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5 Best Non Toxic Bath Toys: Plastic-Free, Eco-Friendly

5 Best Non Toxic Bath Toys - Plastic Free, Eco-friendly

Bath toys bring a lot of LIFE to your baby’s bath time.

Not only are they fun to play with, but you’ll come to realize they can do much more than just that…

They promote the proper physical and cognitive development of your baby!

Since your bundle of joy will be spending a lot of time soaked inside a tub, you also want to make sure you get NON-TOXIC bath toys.

That means FREE OF CHEMICALS like BPA, PVC (polyvinyl chloride), phthalates, and other substances. 

In this list, I picked a bunch of the BEST non-toxic bath toys out there.

These range from cute animal toys like the classic rubber ducky, vehicle toys like cars and boats, and even toys your baby can scoop water with!

Eco-Friendly Option
Our Pick
Early Child Development
Green Toys Ferry Boat
CaaOcho Rubber Bath Toy
Green Toys Stacking Cups
Our Pick
CaaOcho Rubber Bath Toy
Eco-Friendly Option
Green Toys Ferry Boat
Early Child Development
Green Toys Stacking Cups
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

5 Best Non-Toxic Bath Toys

1. CaaOcho Pure Natural Rubber Baby Bath Toy: Kala the Whale


Our Pick - CaaOcho

Material: 100% natural rubber

CaaOcho makes one of the best non-toxic bath toys on the market today. What I love about these non-toxic bath toys is that they’re made of 100% natural rubber.

These natural rubber bathtime toys are BPA-free, phthalate-free, PVC-free, and nitrosamine-free. Food-grade paints were also used, so you don’t have to worry about any potentially harmful chemicals here! 

My little one can safely chew on these squishy toys and use them as teethers!

Another great feature is that there aren’t any holes where bath water can get inside, meaning no mold can form on the inside because of stored water and saliva. 

Cleaning and caring for these toys will be easy for any mom! Just make sure that you air dry them well after each use.

My kid loves Kala the Whale, but if you want to check out their other natural rubber toys, they also have Nalu the Seahorse, La the Butterfly Fish, and Mele the Sea Turtle.


  • All-natural construction makes it safe for babies
  • Sealed and mold-free
  • Easy to clean and care for
  • Bright colors and different textures are great for baby’s stimulation


  • Ocean creature designs might not be what you’re looking for
  • Not suitable for kids with latex allergies

2. Green Toys Ferry Boat with Mini Cars Bathtub Toy


Best Eco-Friendly Option - Green Toys

Material: 100% recycled plastic

This is another great brand when it comes to non-toxic bath toys, and this Ferry Boat with Mini Cars Bathtub Toy is a great choice.

With thousands of positive reviews on Amazon, a lot of parents and kids swear that these are their favorite bath toys!

What makes this brand special is that they use 100% recycled milk jugs for their bath toys. This eco-friendly option meets all USA and international toy safety standards. 

Even though these aren’t completely plastic-free toys, they’re COMPLETELY FREE of BPA, PVC, phthalates, and lead!

This toy is a 3-piece set that I can easily disassemble for cleaning. Just open it up, drain out the bath water, and place it on the dishwasher right after bath time!

This durable toy also works great for non-bath playtime, so that just adds to its value! 

My son was able to let his imagination run wild and was super happy during bathtime!

This toy was meant for kids ages 3 and up, so I suggest avoiding this for younger babies because it could be too heavy for them.

If you’re looking for other safe plastic bath toys that would work better for infant baths, they also offer a tugboat, submarine, and seaplane!


  • Made with recycled milk jugs and non-toxic materials
  • Sturdy and durable for active play
  • Works for non-bath playtime
  • You can disassemble and clean it using a dishwasher


  • Cleaning it could be a hassle for some parents

3. Green Toys Stacking Cups


Best for Early Child Development - Green Toys

Material: 100% recycled plastic

These stacking cups are wonderful non-toxic bath toys for bathtub time! 

Similar to their other products, these cups are made from recycled milk containers, making them eco-friendly and chemical-free bath toys! 

I’m also glad that BPA, PVC, and phthalates are nothing to worry about!

This product features 6 volumetrically accurate graduated cups that are numbered from 1 to 6. Kids have dozens of possibilities on how they can use these cups. 

