initiatives in the southern half of the African continent.

Ranging from $5 to $18.50, you’re sure to find the best gift to fit in your budget.

#13 Sprout San Francisco

Sprout San Francisco

If you buy from Sprout San Francisco, you have a LOT of options.

They have clothing, toys, nursery furniture, gear like a car seat and stroller, feeding bottles, and bath time accessories. Sprout has one of the most DIVERSE ranges of organic baby products!

They manufacture in various places, including China, USA, Canada, Egypt, and many more!

Although China has a bad reputation, we guarantee that even their toys made in China are ethically made and of high quality. So rest assured, your baby is safe.

Personally, our favorites from Sprout San Francisco are the wood toys! They’re all visually stunning and unique. Their baby toys would make a great addition to any nursery!

There’s even a dollhouse for the older kids! We have one of their dollhouses at home, and our baby girl loves it!

All their materials used are natural, organic, and free from toxins. So your baby can stay healthy and safe.

Their toys would be best for older kids, as they are more likely to appreciate them than newborns.

If a wood toy is not your style, you can also get soft toys for your baby. These would be way better for younger kids.

They also have toys that can attach to a stroller or car seat, making them harder to lose!

#14 Honeysticks


Some babies love to do arts and crafts, so Honeysticks is probably the best option to consider! Even if they aren’t artsy, all kids are sure to appreciate an organic set of crayons! These crayons are MUST HAVES for your home!

Our kids love art materials. In fact, they would choose it over a different toy. This is a perfect gift for both baby girls and baby boys!

Honeysticks makes crayons from 100 percent PURE New Zealand beeswax, which is a safer option for your baby.

They’re one of the only, if not THE ONLY, company that makes crayons WITHOUT ANY paraffin wax and cheap fillers.

In case you’re not aware, beeswax is the primary ingredient in lip balm, making it safe even if your baby decides to put them in their mouth.

The crayons are easy to hold and hard to break, thanks to their unique chubby shape.

Everything used to package the crayons are reusable, recyclable, or biodegradable making them a great environmentally friendly option!

We can help leave the world a better place for our babies.

These would be great as a birthday party activity for your little ones, too! Many kids love coloring, and parents will definitely appreciate how safe they are.

A pack of original Honeysticks crayons is only $19.99, which in our opinion, makes a great gift on its own! Any baby is sure to love these.

They have free shipping to New Zealand and Australia for all orders over $75, so if you live there, you’re in luck!

What Makes a Good Baby Gift?

baby smiling

First, it’s important to know what makes a good baby gift.

If you’re the parent, you might want to get something special for your new baby, like non-toxic toys. Especially since clothing, diapers, and food are normal.

On the other hand, if you’re a friend, you may want to get a gift that parents would appreciate.

  • Good gifts are more likely baby clothing, organic swaddle blankets, organic baby sleeping sacks, or organic baby bathing products. But if you’re not sure about sizing, a safe thing to get are non-toxic toys. If you can afford it, items for their nursery are a great idea, too!
  • You can also get essentials, like a non-toxic diaper baby bag or things to include in one. We’re sure parents appreciate diapers or bibs and burping cloths. As a parent with a drooly baby, more bibs and burp cloths are always welcome.
  • While practical gifts may be more appreciated by the parents than a toy, stuffed/plush toys and other playthings still make great presents! It helps improve the cognitive function of your baby, so don’t overlook the importance of play time.

Most importantly, it’s the thought that counts. This doesn’t mean anything you get would be a good gift. This means that you should put sincere thought into what gift you get.

Babies don’t tend to be picky with what they get, so consider the parents of the baby.

Consider the age group of the baby. Whether they’re a newborn baby or a toddler would GREATLY CHANGE what an APPROPRIATE gift would be.

Should My Baby Wear Organic Clothes?

Organic baby clothing is NOT just a trend. There’s a scientific basis for why we should be extra careful about what we expose babies to.

Babies are known to have very sensitive skin. Even more sensitive than most adults!

According to Gervaise Gerstner, MD, a New York dermatologist:

“Babies have a higher ratio of skin surface area to body volume, which means they absorb chemicals easier. Their skin is 30 percent thinner than adults, too.”

This means that babies are more open to absorbing harmful additives that are often found in large-scale commercially produced fabrics that aren’t organic.

The U.S. has strict requirements on what can be called organic. The National Organic Program says it must be 95-percent free of chemicals and pesticides.

But what EXACTLY is bad about chemicals and pesticides?

“Some chemicals, such as orthophosphates, endosulfan, and methamidophos can cause skin irritation and rashes”…”high doses of these chemicals are thought to cause endocrine disruption,” – Dr. Gerstner

The effect of ethers in mass-produced clothing with early puberty onset, hormonal disorders, and other issues was demonstrated in a study published in 2014.

Anyways, why would you want to welcome chemicals and toxins in your home if they can be avoided?

Just be sure to avoid cheap and unethically made baby products from untrusted factories in China. But take note not all China-made items are bad. Do your research!

In fact, the list earlier features many made-in-China toys and clothing.

So next time you buy a present for a little one, reach for organic and non-toxic toys to keep them safe! Use the recommendations from the previous sections to be sure you get a safe gift.

Final Thoughts

By now, you probably have some idea of what gift to get! Whether you’re buying for a new baby or a toddler, you have your options from this list of organic baby brands.

These recommendations are great for any baby. Whether they’re newborns or toddlers, you’re sure to find something suitable for them.

If you’re still stumped, then just get something nice that can fit into your budget. We’re confident the little one will love your gift as long as it’s given with care and thought.

Finally, if you get a toy, be sure it’s age-appropriate. And if you get clothing, it should be the RIGHT SIZE.

Good luck getting the best present for you or your friend’s new baby! Hopefully, this list helped!


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