They can be as creative as they can be, which is great for their development!

These are also PERFECT for younger babies to start learning about basic math and science principles like volume, counting, adding, and subtracting.

The kids had way too much fun scooping up water and pouring it back in the tub. They can even bring these to the beach and use them as sand-building tools!

These toxin-free bath toys are easy to clean too because there aren’t any enclosed spaces. Just dry them yourself or use a dishwasher right after bath time and you’re good!


  • Recycled and non-toxic material makes it safe for babies
  • Works for non-bath playtime
  • Encourages cognitive development
  • Easy to clean and manage


  • Older kids might not find them interesting anymore

4. HEVEA Kawan Rubber Duck


Material: 100% natural rubber

Hevea is known for selling one of the best organic pacifiers you can buy, but I learned they also make non-toxic bath toys which are just as great!

When it comes to traditional bath toys, the rubber ducky takes the cake as the most popular one!

Much like Hevea pacifiers, these rubber duckies are made from 100% natural rubber from rubber trees.

Being natural rubber bath toys, these toys are BPA-free, PVC-free, and phthalate-free — plus, they’re compostable too.

This rubber duck is a safe and chewy toy that won’t harm your little one! It is one of my kid’s favorite toys to teeth with!

Another great feature this natural rubber duck has is that it doesn’t have any holes.

Water or saliva can’t get trapped inside, so you don’t have to worry about molds forming, making it easy to clean and manage!

A rubber duck toy is perfect for younger babies who aren’t looking for a lot of engagement. However, if your child gets attached to this cute little duck, there’s no problem holding on to it when they get older.

If you’re not feeling the color yellow, they also offer a white rubber duck.


  • Made from non-toxic natural rubber from rubber trees
  • Environment-friendly and compostable
  • Mold-free and easy to care for
  • Great as a first bath toy for babies


  • Dull color isn’t the best for visual stimulation
  • Some babies might not find it interesting to play with
  • Not suitable for babies with latex allergies

5. Giggles & Pebbles Silicone Pop-Squirt Bath Toy

Giggles _ Pebbles 5

Material: 100% food-grade silicone

If you’re looking for fun non-toxic bath toys, then these bath squirters are perfect! 

These non-toxic bath toys are made of 100% food-grade silicone that’s safe for all kids, even if they put them inside their mouths.

It’s BPA-free, phthalates-free, latex-free, lead-free, and free of PVC and artificial coloring and paint. This is a safe, non-toxic bath toy for toddlers and babies!

Unlike other squirter toys where water and saliva can get trapped inside, you can twist and open these toys for EASY draining and cleaning!

I also don’t have to worry about mildew and mold forming inside, which is great!

Just open it up, wash it with soap and water, then wipe or air dry it before closing. It’s also top-rack dishwasher safe, which is a convenient feature that other parents would appreciate too.

These cute animal character toys are also great for the development of your young one. You can twist off and interchange the caps of each animal. 

Your child can learn about mixing and matching colors while practicing their fine motor skills!

My kids loved the squirting toy and teether combination and it made bath time 10x more fun!


  • Fun, non-toxic bath toy for all kids
  • Easy to clean and care for
  • Promotes child development
  • Comes in a waterproof carrying bag


  • Squirt mechanism can be improved
  • Some parents complained that the cap comes off when it’s squeezed

Benefits of Bath Toys


Bath toys give a wonderful experience to your kids. Not only do they make bathtime more fun, but they can also benefit both parent and baby in other ways!

Below are reasons why you should not miss out on getting bathing toys as part of your Baby Preparation Checklist.

Easier Bath Time

Bath toys are great at making your baby’s bathtime less stressful.

Not all babies enjoy taking a bath, so bath toys are a great distraction for babies that start a fuss before and during a bath.

With the right toys, babies will feel more…

  • Calm
  • Relaxed
  • and have a better experience!

I’m sure moms will have a better experience too!

I suggest laying out multiple toys that your baby can pick. This way, you can encourage babies to become more independent. 

It’s also a guaranteed way to get the best toy option that will make them feel as comfortable as possible!


Bath time is also an intimate moment between parent and child, and using bath toys will just make it a better experience overall. 

Bath toys give your babies more reasons to look forward to their bath time, especially when you already make it a routine thing.

You can play with your baby, talk with them, and even use baby toys as tools for learning! 

Bath toys will make it easier to have a pleasant bathing experience with your little one, strengthening that bond even more!

Motor Skill Development

On top of making bath time fun for your little one, bath toys also help them develop their hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, and gross motor skills

They’ll be reaching, grabbing, and squeezing these toys every single time, promoting muscle development!

I suggest that if you’re looking for organic baby gifts to give to a first-time parent, then let it be a bath toy!

Cognitive Development

Bath toys also work great for your child’s learning and cognitive development.

  • Some bath toys have contrasting colors, different sizes and textures, and other unique features that will catch their attention.
  • Some great toys are squirting toys, stacking cups, toys that make sounds, and toys that can collect and drain out water. These work great at stimulating your baby’s senses and natural curiosity!
  • Your babies will even learn basic math and science concepts like volume, floating, and even cause & effect. 

They can experiment with all sorts of things and stimulate their imagination, which is great!

TIP: If you want your kid to maximize your child’s potential with toys, you can try a toy rotation system and let their imaginations run wild!

Factors to Consider When Buying the Best Non Toxic Bath Toys for Kids

To ensure your baby has a safe and fun bath time, there are some things you have to consider when buying bath toys.

Here are some criteria to help you out.



For starters, toys with official certifications from organizations are a great way to check their safety and non-toxicity.

Seals like FSC-Certified, GOLS (Global Organic Latex Standard), ASTM, and EN71 are examples to look for.

These certifications show that bath toys have been tested for harmful chemicals and are SAFE for babies to use.



In relation to the certifications, the toy’s material is also important! The SAFEST materials for baby bath toys include wood, rubber, or silicone.

Not only are these materials organic and free from toxic chemicals, but they also make good teething toys as well.

I would AVOID plastic toys as they may contain toxic materials like BPA or phthalates (more on this later). Use BPA-free plastic only if you must.



Like with any toy, you want your baby’s bath toys to have enough features that they will find enjoyable and helpful to their development.

For example, some toys squirt water, others can be used to scoop water in different volumes.

Toys like these can stimulate the baby senses and make bath time more fun while also making it a time for learning!



Since the baby’s bath toys will be getting wet and all, you want to choose toys that will retain their shape and last long.

Toys that are made of strong materials like rubber and silicone are best.

What’s more is that these toys can even be used outside of the bathtub, and even then you would want them to be strong and durable.

Age Range


Of course, kids won’t need bath toys forever.

It is best to choose bath toys that are age-appropriate to the baby.

Babies aged around 6-9 months will benefit from these bath toys as this is the age where they start to develop their senses.

Cleaning and Maintenance


Just because bath toys will be in the water doesn’t mean you don’t have to clean them! A bath toy that is still moist may accumulate mold over time if not washed.

I think it is better to find toys that do not have any holes or crevices where water can enter. Toys that come in one giant piece are easier to clean.

Once your baby is done with bathtime, you can take their toys and wash them in a simple soap and water solution to clean them.

You can even add some vinegar or baking soda to get rid of any leftover bacteria.

Price and Warranty


Lastly, after spending on the necessities, check your budget if you have enough for safe, non-toxic bath toys.

Bath toys aren’t exactly a necessity (like food or clothes), but they will help your baby enjoy bathtime more, so I think it is a worthwhile investment (at least short-term).

Additionally, check if the toy has a warranty policy so any damages or repairs can be covered.

How to Identify Non-Toxic Bath Toys

Materials To Look Out For

When it comes to baby products, you should always take note of what materials were used to make them.

Going for non-toxic and natural substances is best, and I highly recommend going for natural rubber toys or plastic-free bath toys that won’t leach chemicals.

Materials such as silicone, rubber, BPA-free plastic, and steel are best!

It will help ease your mind knowing that your precious one is splashing around in a completely safe and fun environment!

Also, be sure to regularly disinfect your child’s non-toxic bath toys since bacteria can grow in damp places like bathrooms.

It is also important look for labels and certifications that show the toys are FREE of toxic materials. Certifications to find include ASTM and EN71.

Chemicals to Avoid in Baby Toys

Bath toys are no exception to being exposed to toxic substances. I listed the most commonly found toxins below so you know what to avoid!

These substances have been linked to several developmental problems, fertility issues, and being endocrine disruptors. AVOID these as much as possible!

  • Plastic/BPA – Plastic and BPA are hormone disrupters that are known to cause various developmental and behavioral problems early puberty, increased blood pressure, and diabetes.
  • PVC – PVC contains dangerous chemicals like lead and cadmium, which can disrupt health and cause dizziness, damage to the immune system, and cancer.
  • Phthalates – Intake of phthalates can cause damage to the body’s organs and reproductive system.
  • Nitrosamines – Nitrosamines are carcinogens that can cause cancer in the baby’s organs.

How to Ensure Your Kid’s Bath Toys Stay Mold-Free

All non-toxic bath toys I listed above either have no holes or can be opened up to clean and dry out any water on the inside.

That makes things easier for you to keep them mold-free!

However, if you already have bath toys with holes or just want to be 100% sure that no mold can form on your plastic or natural rubber bath toys, you can follow these easy guidelines:

  • Plug the holes of the bath toys – using hot glue from a glue gun, you can plug in the holes to prevent water from getting inside in the first place!
  • Make the holes bigger – to help you keep the insides of the bathtime toy clean and dry, you can instead drill a bigger hole instead of sealing it.
  • Storing bath toys properly – after bath time, remember to store all bath toys using an organizer bag or bathtub rack where you can lay the toys to dry. This is the simplest and easiest solution to keep your baby’s bathtime toys dry.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some additional information that you can refer to to make your baby’s bath time extra fun!

Can Non-Toxic Bath Toys Be Expensive?

Bathtime toys have varying prices, depending on the brand. Non-toxic ones can be on the pricey side due to their toxic-free ingredients.

Fortunately, there are affordable and non-toxic brands as well!

However, I think it’s a reasonable price to pay to help your baby enjoy bath time and stay clean!

Are There Any Recommended Non-Toxic Bath Toy Brands or Products?

Some reliable bathtime toy brands that I can recommend are Munchkin, Nuby, and Green Toys.

These brands are certified organic and toxic-free, perfect for bath time!

Can Non-Toxic Bath Toys Be Used Outside of the Bath?

Of course! If your child loves their bathtime toys so much, why stop them from taking them elsewhere?

You can take them to the beach or play with them in a kiddie pool!

There are a lot of versatile bath toys that can be used outside the bath, on the grass, or on the beach, as long as they are properly cleaned, maintained, and stored.

How Do You Clean and Disinfect Bath Toys?

Cleaning bathtime toys is simple!

All it takes is a simple soap and water solution to clean your kid’s toys. If you want to be extra clean, you can use a white vinegar and water solution.

Can Non-Toxic Bath Toys Help With My Baby’s Development?

Yes, some bath toys are made to aid in your child’s development. For example, some bath toys make good teether toys as well.

Others like the stacking cups allow your baby to practice their motor skills (through scooping and pouring) and their cognitive skills, like volume and weight.


Conclusion - baby taking a bath

When it comes to the best bath toys, CaaOcho bath toys are at the top of my list, and their Pure Natural Rubber Baby Bath Toys are one of my faves for fun bath time activities!

Made from 100% natural rubber, these toys are free of BPA, PVC, and other toxic chemicals. I love how these are mold-free and easy to clean too! This is my pick for the best non-toxic bathtime toy out there.

The Green Toys Ferry Boat with Mini Cars Bathtub Toy is another product I recommend that’s great for older kids.

This bathtime toy will surely keep your younger ones engaged and happy inside the bathtub! With thousands of positive reviews, it’s easy to see that a lot of parents and kids can vouch for this product too!

Coming from the same trustworthy company, these Stacking Cups are also a wonderful choice! What I love about it is that your little one can be as creative as possible. They can learn a lot by exploring this toy, and it’s perfect for the development of younger babies!

Finally, when it’s bedtime, your baby will want something to snuggle with, and you can’t go wrong with my list of the best organic stuffed animals!

About the author

Angelica Graham

A few years ago, Angelica found out about all the plastic and toxic ingredients that got into most children’s products. And this worried her to no end. Because of this, she began to research what the best ingredients and materials were for children and made it her mission to share this information with other mothers.